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MGTOWforums goes away — or does it?


A bit of drama in the land of misogyny: The guy behind, the leading site devoted to so-called Men Going Their Own Way and one of the most reliable purveyors of highly mockable misogyny, has decided to, well, go his own way. (Sorry, I had to.)

Last night, MGTOWforums founder “Nacho Vidal” (not the real porn star) took the forums down, replacing them with a rather embittered farewell letter. But as of a few minutes ago, the forums were BACK UP again, albeit with no explanation and no new posts since last night. (Perhaps the site is just going to remain up as an archive?)

More on this as it develops, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at Nacho Vidal’s long goodbye:

For 3 years I’ve worked to build up MGTOW Forums into a force to be reckoned with, but alas it has failed. It has failed because of the very reasons which brought down the previous MGTOW board: inexperienced idiots who were angry at not being able to get laid – betas, zetas, red pills and the rest of the rubbish.

Oh, we’re off to a good start here.

Vidal explained that he was angry not just at the “fools … psychos [and] incels … who vocally supported other places, that I won’t mention” but at the “so called supporters” on his own forums who

found it just fine for our competitors to constantly attack us whilst they themselves used rhetoric such as “we’re all in it together” and “we’re all after the same thing” when clearly we were not.

I assume that one of the “other places” he’s talking about here is A Voice for Men, which has recently tried to brand itself as a site for MGTOWers, and has not been shy about trashing other MGTOW sites. He probably also meant PUAhate, a site that attacks MGTOWers as well as PUAs, but unfortunately in some pretty misogynistic ways.

As someone who has always stood up against bullies, I thought my own energy to go head to head with such people would be appreciated. But instead I found myself surrounded by fools who were more concerned with likening our way of life to a fantasy sci-fi flick? The same fools then wondered why folk like Manboobz, who was more friendly to us than our enemies, constantly mocked them?

Aw, a little shoutout. In my defense, I wasn’t really trying to be friendly. I was just doing my normal thing of quoting people saying terrible things and mostly letting their terrible quotes do the talking.

Well today is MGTOW Forum’s 3rd birthday and quite frankly the vast majority of you deserve what’s out there. For me, things have got to the point where I recognise there is no support for taking MGTOW Forums into the wider world. However, MGTOW seems to be a successful concept for incels and psychos so that is where I’m going to leave it.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the reason that there’s “no support for taking MGTOW Forums into the wider world” is that MGTOWers are pretty much all a bunch of hateful assholes, and that whenever “the wider world” hears what MGTOWers have to say, the “wider world” either gasps in disgusted amazement or bursts out laughing.

After thanking some of the MGTOWforums posters he actually liked, he continued with his rant:

When the curtain falls it is time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do. I’ll leave you all to wallow in the Red Pill and Alpha/Beta/Zeta fantasy garbage which was our downfall. …

As of yesterday, our average daily traffic was in excess of 6,000 unique visits per day. So I was doing something right eh? Meh…very few of you were worth the effort.

Good luck and time for me to Go My Own Way

Adios and fuck off

The reaction from A Voice for Men — the site that would be king of the MGTOWers — has been predictable. In a gloating, self-aggrandizing post that may be the least-self-aware piece of writing I have ever seen on the internet, Elam snorts:

Good riddance.

Allow me to qualify. I am sure there were men who actually benefited from involvement in MGTOW Forums. There is great need for the MGTOW philosophy, which is powerful in these times, with comparatively few outlets. The truth, even when served up on a trash can lid by idiots, is a powerful thing.

But I never had the belief that MGTOW was really about what happened at MGTOW Forums, which amounted to one rolling “cunts and whores” diatribe after another, spiced only with vicious attacks on men who were deemed less than worthy by Nacho Vidal’s standards.

Uh, Paul, dude. I hate to break it to you, but if you replace a few strategic words in that last paragraph, you’ve written a perfect description of your own site:

But I never had the belief that the Men’s Rights movement was really about what happened at A Voice for Men, which amounted to one rolling “cunts and whores” diatribe after another, spiced only with vicious attacks on men who were deemed less than worthy by Paul Elam’s standards.

Here are some “cunts” diatribes from A Voice for Men, including one in which a regular contributor declared that “[w]omen are facing a very real and grave problem in our culture: They are obnoxious cunts.”  And here are some “whore” diatribes, including the one in which Elam himself used the word whore more than two dozen times). As for deeming some men “less than worthy,” you may recall Elam’s infamous post in which he told men who were suffering to “fuck off” if they hadn’t already donated money and/or volunteer labor to Elam and his website.

He continues:

I never thought, and I still don’t, that self-consuming bitterness was required to Go Your Own Way. Venting? Sure. And by god, MGTOW Forums was good for that. Problem is, venting without release or healing is not really venting.

Not a lot of healing going on at A Voice for Men, dude. Not a lot of anything other than angry ranting, endless fundraising, harassment campaigns, and a lot of self-congratulation.

Elam ends the post with a bit of the latter, patting himself on the back for his expert leadership at AVFM.

But his victory celebration may be a bit premature. At least three new MGTOW forums have sprung up overnight. like poisonous mushrooms, in an attempt to fill the void left by MGTOWforums’ demise.

MGTOW — The Red Pill forums

Men Going Their Own Way dot Net – Forums

And we’ll have to see if the old MGTOWforums remains up as well.

236 replies on “MGTOWforums goes away — or does it?”

Hey now, I’ve met some perfectly lovely 7 year old boys who already understood that not everything was their mom’s fault.

Would have to be a rather unpleasant child, though. Every time I try to imagine what kind of kids grow up to be MRAs I think of the stories about serial killers torturing animals when they’re children.

For the ones who claim to have girlfriends I also wonder if the girlfriends know about their guy’s online shenanigans.

For the ones who claim to have girlfriends I also wonder if the girlfriends know about their guy’s online shenanigans.

And oh, to be a fly on the wall when they fight…

Yeah, if you weren’t feMRA material, imagine how foul it’d be finding out your bf hated your entire sex.

Of course blow-up dolls aren’t noted for reading internet stuff, so there is that.

What do you say to someone you thought you knew if they turn out to hate you and everyone like you? I’d love to talk to women who were in some way associated with men who’re part of the manosphere, didn’t know, and then found out.

I’d love to talk to women who were in some way associated with men who’re part of the manosphere, didn’t know, and then found out.

Oh, hell yes. I have sooooo many questions.

What do you say to someone you thought you knew if they turn out to hate you and everyone like you? I’d love to talk to women who were in some way associated with men who’re part of the manosphere, didn’t know, and then found out.

Well, there WAS Qwerty, who outed Mikey here. She pretty much dumped him via this florum. He’s been silent as the grave ever since… 😆

A florum sounds like a forum made of flowers, which would be quite pleasant AND would probably annoy MRAs, so hey, why not?

Heh – I looked up florum and the first thing that came up was a Melbourne florist shop.

Definitely something to annoy MRAs with.

I bet they hate men who cultivate flowers (doing manly stuff like digging a big hole to fill with dirt from another hole would doubtless be accepatable).

A florum sounds like a forum made of flowers, which would be quite pleasant AND would probably annoy MRAs, so hey, why not?

Hmmmm…yeah. And Flos florum is the fleur-de-lis, which should make Kittehs happy. Why the hell not!

LBT: You missed Mikey? Mikey was hilarious. Mikey turned up on this Dalrock thread, and spouted nonsense for days, until Qwerty showed up:

Highlights: Mikey kept calling everyone SPINSTERS (all in caps, just like that); got pissed and went off on a tirade about how he’s a hotshot lawyer who lives DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH (again, all in caps). He also thought dating sites were credible sources of original research. My favorite thing he said was something along th lines of, “The statistics are perfect because the controls were non-existent!”

Yes, upon her request. I still wonder about those two sometimes, and hope she’s doing okay.

Sort of a bummer she wanted her comments deleted, but I’ll respect that. Good thing she can still use that whole thread as evidence she really doesn’t need to be around that garbage stain anymore.

So down the rabbit hole I went reading that thread with Mikey (I’m about half way through it though I need to take frequent breaks for laughing), and I am left with the creeping suspicion that I actually met him. I dated a composer for a while who lived in Marina Del Rey, and we kept ending up at dinner parties with this jackass lawyer dude who always went on and on about his billings when he wasn’t droning about how valuable he was to his clients (who you would totally recognize because they are so famous, but confidentiality kept him from mentioning any names, you know). He always brought this girl with him (and I do mean ‘girl’ as she was lovely but seemingly high school young, and mostly kept pretty quiet because he would lay into her if she so much as dared to express an opinion in his presence) who he seemed to feel the need to dress up like a doll (he bragged about how he picked out all her clothes). It always creeped me out that he would grab her arm and move her around as if she weren’t capable of overcoming starting friction on her own otherwise.

Actually, composer and I broke up because hanging around with those friends (maybe half a dozen guys that were shades of the same flavor) made me very stabby after a while and I had little enough free time as it was to justify spending so much with people who were flat boring when they weren’t being nauseating.

And, parenthetical note, there is no DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH in Los Angeles (unless he means LA county). There’s Malibu and Palisades and Santa Monica and Venice and Marina Del Rey and Playa and then El Segundo. In my experience the folks who bang on about how they live beachfront in LA get all cagey about it because they want people to think they live in Malibu (where the single family houses with private stretches of beach are) but they actually live in one of the towers in Marina Del Rey or one of the low rise blocks in Westchester.

Oh, and actually the grocery store thing is actually real. There’s a Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood that is well known for being a HUGE pick up spot.

But simply standing next to a dude in the grocery store doesn’t automatically translate to “hitting on him” in my mind. In Mikey’s it seemed to, at least if the woman standing there wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

No, grumpycat, I agree that it doesn’t. I think that because there are a few stores in LA that seem to have developed a reputation for being a ‘singles hot spot’, Mikey there seems to have gotten the impression that every time someone in the Ralph’s reaches past him for a jar of pickles, it must be because she’s trying to pick him up by shoving her disgusting post-30s body in his face. It’s a variety of confirmation bias, where he knows something exists somewhere, and so he sees it everywhere (because he makes sure to look for it).

Of course if Mikey goes around shouting I AM A LAWYER AND LIVE DIRECTLY ON THE BEACH at people, he is likely to be stared at, and being Mikey, wouldn’t know the difference between people thinking “WTF is this idiot on about” and “OMG I totally want to fuck your hotrichwhitedude body”.

Actually, now that I’ve read through most of that, I’m convinced that Mikey is the kind of guy who would find out which grocery stores are the most likely to have people cruising for dates in them so that he could go there and scream “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU VILE HAG SPINSTER” any time a woman so much as glanced in his direction.

I’m a mgtow man and I have to admit mgtow forums have some of the biggest assholes I have ever met. They have more rules than women do for men trapped in a hen pecked marriage. I will never join a damn forum again!

Men going there own way, but where are they going to?
Every mgtow video that I have ever seen are all centered on females, ignoring women the attention has to be put on men, the problem we are in (men) is because we allowed it to happen yet nobody has even asked the question why?
Because lust is a weakness, it is true to say that females are to blame, but it is the males fault, all men are born sex addicts and women are the pushers, before men can save women, men have to be saved from women, God did not give us lust God gave us love the fall from love gave us lust.
Any man that is being ruled by his cock will be ruled by a female, so therefore if a man is going to discover what real love is he is going somewhere if he is not he is going no where, just lost in the darkness of his imagination, how can a man stand up to something he needs so badly answer is he cannot.

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