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Name change! Banner/Logo contest! [UPDATED]

He's getting a promotion!
He’s getting a promotion!


UPDATE: See below for updates, marked with UPDATE in bold

Man Boobz is about to become We Hunted the Mammoth.

That is, I’m changing the name. And I may end up fiddling a bit with the look. The actual content of the blog itself won’t really be changing.

I’ve been kind of frustrated with the old name for a while. I came up with it on the spur of the moment when I first started this blog and, to be honest, it’s kind of a dopey name. It doesn’t really fit what the blog has become, and I’m a bit tired of explaining it to people (“no, boobs as in nincompoops, not breasts”).

The new name, as all you regular readers know, is based on a phrase that’s already associated with the site. Granted, I’ll have to explain its meaning to people, just as I’ve had to do with the old name, but at least it has a better story behind it. (See the FAQ for more details; the relevant stuff is at the end.)

Naturally, a new name means a new banner, and that’s where you all come in. Yep, we’re having a BANNER/LOGO CONTEST. It will run for a week, more or less, and then I’ll pick a winner or two. The prize is … your banner will be the banner! Also you will receive my undying gratitude. [UPDATE: Some commenters here have started talking about setting up a fund to provide the winner with prize money; if you’re interested, check the comments. I’ll make an official announcement if/when we get something set up. And of course I’ll donate!]

The rules are simple: You can submit artwork, or a logo, or a finished banner. It should have a mammoth in it. I like the mammoth artwork above – and if you click on that image you’ll get a high-resolution version of it. But you can use some other public domain mammoth art, or draw your own mammoth. Stick to black and white and perhaps red.

The text should read: We Hunted the Mammoth. In smaller letters, the tagline: “Men’s Rights” and the New Misogyny. I’m inclined to go with the same font I’m using now – the free font Magnum. But if you’ve got a better idea, go for it. You can do the text by hand it you want. [UPDATE: Scratch that tagline, and replace it with The New Misogyny, tracked and mocked.]

If you’re making a banner, make it the same size of the current banner. Give it a transparent background. If you absolutely can’t fit everything into that space, I suppose you could make the banner a teensy bit taller. 

I want to thank JohnnyKaje for her outstanding work on the current Man Boobz banners – including that amazing Cock Carousel artwork. I’ll put the old banners up on the FAQ page when the new banner goes up.

Feel free to submit rough sketches, to ask questions and make suggestions about the banner/logo — and about the site look and layout. You can post them online, or email them to me at

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8 years ago

That snake picture is…Freudian.

8 years ago

I actually laughed aloud at the snake painting, for real.

8 years ago

OK, that snake painting reminded me of that one Buffy where she goes to a frat party and is almost sacrificed to a giant snake monster.

8 years ago

Supernova, that is great!

And that snake picture nearly made me spit up my wine.

Ally S
8 years ago is up for grabs too.

I think that would be a great name if it weren’t for its potential to make this blog sound like a porn website.

8 years ago

Is it misandry that I like She-Ra way more than He-Man?

If you’re a woman, anything you do is misandry.

She-Ra is the superior cartoon, though.

8 years ago

RE: Guy Noir

Here’s a mammoth hunter, in a thong:

*smirk* Say what you will about Frank Frazetta, at least dude was equal opportunity in his almost-naked people.

RE: Kittehs

That pic reminds me of Boris Vallejo’s (sp?) stuff.

Frazetta was basically the guy who STARTED all that. He way predates Vallejo and come on, I actually kinda like his wife’s stuff! Julie Bell is cool!

Also, I feel guilty for liking this shit, but come on, I’m a fantasy and superhero fan! And my favorite pizza joint back in Texas (Conan’s) was COVERED in these prints! NOSTALGIAAAAA!

8 years ago

That’s why I suggested cockblockcarousel, Ally!

8 years ago

I rather like Frazetta’s art too. It’s really well done.

8 years ago

*googles Julie Bell* Hey, she does have some good stuff!

8 years ago

Anything with the word “cock” in it would rather undermine the goal of making the name less awkward to explain to other people.

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