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Actual Video Footage of Man Going His Own Way

If you’ve ever wondered what the carefree, unencumbered-by-women-and-their-cooties life of a true Man Going His Own Way looks like, you’re in luck, as the video above presents ACTUAL FOOTAGE of just this. Apparently, Going Your Own Way looks an awful lot like Hanging Around and Pestering, at least if you’re Vention1MGTOW, a YouTube videoblogger who regularly offers up little glimpses into his awesome life.

In the video above, our hero, in between fits of giggles, gleefully relates how he “trolled” a cutsey YouTube video showing a high school coach who’d gotten his team to help him propose to his girlfriend. Vention1MGTOW did his best to ruin the mood by posting “a few strategic comments” (that is, endless screeds) attacking marriage and women and, well, you know the drill. My favorite line from his comments, which he proudly reads aloud:

I’m sure some old wrinkled up, STD, ex-party party girl would love to move into my home and begin diverting my income for her own use but I don’t really see a benefit for me in that deal.

I hate to break it to you, dude, but I’m pretty sure even the most thoroughly wrinkled-up ex-party girl would rather die alone and unloved than have to put up with you. Hell, I’m pretty sure the only reason your dog (he has a dog) puts up with you is because he has no idea what you’re saying.

If you check out the coach’s video, you can see that a whole swarm of MGTOWers have descended upon the comments. Vention1MGTOW’s comments are actually some of the more polite from that bunch.

Vention1MGTOW – from his choice of snack (ramen noodles) to his, er, casual sense of interior decoration – seems like such a perfect embodiment of MGTOWer stereotypes that it’s hard to believe he’s for real. But he is. He’s got 82 videos up on his YouTube channel detailing his various obsessions: MGTOW, Bitcoins, hugelkultur gardening, doomsday prepping. Oh, and he’s got a Segway.

If the video above merely whetted your appetite for more of Vention1MGTOW’s trolling, here’s a video in which he successfully infiltrates the YouTube comments for an Enya video in order to inform the women there that they’re all going to get old and ugly and no one will want them.

I may have to come back to him again later. He’s a charmer.

Many thanks to the unknown hero on Reddit who brought this fellow to my attention.

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(Not all MGTOW are poor, Bill Mayer?)

Who? Am I supposed to know who that is? Is Michael accessing for his affirmation of that assertion? I actually agree thought. I’m sure not all MGTOW are poor.

Worked our guts out to give you money & a good life, died for you in war so you couid live free.

You’re trolling us from the afterlife?

I love it when they claim not only other men’s accomplishments, but also their deaths as their own!
I guess because women so often died in childbirth, I’m dead too. Fair is fair, right.

What kind of undead would you all be? I think I’g be a scary litch with hell fire shining from my eyes. I’d be immune to charms and sleeps and I’d get 2 D6 of damage for “cold touch” and I could only be fought with magic weapons. My spells would be innate. So cool. 😉

I’ll give this much to our necrotrolls, they’ve certainly gone their own way from reality and coherence.

I love it when they claim that only men suffer in wartime. Even ignoring that many cultures have not allowed women to fight, and ignoring the fact that women have often fought whether or not they were allowed to, you still have female civilians being raped and/or murdered (by which gender, I wonder?)

Just…get yourself a copy of When Heaven and Earth Changed Places and don’t open your mouth until you’ve read it.

Women don’t want to be equal in the bottom dirty, danigerous low paying jobs, they only want the high paying jobs.

Tell that to poor women in non-prestigious jobs being exploited by male bosses, shithead.

Why are men hit in all the movies by women & that is OK

Because many films derive humor from irony – the “irony” here being that a woman can’t possibly hit a man because she’s too weak, so clearly any man who is hit by a woman is to be laughed at for being pathetic.

Also, which gender produces more movies? Men. Women are a minority in the film industry.

I love how all of the things he thinks the evil feminists are doing to him are actually just blow back from the patriarchy. If doofus had a thimble full of self awareness and/or critical thinking ability he’s identify as a feminist.

Not that he seems like he’d be a very good ally.


That’d be cool, but I’m not so good with giant spiders.

@ lea

Me neither, but I figure that, hey, maybe if I was one I wouldn’t notice and everything would be fine as long as there were no mirrors.

(Can spiders see themselves in mirrors?)

Oh Gawd, he uses Ubuntu. What a shame to see such a good OS with such a crappy individual

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