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It's "Get On Your Knees and Thank a White Man Day" in the Men's Rights subreddit [UPDATED]

King Leopold of Belgium brought the gift of death to ten million Africans
King Leopold of Belgium brought the gift of death to ten million Africans


NOTE TO AVFM READERS: See UPDATE 2 at bottom of post.

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a dude named unkleman wants us all to remember the debt of gratitude we owe to the white men of the world:


unkleman 27 points 21 hours ago (42|15)  You should ask her if she is ashamed of the burden of original sin or should blacks feel like the burdened sons of Cain.  Here is my response to that attitude, but it is sure to inflame further-  People are quick to blame white people for historic wrongs, but that is because they developed technology in more barbaric times. Do you think the Zulus would have been more kind with muskets? For every white person you want to unload on for historic wrongs, you need to get on your knees and thank a hundred first for the renaissance, the age of exploration, the industrial revolution, the atomic age, and the information age we live in. Take a look at your life and ask yourself how much of current civilization would exist if not for the white man. For all I know, whites are the only reason that we all are not currently as barbaric as the very people that are decried with rants against historic wrongs. These accomplishments have given you the luxury to decry the effort they were built upon and you would have been no better but for what the founders of this world have allowed you, so allow them the thanks you owe in spades.

This message went over pretty well with the overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male, overwhelmingly self-pitying and self-congratulatory and maybe just an eensy teensy weensy bit racist demo in the Men’s Rights subreddit. I guess it pays to know your audience!

Men’s Rights and White Supremacy: two … tastes that go together.

Thanks to the folks in the AgainstMensRights subreddit for pointing me to this lovely comment.

UPDATE: Apparently, Unkleman’s comment was meant as sarcasm. That is, while he seems to think that his version of history is accurate, he thinks that the notion that individual white people today deserve credit for things other white people did in the past is stupid.

Interestingly, when he pointed out that this was what he actually meant, he got downvoted below zero, a stark contrast to the reception his original comment got. Take a look:

ishm 5 points 1 day ago (10|5)  I am in agreement with the majority of your statement!  But the "owe to white men" stanza going on for a multitude of sentences triggered negative feelings in me. I do not believe we "owe it to white men", yet I would be much more complacent with "we should appreciate the MEN and WOMEN who discovered them". Owe should be excluded as there was no damned contract signed. Minorities and other whites do not owe anything to whites who discovered various technologies. Appreciate is the word you meant I hope.      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]unkleman -1 points 1 day ago (4|5)  Yeah, it was entirely meant to stir negative feelings and the premise is ridiculous. It is just the other side of the coin of the thought process for people who use such excuses to be "politically correct" racists and meant to show that their justifications should lead to a reverse conclusion.  If I actually believed I am owed kudos for racial reasons, one should assume that I literally have nothing else going for me in life and that would be sad.


Evidently, the Men’s Rightsers liked his comment much better when they thought he totally meant it.

UPDATE 2: Evidently my point in posting a picture of King Leopold of Belguim was a bit too subtle for the not-so-great minds at A Voice for Men to understand. So here is the point, in plain English: If you’re going to talk about all the good things done by white men in history, which have been considerable, you should also be prepared to talk about the bad things they have done, which have also been considerable. Since the fellow I quoted gave examples of the good things he sees as white male accomplishments, I thought I would provide an example of a white man who was not such a good fellow as a counterexample. I hope this helps!

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8 years ago

That’s it.

There are some fascinating articles on that site, including this one about cat behaviour, WITH CUTE KITTY PICS.

(Why yes, ‘cats’ was my search term, why do you ask?)

A dude
A dude
8 years ago

Even if you think white people are evil, there is no denying that modern technology exists because of them.
As the author points out, there is no reason to believe Zulus would have been nicer had they’ve had machine guns.

8 years ago

@a dude

citation MAJORLY needed

8 years ago

Do we need to go over how the concept of 0 which is essential to computer programming was not discovered by Europeans again?

8 years ago

I love the overlap between racists and misogynists. Just remember, everyone, bigotry comes in little clusters of shit.

6 years ago

You should also mention, as it is above bigots heads, that the white man did not invent All of Everything. Or even Most.

5 years ago

It was the hated white people who created modern industrial civilization and thought. Ironically those poor oppressed POCs always built civilizations for the nobility, their 1%. It was the British who built the first mass market, making the fruit of civilization available for the common man for the first time.

This goes hand in hand with the philosophies of human rights and democracy. The feudalist civilizations built by POCs not only could not develop or sustain democratic progress, they were the worst offenders when it comes to imperialism and genocide. Just ask anyone in the Balkans and central Europe how Ottoman rule worked out for them.

Furthermore, even when these civilizations had an inventive thought, it was not applied on a mass basis, often being seen as mere curiosities. This applies also to Western inventions, as demonstrated by the numerous printing pressed sent as gifts by the Vatican to the Mughal emperor. Even though it typed not in latin alphabet, it was a mere curiosity to the arrogant despots.

This arrogance naturally and inevitably led to the eclipse of the POC oligarchies, while the West, learning truth no matter where it came from, built unprecedented progress. The bourgeoisie revolutionized production while the proletariat and the petty bourgeoisie revolutionized politics.

As for POCs, their feudal and religious shackles on their minds prevented them from even imagining their liberation. They had to rely on the western thoughts of democracy and socislism to oppose colonial rule. Sure, a slave might hate that he wad enslaved, but without western ideals, they could not even think up abolition, only escape or becoming masters. But they would not haye slavery as an institution, as their own people had happily practiced it for thousands of years before. The only difference is that this time, they were on the losing side.

Why does it matter? Because radical Black Supremacists are ruthless, writing “vote Trump” on their own church, which they burnt. Snd yes I do have a source for that.

All the while they seek to claim credit for other races accomplishments. They see black as the master race. That is why the mrm is right to do this.

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