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Feminist-hating lawyer Roy Den Hollander sues "modern-day, book-burning, Bacchae reporters from down-under" on broomsticks for allegedly losing him a teaching gig

Roy Den Hollander: Are we lawyer or are we dancer?
Roy Den Hollander: Are we lawyer or are we dancer?

The other day I suggested that perhaps it was unfair to the Men’s Rights movement to allow them to handle their own public relations, given how terrible they are at it. Today I wonder if the same principle might also apply to MRAs trying to handle their own lawyering.

A case in point: the lawsuit that antifeminist lawyer, “Ladies Night” hater and hip-hop dance enthusiat Roy Den Hollander has just brought against Australian journalist Tory Shepherd, who wrote about the involvement of Den Hollander and others with links to “men’s rights extremists” in a proposed set of “male studies” courses at the University of South Australia.

It’s still not clear to me if these courses had ever been formally approved – the university says they weren’t – but Den Hollander thinks that Shepherd and another Australian reporter got them cancelled by writing about them. And so he figures that they should compensate him for losing him his teaching gig.

You may vaguely remember all of this. A Voice for Men, heavily involved in the courses, famously denounced Shepherd as a “whore” shortly after AVFM’s Paul Elam indignantly called her a liar for suggesting that A Voice for Men regularly calls women whores. (Which of course it does; Elam himself used the word “whore” 28 times in a single post about Skepchick’s Rebecca Watson.)

Anyhoo, so Den Hollander, acting as his own lawyer, has served Shepherd with the lawsuit. And it’s a doozy of a document, at least going by the excerpts Shepherd posted in a column Wednesday.

Somehow we doubt that this lawsuit is going to enhance Den Hollander’s reputation as a fair-minded analyst of gender relations.

Here are some of the best bits, as presented by Shepherd in her column as “some lessons from Mr Den Hollander, who will not be paid to give lessons at UniSA.”

Lesson 1: How to censor a journalist by accusing them of censorship.

“Two modern-day, book-burning, Bacchae reporters from down-under authored and published false and misleading information concerning Plaintiff (Den Hollander) with the intent and result of harming his economic interests and interfering with a prospective economic advantage by causing the University of SA to incinerate the section of a proposed male studies course that Plaintiff would have taught,” he writes. But wait.

Lesson 2: How to personally attack a journalist by accusing them of personal attacks.

“The two reporters, Tory Shepherd, AKA “Tory the Torch” for The Advertiser and Amy McNeilage, AKA “Amy McNeuter” for The Sydney Morning Herald, used their power as reporters to do what weak-minded ideologues have done throughout history — employ personal attacks to prevent the spread of knowledge and ideas that they disagreed with.”

Lesson 3: How to prove you are not an extremist by sounding like an extremist.

“If these two feminist book-burners had not jumped on their broomsticks and scared the bejesus out of the administrators of the University of SA, students there would have had an opportunity to acquire information and consider views not available anywhere else in higher education.”

Yeah, I’m sure that sort of thing is going to go over great in court.

Elsewhere in his lawsuit, Den Hollander denounces “yellow, female-dog-in-heat reporting,” takes a swipe at “girlie-guys,” and offers this intriguing take on Australian military history:

Thank goodness for Australians that Tory was not around for Australia’s battle against the Japanese. Her anti-gun advocacy for men might have even resulted in her and Amy ending up as Japanese “comfort girls.”

The case does at least promise to be highly entertaining, so I guess we have to give Den Hollander credit for that.

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Alice Sanguinaria
8 years ago

Argenti – Ah yeah, so my recollection on where you resided generally was correct. I’m a West Coast person, so yeah, not exactly possible. Also, LOL, that would be totally awkward! 😛

8 years ago

Meads vs Meads, that’s the one. Thanks!

8 years ago

Oh, btw: this Hollander jackass seems to be a USian. He’s always trying this sort of stunt. He’s also a full-time creeper.

8 years ago

Oh that Colbert Report, so epic. How can this guy have so little self awareness? My God I almost feel sorry for him…well if he wasn’t such a complete and utter tool that is.

8 years ago

I’m a retired US lawyer, admitted even before the continuing education became a requirement. The US job market for law grads is so bad that some of then tried to suevtheir alma maters for fraud.I assume nothing ever came of that, but the market is really bad.

8 years ago


Huh, who would’ve known one of my favorite cartoonists also visited here.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Alice — yeah it would! Otoh, maybe if she were a Mammother too I could get him to hang out around here!

J. Schmidt
J. Schmidt
8 years ago

I find it interesting that he called them bacchae.

Ally S
8 years ago

Her anti-gun advocacy for men might have even resulted in her and Amy ending up as Japanese “comfort girls.”

Okay, so basically this guy is totally fucking evil. Got it.

8 years ago

Wow…. It looks like he filed the suit in Manhattan. The article says it was filed in New York County, which is Manhattan.

So he’s trying to get them under US Defamation laws.

Yeah not actually serious, looking for publicity.

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