Creepy comment of the day: If men can't get "the steady love and wild sex of a valuable young girl," naturally they'll start shooting people.

Banana slug: A better role model for horny humans than bonobos?
Banana slug: A better role model for horny humans than bonobos?

Sometimes I hunt the misogyny, sometimes it wanders up right up to me and says hello.

Today’s post is an example of the latter. Below, a slightly edited comment that someone left for me this morning. It’s a response to a post of mine about a dreadful post on Return of Kings in which a fellow calling himself Billy Chubbs argued, with absolutely no evidence, that a recent high school shooter was driven to murder because of his “probable sexual frustration,” Chubbs went on to argue that young women are “selfish” because they don’t have sex with guys they’re not attracted to.

Anyway, my new commenter – posting under the name “whogoesthere?” – thinks that I and the other commenters here were being too hard on Chubbs’ “very good argument.” And so he deposited this giant rant, which in many ways is even scarier than Chubbs’ original.

He’s a tad verbose, so I’ve trimmed out some stuff that isn’t relevant to his general, er, thesis. And I’ve also taken the liberty of adding a few paragraph breaks and bolding a few of the best (i.e. worst) bits.

When men don’t get the women they want they turn to violence.

Not a good start here, because this just isn’t true. In this case, the phrase “not all men” is, for once, appropriate. Most men don’t get violent when they’re turned down.

This is established all over the animal kingdom and offers a good example about how it applies to humans, that snotty girls who keep their sexual treasures to all but a few males cause the remaining males to snap. …

Animals do all sorts of things that humans don’t do, and we can’t always learn from their behavior or assume that it relates to our own lives.

Or maybe the Evo Psych crew is just looking at the wrong animals. When banana slugs can’t find a partner to have sex with, they simply fertilize themselves. There’s a lesson here, I think, for the angry incels of the world: you can’t always get what you want, and when you can’t, sex with yourself is better than murder.

High school is a massively sexually charged winner take all environment. … Today’s high school is basically an ongoing audition for a porno video and the guys and girls who don’t make the cut can only sit at home and masturbate.


It’s demeaning and hits a major blow to a person’s sexual identity to not be invited to frolic with the beautiful people.

Somehow most people, regardless of gender, manage to survive even if they’re not frolicking with Charlize Theron and/or Channing Tatum.

I’m sorry but almost no men go on wild shooting rampages if they have a beautiful female in their keep.

In their keep?! Also, no. Charles Manson was surrounded by beautiful young women. Yet he orchestrated multiple grisly murders.

The only guys that do so are bank robbers and thieves, generally guys at a later stage of life more fixated on money.


Human beings naturally assess the amount of sex going around them and judge themselves in relationship to the amount and type of sex others are getting.

You know, you can’t actually tell how much and what kind of sex someone is having just by looking at them. Yes, there will always be people in the world having more sex with you. And some of these people are having sex with people you would probably like to have sex with. There are also people who are smarter than you, funnier than you, who can play chess or kickbox better than you, who have hundreds or thousands of times more money than you do.

That’s life. Life isn’t fair.

This makes sense because from a reproductive standpoint sex is coveted, and sex with beautiful thin, young women are the most coveted. Being the first to spoil these young women sexually is viewed reproductively as a guarantee of parentage, thus this is why males instinctively covet and burn with passion for these females.

Ah, yes, it was only a matter of time until the creepy pedo-justifying Evo Psych assfacts made their appearance. Not all men “burn with passion” in their pants for virginal high school girls.

This is why we have “morality” which is in its essence is a promise not to flaunt or indulge in sex moreso than the lowest man or woman in your tribe. This is what is meant when people say “morality went out the window.” They mean someone with more sexual prowess is openly indulging in sex and broadcasting it to stimulate the jealousy of the underclasses.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what people mean when they say “morality went out the window.”

This teen killed people cause he thought that beautiful girls were out of reach. The high school environment merely rubbed it in his face. Yes drugs to treat ADD might’ve eroded many of the impulse control functions in the teen, but the rage against the high school was still the gasoline.

[citation needed]

He might’ve had a picture or two taken with a girl next to him, but oftentimes those high school girls lie and simply eat up the male’s offerings without granting sexual access, but grant it to a random stud.

How dare young women choose who to have sex with, and who not to!

I’m not saying the girl he killed deserved it, it’s only that when you are in that frame of mind you cannot tell who is having more sex than others and you simply fill in the gaps with rage.

Wait, so if she had turned him down he would have been justified in killing her?

The beautiful girl simply represented everything that the teen couldn’t get. The steady love and wild sex of a valuable young girl.

Yeah, I think you’re confusing high school with porn again. His rampage lasted roughly a minute and a half. He shot her because she was there.

All the other theories posted on this site seem comical, self-righteous and weirdly off-point. It’s like you’re assessing the situation as an asexual senior citizen or righteous prude.

Not a lot of “prudes” here. Just people who find the “women need to have sex with ‘nice guys’ or these ‘nice gys’ will kill you all” to be a somewhat problematic argument.

Generally men want sex with young thin beauties who validate their existence.

Some men do. But most men, among those who are sexually attracted to women, aren’t as neurotically fixated on this small slice of the female demographic – women in their teens and early twenties who are somehow both virginal and sexually “wild” – as manosphere men seem to be. And most people don’t base their entire  self-worth on whether or not they’re having sex with beautiful people.

Some men prefer women older than them. Some like women who are fat. Plenty of men don’t fixate on a particular physical type and are attracted to all sorts of different women. Believe it or not, whogoesthere, there are lots of men who are more interested in what’s in a woman’s head than they are in whether or not she matches up with some particular checklist of physical attributes.

If society removes all of the social pathways to attaining such a beauty, such as making prostitution illegal, increasing shame for men who seek sex, rewarding females and males called manginas who identify and mock the sex seekers and so on… this will lead to depression in men and all of the behaviors surrounding it, including shootings. Sounds pretty much like a logical line of reasoning to me.

And that’s the problem. It’s not actually a logical line of reasoning at all. It’s more like a sort of blackmail.

Men don’t kill women because they can’t have “the steady love and wild sex of a valuable young girl.” Sometimes men kill women because they feel entitled to have sex with these “valuable young girls” and become bitter and enraged when they can’t find a “valuable young girl” who agrees with them on this particular point.

It’s not the lack of “sexual access” that’s the problem. It’s the notion that your desire for “sexual access” means more than the right of that person to say “no.” It’s the notion that society has done you wrong because you can’t (at least at the moment) get laid. It’s the idea that your desire to have sex with a particular kind of woman somehow trumps the right of other people to live.

I mean, what the fucking fuck.

Oh, by the way, there’s no evidence that the shooter in question – Karl Halverson Pierson – was motivated by sexual frustration. His intended target was the school librarian, who is also the school’s debate coach. Pierson was obsessed with debate, and had some sort of grudge against the coach.

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I think I had to skip the episode of Star Trek The Next Generation with the comically primitive Irish settlers. Otherwise, I watched them all.

I’ve seen maybe 20 episodes total of TNG, most of them with Mr. FM. THAT EPISODE WAS ONE OF THEM. It was so, so painful. When I asked the husband why on earth he’d do that to himself and his beloved, he replied “Bad ‘Startrek’ is better than no ‘Startrek’ at all.”

Crap, misspelled Star Trek. That may be a divorcible offence in my house. Shhhh, nobody tell Mr. FM…

I think I could have tolerated that episode — heck, I sat through the TOS episode where the children chant to summon the evil psychic alien, and the one with the hippies — were it not for the accents.

Oh, look what I just stumbled across:

“Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” Joanne Woodward

I know that I don’t see the world clearly. It’s just hard not to see things in such a way when there’s just so many negative emotions roiling around in me.

Und, if you are being sincere: it is 100x more attractive, on a spiritual level at least, to simply acknowledge that you feel bad/sad/mad and confused. I wouldn’t necessarily introduce myself like that at parties, but unhappy is >> bitter.

When I was in college, I also broke up with my bf believing I could do “better,” only to discover that in fact he was the one who could do better. I also tried to get him back, and failed. Mistakes were made. Pain was experienced. Lessons were learned. That’s part of living.

I hope you’ll be able to eventually recognize that your cynical persona is simply a defense against feelings of pain and hopelessness. You’ll never most past those feelings if you can’t recognize them.

RE: cassandrakitty

I’d really rather we not sweep the toxic misogyny in geek culture under the rug.

I hear that. I am pretty bitter about nerd culture, since IT supplied all the rapey guys in my history, while the jock bullies settled for just screaming at me and shoving me into things.

RE: undfreeland

Maybe this thing with my ex has got me really messed up. Maybe I should think about it more.

WHY ARE YOU TELLING US ALL THIS? Dude, get a shrink. They’re PAID and QUALIFIED to help you deal with this shit. We’re strangers on the Internet who don’t like you. For god’s sake, dude, go awaaaaaaaay.

I don’t know why I tell everyone that she left me for my best friend.

Because your ego won’t let you realize you dumped her for stupid superficial reasons and you don’t want other people to realize what an asshole you truly are? Dude, you have brought everything on yourself. Fuck off. Quit marinating in self-pity, or at least do it somewhere else.

Well, he’s in the right age… but I’d much rather believe that there’s just more than one self-absorbed miserable asshole in the world, rather than that Al is back yet again.

We’re strangers on the Internet who don’t like you. For god’s sake, dude, go awaaaaaaaay.

It would be a bit odd for there to be more than one sad bastard who was addicted to hearing that from the same group of people over and over again, wouldn’t it?

(Sock. Made of moth-eaten synthetic fibers, stinky, and tediously familiar. If only losing them here was as easy as losing them in the dryer.)

Maybe when they get lost in the dryer an evil spell is cast on them and they’re cursed to haunt feminist blogs whingeing at strangers in pursuit of validation and/or services that they really ought to be paying a pro domme for.

Well, here’s one test…

Und, if you’re still around, I need some good synonyms for “vile”. Thanks.

Also, what is it WITH these guys treating strangers on the Internet as a freakin’ therapy circle? It’s one thing if it was someone we knew, like in the personal threads, but for some asshole to come and irritate us all and treat us as his personal shrinks is just GROSS. So is thanking us.

“Gee, I know you didn’t want me here and hate my guts, but thanks for being my personal shrink against your will! You’ve helped me so much, and now that you’ve fulfilled my personal function for you, I shall go my merry way.”


Think of it as a demonstration of what sex with them would be like, but less traumatic.

services that they really ought to be paying a pro domme for.

Why, why would some of these trolls keep coming back for abuse like night after night, I wondered. Now suddenly it is all clear…

If you want to be better all you can do is try. Nobody is perfect, but we can all give it our best shot.
If you are depressed, reach out for some help. Here’s a crisis line you can call. Talk to somebody. Depression is a powerful enemy. You don’t have to face it alone.

If it helps, I don’t think you will always feel this way. Things can get better. We can get better.

I hope Undies is a troll for his own sake. If he’s legit, that sounds like an utterly miserable existence, and one of his own making.

That barking cat video is absolutely hilarious. 😀 😀 😀

I love how the cat seems to understand that cats aren’t “supposed” to bark. XD

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