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MRA "philosopher" Stefan Molyneux: "If you don't have a husband … to keep the child is abusive."

Misogyny Theater takes another look at the charming philosopher-king-asshole Stefan Molyneux, who seems to be carving out quite a spot for himself in the world of the lady-haters.

In this episode, some audio excerpts from Stefan Molyneux’s frighteningly well-received talk ostensibly on circumcision at A Voice for Men’s June 2014 conference, as presented in his video “Shocking Misogynist Attacks Feminism, Defends Rape Culture.” Despite the ironic title, this is pretty much an accurate description of his talk, even a bit of an understatement.

The title of my video is a shortened version of something he says in his talk (and in my video). The full quote: “If you don’t have a husband, if you chose the wrong guy, to keep the child is abusive, almost always.”

That’s right: according to Stefan M., being a single mother is, in itself, abusive.

The audio excerpts are drawn from an hour-long talk, so naturally I did some editing. In the interests of transparency, I marked each edit with a little snipping sound.

If you just can’t get enough of this guy, see my previous Molyneux video for more exciting women-blaming.

Scissors sounds and weird background noises courtesy of FreeSFX.

186 replies on “MRA "philosopher" Stefan Molyneux: "If you don't have a husband … to keep the child is abusive."”


For the record, I was raised by a single mother and am about as violent as a ham sandwich.

With or without bacteria that cause food-borne illness?

@kittehserf; LOL you are indeed! Though when one looks at some of our politicians that seems a pretty fair attitude.

Actually, being a Kiwi, it’s written into our constitution. Right there in the Bill Of Rights Act between “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Religion”, “The right to loudly and dramatically hate Aussies shall not be abridged,”

katz – I’m stressing using blockquotes as a courtesy to other commenters, and common sense – if they want ’em read, and not skipped (as you and I and probably plenty of others do), they’ll use them.

It’s also inadvertently proving an interesting little test. So far, non-trolls ask how to use them, while trolls or those of dubious, not-answering, could-be troll status either ignore the request or complain.

PS even if not blockquotes, something clearer than quotation marks is needed. Italics work well – I think LBT favours that method (though it’s just ‘cos he refuses to pay the blockquote mammoth its dues!)

Back at Typepad, there was an italics monster that put the blockquote monster to shame. If you didn’t close an italics tag, it carried over past the end of the comment and put the entire remainder of the page in italics, sidebars and everything.

And no, putting an extra close tag in a subsequent comment didn’t work.

I’ve seen that! Whole blog pages ruined, RUINED I say.

I just hope the blockquote mammoth isn’t reading this.

Back at Typepad, there was an italics monster …

Oh the horror!

If I recall correctly – aaaages ago – WP had the same wondrous gremlin at a couple of climate battle blogs.

The blockquotes monster and the italics monster are two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.



The apocalpse is misandry!

Humm. I know how to use blockquotes. I just didn’t think it was important. Obvs it is.

Allow me to experiment a moment.

Policy of Madness — depends how long the quote and post are, if you’rw doing one line quotes and only a couple, don’t bother tempting the monster. When you start risking TL;DR status and it’s half quotes…yeah, break it up a bit please. Like kitteh said, it’s a curtesy, not a requirement, please don’t feel you HAVE TO use them 🙂

I just woke up, so maybe I totally misread you, I’m which case I have milano cookies, would you like one?

Also if you don’t blockquote, it’s easy for people to think you’re saying the thing you’re quoting, which leads to unhappy misunderstandings.

So this guy just got busted faking a glowing response to himself on the youtube. Sock puppet fail in a very big way.

Skye – it’s too easy to miss quotation marks, imo. That’s what Vegan Chartreuse was doing and it was still almost unreadable. D’you know how to do italics? They work better’n quotes, I think.

I can try

D’you know how to do italics? They work better’n quotes, I think.

I’m usually on my phone here and it has it’s own ideas about copy/paste (& scrolling)

Yay, success! ::applause::

Phones are evil, I swear, when it comes to posting comments.

Has anyone tried separating a quote by putting a line of symbols above and below it? Like:

comment comment comment



comment comment comment

or something. Might be easier if html is a pain/inaccessible. Just something that clearly separates it from one’s own comment, is all. Quote marks don’t tend to work too well for that, especially in long posts, imo.

I’m mixed on blockquotes (as evidenced by my not always using them).

What I do want is some indica of quotation: a referent, itals, quotation marks, something.

I have to confess that I started skimming CVC very shortly after zir arrival; shallow and pointless was all I got from the text.


Offhand I don’t exactly remember how you format your posts, but they’re always easy to follow while CVC’s big one was confusing as hell.

“The room were silent because if a baby is completely ignored when it cries day after day, the infant will finally give up and become withdrawn.”

CIO (cry it out)/Ferber Method, anyone?

Has anyone else here seen that old film of infants fervently rocking themselves from side to side in attempt at “self soothing”? Some sort of human experiment was done on them. Some “scientist” wanted to see “what happens to babies when they are withheld human touch”.



Well maybe they read my comment about it here.
Happy to be of service in exposing these quacks!
I hope awareness about it spreads.

There’s another “libertarian” out there who wrote “if you like what you read on my blog, you should be paying me.” Never mind that he’s an upper middle class real estate agent and hardly anyone at all reads his blog. There’s like 4 comments on the entire thing!

He fancies refers to himself as a “televangelist” because he does some Youtube vids (though hardly anyone watches those either) and though he’s an atheist who is trying to create what he calls “The Church of Self Adoration”.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy because he so much wants to be recognized and listened to but its just not happening. He’s on other people’s sites BEGGING them to set up a forum for him to speak to huge crowds. What?

It appears to me that some of these Randians took to “rational self-interest” out of necessity because nobody else showed interest in them.

BTW, MRA here:

I’m NOT happy AT ALL that Stefan Molyneux is trying to become a “voice” in the Movement. He’s pulled shit like this before, an example of which I will give below:

I’m what’s known as a Paulbot (AKA a Ron Paul supporter and someone who supports Rand Paul for President in 2016). From about 2008/2009-2012/2013ish, Steffy (I won’t even give him the honor of calling him Mr. Molyneux or Stefan) tried to become a primary “voice” for the liberty movement. Of course, considering some of his extremist views on certain issues (that are not MRM-related), I and many of my fellow liberty movement brothers and sisters were NOT pleased, and I think people like him, Adam Kokesh, and Alex Jones have impeded at least 5 years’ worth of progress the liberty movement could have made.

Although he still does talk about libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism from time to time, it seems the men’s movement is his current “obsession.” I’m sure in about 2 years, he’ll dump the men’s rights movement for something else.

For Paul/Dean/Karen/et al. to embrace him, IMO, was a HUGE mistake on their part.

I’m glad you understand that Molyneux is an idiot. I hope you also realize sometime soon that being a Paulbot (or any kind of libertarian capitalist, for that matter) is also really dumb.

Sorry to jump in so late, but does this dude also think widowed mothers are abusive? Especially those who were widowed before their child was even born? Because that happens, and it could be argued that they “chose the wrong man” — after all, the dude died!

That’s nice, dear. Hopefully you will outgrow being a Paulbot. That’s no way to go through life.

The Pauls are both opposed to abortion rights. Ron voted for the Patriot act. Rand has supported the use of drones domestically to catch petty criminals.

So much liberty and small government there!

Nobody is stupider than a Paul fanboy.

Read the site for a long time, first time leaving a comment. I commented on the youtube page and was called a mangina after one short exchange (Futrelle really wasn’t kidding). I felt like it was a badge of honor and about time I started just commenting here.

I actually have an axe to grind with Moly. Being an MRA is bad enough, but he also actively encourages people privately to cut themselves off from any non AnCap friends and family (defooing he calls it). My friend defoo’ed and it tore her family apart. Luckily she came back, and is the first to tell you Moly is running a cult. I’m close with’s QuestEon, and he set the website up with the thin chance that victims of his “therapy” may read it and possibly reconnect with their families. Moly is more than an MRA and a misogynist. He’s a dangerous narcissistic monster. Anyone interested really ought to check out his website, as it’s a thorough as you can get about Moly.

Wow!!! The amount of fallacy, nonsense, lack of critical thinking and, of course, putting words in other people’s mouths on this thread is appaling and comic at the same time. You guys have managed to drop the standards even lower than that of YOUTUBE COMMENTS. I don’t know if I pity you or if I puke.

Wow talk about misinformation……I had a lot of male teachers growing up, all of my physical education teachers except for 1 were male. ( The woman was freshman year in which sex ed takes place and boys and girls are separated for that)All of my history teachers from all 12 years were male…. All except 1 of my math teachers were male, my biology teacher was male, my sociology/ psychology teacher was male.all other science classes I had were taught by males……shop classes are taught by males…….he doesn’t even know the proper ratio of male/ female teachers….There’;s no way it’s 99% female

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