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VIDEO: Misogyny Theater Presents: John Hembling in "I Don't Give a @$%# About Rape!"

Welcome to the first episode of Misogyny Theater, our new animated series, bringing you the best of the worst of YouTube misogyny.

In today’s episode, we revisit an old video from John The Other, also known as John Hembling, a fellow most of you already know pretty well. The monologue in this video is an unedited excerpt from a YouTube rant of his, minus some of the distracting background music that was included in the original.

Content Note: The misogyny in this one is pretty bad, even by John the Other standards.

I will try to produce at least one of these a week. There’s plenty of misogyny on YouTube, so it’s doubtful I’ll run out of material any time soon. I will also be doing a series based on Creepy PMs. Big thanks to everyone who’s pointed me to interesting candidates for future videos, as well as to those who’ve volunteered to do voice work or who’ve sent in pictures of their pets. Thanks as well to the anonymous Friend of the Mammoths who put together the snazzy title sequences here.

In my post announcing my video plans last week, I offered some suggestions on how to help; I’m going to write up a most detailed FAQ on this shortly.

John’s original video is no longer up on YouTube, but you can see clips from it — including the portion I used in the video above — in this more recent video from him in which he tries to explain away the horrible things he said. Apparently it was just a big joke! All in good fun!

EDIT: Removed an embedded video that was no longer functioning because it’s been removed from YouTube.

EDIT 2: For a mashup of Hembling’s original video, along with another video of his in which he pointedly refuses to apologize for the original video, see here, courtesy of Mancheeze.

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I can never get mine to come out like my Gran’s, it’s so disappointing.

takshak, I’m dying from laughter now. I hope there’s more room in the corner.

“I wonder why rape is the one crime in which a small number of false accusations leads to widespread discrediting of actual victims. Oh, wait. I know why.”

I’ve officially read too much of their shit. Why do I say this? Because that’s not what he meant I don’t think. Pretty sure he’s considering anything besides a stranger grabbing a properly dressed virgin to be not-rape.

Katz — rabid otters.

Pretty sure he’s considering anything besides a stranger grabbing a properly dressed virgin to be not-rape.

this is a disturbingly widespread view.

Bananna bread is good if it doesn’t have nuts. I’m not a fan of walnuts. They sully perfectly good desserts IMO.

Yeah, I find walnuts have a slightly sour taste.

Oh dear, I shouldn’t be in a food discussion while high.
:: tries to avoid looking at earlier comments ::

Aren’t you all getting excited that MRAs are coming together to discuss our views, learn from one another and socialize in just a few short days?

Lol, like I would be excited by a reactionary echo chamber wherein straw feminists and half-assed, self-serving understandings of oppression abound.

Yeah, I find walnuts have a slightly sour taste.

Listen to Maggie Beer, she knows about these things.

When making any bread with walnuts in it, never omit the step of roasting them, as these nuts are almost always rancid when sold shelled. This bread is particularly delicious with cheese.

Two sources of nasty tastes.
One, the nuts are probably rancid.
Two, if the nuts are more than a few months old, the skins go a bit, or a lot, bitter. So the first step in walnut bread is: Pre heat the oven to 220C. Roast the walnuts on a baking tray for about 5 minutes, shaking the trays to prevent the nuts from burning. If they are not fresh seasons, rub the walnuts in a clean teatowel to remove the bitter skins. Allow to cool.

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I might.

(I came across it while searching for fig and walnut loaf/bread.)

The full length original version of this is mine and a few other feminists that aren’t on Youtube anymore. We made it.. John false DMCA’d me to get it down. Then he went and false DMCA’d any and all copies of it. I’d appreciate credit. The full length version is on my blog as a link to my copy on vimeo.

Mmm, I added some brandy into my last loaf of banana bread… A+, would nom again.

“I mean, I can understand trying to explain the context and mindset in which he said some awful things, but the whole last minute and a half it sounds like he’s trying to justify everything /he just said he didn’t mean/. When you go and say it was justified, everything you just said about “not meaning it/I was bullied into saying that” immediately becomes void.”

that is paul elam’s line about “Bash a Violent Bitch Month” as well, isn’t it? it’s “satire” and he’s joking, but it’s also justified and true.

why do i think that in these guys’ thesauruses, “satire” is a synonym of “plausible deniability”?

It’s like a “dog-whistle” in politics, except about half as smart. Instead of sending out a message that can be interpretend differently by different audiences, you just send out the one awful message but try to give it a thin veneer of deniability by claiming “satire” or “j/k!”. Which explains the need for justification: “I’m not saying this is what I believe *WINK* but if it was what I truly believed *WINK* this is why I’d be right…”

You know, like all the “devil’s advocates” who’ve “never heard of MRAs/AVfM” but “think they have some compelling points” that keep coming here for some inane reason.

You know, like all the “devil’s advocates” who’ve “never heard of MRAs/AVfM” but “think they have some compelling points” that keep coming here for some inane reason.

Even Janet Bloomfeld/JudgyBitch came over here to gloat about how many shares her apologist article got (so the fuck what?) and show just how much she “didn’t care” about what is said on this blog…because that’s apparently how you show a lack of interest in something, in this day and age. By showing interest in it.


You’d think that, if they “didn’t care” so much, they’d not even bother commenting here. The fact they do while acting so above it all is a sign they are either just incredibly defensive along with being disingenuous or so insecure in their views they have to argue as petulantly as they do.

Oh, I missed WatermelonSugar upthread. Hey! ::waves from elsewhere in the South::

If walnuts taste sour then they’re going off, walnuts should have a slight bitterness, not sour. buy fresher walnuts, and keep them in the freezer? All nuts will go rancid, that’s the whole subject matter of this blog.

I don’t generally care for banana bread, but my partner made it with cranberries once and that really helped offset the cloying banana sweetness.

Oooh, my very own welcome package! I’ll make sure to tuck it safely away with my scented candles and instructional texts on cuntish wiles. Again, thanks, pals. Your warm welcome is much appreciated.

@flying mouse
Whee, another Southerner! It’s nice to know that there’s another one of us here. Warms my soul.

emilygoddess: Have you ever had zucchini bread?

I like zucchini bread as much as I like banana bread, and it doesn’t have that sweet banana taste.

the other issue is, even if JtO did genuinely intervene and prevent a woman from being raped, that doesn’t negate the fact that he has repeatedly said awful things about women and sexual assault.

people can be terrible and wrong and still do a good thing, woody dear

I was scanning the CBC site and found that the last of the monsters from the chained teen case has been sentenced to two years. I wonder if JtO can feel bad for the victim and outraged over the short sentence? Or if he reserves his disdain for female victims, but supports male victims? Then there’s another, older Canadian story about a gang rape that was videod and posted on line. But, even though the victims were the same age (both 16), would JtO deride the young woman but support the young man?

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