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For New Readers: An Intro to the Men's Rights Movement and the New Misogyny

MRAs, always complaining about something.
MRAs, always complaining about something.

If you’re one of the new readers who’ve come to this blog in recent days, and you’d like to get up to speed in a hurry on the Men’s Rights movement and all the other sorts of misogynists we discuss on this blog, here are some posts that you may find interesting and useful.

The Mammoth FAQ What I’m trying to do with the blog, as well as an explanation of the name.

White Hot Rage: A piece I did for The American Prospect reviewing Michael Kimmel’s Angry White Men and offering a critical overview of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: In His Own Words: Some truly reprehensible quotes from the most influential MRA online

Warren Farrell’s notorious comments on date rape: Not any more defensible in context than out of it A closer look at some infamous comments by Warren Farrell, author of The Myth of Male Power and the ideological grandfather of the Men’s Rights Movement

What Men’s Rights guru Warren Farrell actually said about the allegedly positive aspects of incest. A look at an exceedingly disturbing interview Farrell gave about his incest research in the 1970s.

Warren Farrell: Men Are Oppressed by Women’s Butts He actually seems to believe this.

Tell Her That Her Soul Is Dog-Sh*t: Dating advice from A Voice for Men

The Spearhead on the Slutwalks, Again Highlights — that is, lowlights — from a discussion of Slutwalks on the popular reactionary MRA site The Spearhead.

Return of Kings blog: High school girls are responsible for school shootings because they won’t have sex with nerds

Women! Why must you assault men with your evil sexy outfits?

Attention-seeking manosphere douchebag offers how-to guide for abusive boyfriends

Reno calls a domestic violence hotline: The MRA Reality Distortion Field in action A very revealing example of MRA “activism.”

These are just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. There are roughly 1800 more posts. Try clicking on the categories at the end of each post! Type random anti-woman slurs into the search box to see what comes up! Examples of misogyny amongst MRAs, PUAs, and the various other denizens of the manosphere are so common I could probably put up 20 posts  a day without running out of material.



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And eating bon-bons. Never forget the bon-bons.

Yep, this. Because there were totally bon-bons in the paleolithic; in fact, there were mammoth-flavored* bon-bons! (Women had slightly different tastes back then.) Plus, no scented candles 🙁

*other favorites included berries, nuts and auroch. Twoo fax!

8 years ago

thanks, kittehs for the welcome package. i’m having such a great time reading past posts/comments that it’s hard to keep up with the new stuff.

5 years ago
weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

You necro’d a 3 year old thread to spam a YouTube video about a movie that no one is even talking about anymore?

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