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Tell Her That Her Soul Is Dog-Sh*t: Dating advice from A Voice for Men

Note: Method described in following post will not have this effect
Note: Method described in following post will not have this effect

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So over on A Voice for Men, young Jason Gregory seems faintly jealous that young  women who put up dating profiles online tend to get flooded with messages — and the occasional dick pic — from horny guys.

F]ree cock is everywhere. Men give it away like it’s worthless. … I doubt that it is unusual at all for a woman to get 300 messages in her inbox from men who are desperate for female affection, approval, and sex. There is no doubt in my mind that men send “dick-pics” and clamor, bother, and sometimes harass women for their affections and attentions.

But Jason feels no sympathy for young women who put up profiles hoping to meet some nice young fellow who’s also into Sherlock and Neil Gaiman and Indian food and instead get messages from guys who introduce themselves by expressing a desire to ejaculate in their hair.

No, Jason is angry because he’s convinced all these offers of “free cock” only serve to make the women of the world into snooty-stuck stuck-up so-and-sos who think they’re all that and a folder full of dick pics.

All you men who give it away, all you do is reinforce the entitlement mentality of women who believe that their being present is plenty. You reinforce the idea that women don’t owe anything to the relationship—that they deserve a free-ride of cocks and that they don’t even have to break a sweat.

Jason, I should add, means this last bit literally. He’s resentful that when he allegedly engages in the act of coitus he has to do all the work while his alleged partners allegedly lie there like inflatable love-dolls.

Anyhoo,.Jason has a plan to take these stuck-up ladies down a peg or two: A cock strike.

Yep, he wants men to start saying “no” to women who are interested in them, just to see how they like it. But he doesn’t want them to just say no. He wants them to be giant dicks about it.

Try telling a girl no. Tell her, after she makes it clear that she wants your cock, that you’re not interested in giving it to her. Tell her that she isn’t interesting, that her soul is dog-shit and that she has nothing to offer other than boobs and booty, that she is a piece of shit and a total failure as a human being, that you don’t find her attractive and that she isn’t even good enough to be a cum-bucket. Tell her that she is never going to be any good at sucking cock and that she needs to stop pretending that she is doing any favors and learn to compensate for her inadequacies by becoming “kinky.” Tell her that her vapid life of shoes and pop-culture and materialism are soulless pursuits of dog-shit. Watch what happens. If you Jez-ladies wanna know what “hostile” means, see this rejected woman.

Emphasis mine.

A Voice for Men, you may recall, sees itself as leading the most important civil rights movement of the 21st century. I am sure Jason Gregory’s post here will be remembered alongside Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail as a classic in civil rights literature.

EDIT: I added a couple more “allegedlys” to a sentence I thought needed them.

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9 years ago

Okay, for monster, pecunium, and Argenti, here are my current crop of orchids:
all three together (one isn’t currently blooming)
the littlest one on its own

Anyone know what kind the little one is?

9 years ago

I absolutely adore orchids. Once we finally get a house I am going to put orchids on the kitchen table and by the entrance and and and.

9 years ago

Hi twincats, nice to see you posting!

D’you mean why is Argenti getting horses and unicorns in the herd? Unicorns are for ableist comments appearing within a 24 hour period, and horses are for when someone says something ableist but realises and apologises pronto (at least I think I’m remembering that aright).


Perhaps, I should throw out some appreciative LOLs because many of the posters here are quite funny. For instance, a shout out to Buttercup Q. Skullpants, who is extra very funny and should post more frequently so that I may be more amused in life. Step it up, Skullpants.

THIS. Though if she makes me snort any more cups of tea/coffee I’m going to have to get a new keyboard at work, and that could be a bit hard to explain.

9 years ago

I thought horses were for discussions of ableism that weren’t caused by an explicitly ableist comment.

9 years ago

Oh, were they? ::is confused::

9 years ago

Monster: I am fond of succulents and cacti, but I’ve been spoiled. I lived in Calif. for 35 years, and those were plants one put outside and forgot about.

For orchids, indoors, I use grow lights on a dimmer switch in the winter (when the NE facing windows don’t let in much light, the citrus trees, olive, and oregano are hogging the space; as well as the bulbs which think it’s spring), so that the dark green of the leaves stays that way.

I do have a couple of jade plants (var. Crassula) which have some roots, and a strange S. African plant as well as a bonsai pomegranite and a spider plant, all jammed in behing the sink, in the space between the kitcen and dining nook.

Cloudiah: Those are all Phaleonopsis x Miltonia hybrids. (ok, it’s possible the white is straight Phal, but those have been out of fashion for commercial breeding for about 15 years, so the odds are slim).

They all look healthy

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