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Australian “Male Studies” initiative under fire because of its connections to raving misogynists; raving misogynists blame feminists

Antifeminist attorney, A Voice for Men contributor and and would-be Male Studies lecturer Roy Den Hollander bustin' a move on the Colbert Report.
Antifeminist attorney,  A Voice for Men contributor, and would-be Male Studies lecturer Roy Den Hollander bustin’ a move on the Colbert Report.

NOTE: See the end of the piece for an important clarification from the University.

So it seems the new “Male Studies” initiative at the University of South Australia is running into a few problems. Well, one big problem: members of the general public have discovered that some of the people involved with the initiative are raving misogynists, or have chosen to associate themselves with raving misogynists.

Yesterday, a story by journalist Tory Shepherd noted that two of the lecturers have written for a notoriously misogynistic website by the name of A Voice for Men. (You may have heard of it.) One of them, the crankish American attorney Roy Den Hollander, even suggested in a post on that site that men’s rights activists may have to take up arms against the evil Feminists who run the world.

The future prospect of the Men’s Movement raising enough money to exercise some influence in America is unlikely.  But there is one remaining source of power in which men still have a near monopoly—firearms.

Huh. That doesn’t sound like a very academic analysis of the situtation to me.

Den Hollander also likes to refer to “women’s studies” as “witches’ studies.” And if you don’t believe her, here’s the AVFM post in which he does just that; it’s in the first sentence.

Apparently pointing out some of these basic facts about Den Hollander, and about another of the lecturers, Miles Groth, who has also written for AVFM, is causing some trouble for Dr. Misan and his little Male Studies initiative — at least according to a post on AVFM by the always furious Paul Elam, who informs us somberly that

[s]ources close to the story report that [Shepherd’s article] is likely a terminal setback for the new initiative.

Elam fights back against Shepherd’s alleged “lies” in a paragraph that is itself nothing but lies:

The article by Shepherd is saturated with the typical lies, e.g.: that the SPLC named AVFM as a hate group, which they did not, and that this website regularly calls women “bitches and whores,” which it does not. She also implied a connection between AVFM and those championing the initiative which does not exist.

Actually, Shepherd said that the SPLC described AVFM as a “hate site,” not a “hate group.” This is in fact true, as the SPLC included AVFM in a list of “woman-hating sites,” which would make it a hate site, as the hatred of women is in fact a kind of hate.

And AVFM does in fact refer to women regularly as whores and bitches and other slurs. Indeed, in one notorious post about Rebecca Watson, Elam managed to use the word “whore” more than 30 times; as for the word “bitch,” well, check out this compilation of AVFM posts featuring that word in the title. As you’ll see from that post, Elam also likes referring to women as “cunts,” and once referred to the feminist blogosphere as the “cunt-o-sphere.”

Do your own searches for “whore” or “bitch” on AVFM to find more recent examples.

Shepherd doesn’t, in fact, imply any “connection” between AVFM and “those championing the initiative” beyond the undeniable fact that two of the lecturers have written for AVFM, and that AVFM has heralded the Male Studies initiative. Interestingly, it’s Elam, with his talk about  “[s]ources close to the story,” who implies an even closer connection than Shepherd does.

The rest of Elam’s post is a remarkable mixture of self-contradicting lies and self-delusion. First, he declares “Male Studies” to be a pure-as-the-driven snow example of non-ideological scholarship.

In writing this article Shepherd actually served as a mouthpiece for academic feminists invested in blocking the attempt to study human males in a non-ideological, scholarly fashion.

How exactly is someone who describes himself explicitly as antifeminist, who describes women’s studies as “witches studies,” and who’s written for AVFM on several occasions an example of someone who is trying “to study human males in a non-ideological, scholarly fashion?”

Elam then launches into one of his typical chest-beating fuck-their-shit-up ideological rants:

The Men’s Human Rights Movement is not going to go away. Indeed, even as we regret the temporary setback of an important and valuable initiative, we do welcome another opportunity to shine a light on the ideologically twisted agenda of people who would undermine an academic program with the ambition to enhance our understanding of an egregiously underserved population.

Yes, that’s right. The world’s men have been “egregiously underserved.”

This type of bullying and public deception is precisely what has catapulted the Men’s Human Rights Movement into rapid growth and increasing popularity in such a short period of time.

The only bullying and deception I’m seeing here is coming from your side, dude. Women aren’t talking about taking up arms against men. You’re the one who’s lying about what Shepherd said.

From assaultive, criminal demonstrators in Toronto blocking doors to a lecture on male suicide, to this – an obviously orchestrated attack on honorable academicians — the reality of what feminism has become, and the depths to which it has lowered, is again in full public view.

Uh, Roy Den Hollander isn’t an “honorable academician.” And, frankly, neither is anyone who chooses to associate themselves with your site. I’m not sure how Shepherd’s one article counts as an “obviously orchestrated attack,” but all she did was point out what Hollander said, and point out the sort of misogynistic shit you publish on your shitty website.

In other words, Mr. Elam, you guys have dug your own hole here — with you, personally, bringing one of the bigger shovels.

Just think: A Voice for Men may be in large part responsible for the collapse of this Male Studies initiative, because you and the others writing on your site can’t hide your raging misogyny, and can’t resist the temptation to call women “bitches” and “whores.”

This is the lesson of all the publicity you guys have gotten in the last year: when members of the general public learn what you guys actually believe, they are repulsed by it. The more attention you get, the more people oppose you.

After some more ranting that he might as well have cut and pasted from any of  a dozen previous posts of his, Elam ends with one of his trademark vague threats:

We will force their hand, again and again. And each time they demonstrate their moral bankruptcy; their limitless capacity for tyranny, the more they will generate the contempt and indignation they deserve. And the more people will realize that the only way forward is straight through them.

You’re just digging that hole deeper.

EDITED TO ADD: The Universityof Southern Australia has clarified a few things about the Male Studies initiatives. According to a piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, the school only approved one of the four proposed courses, and officially rejected (back in 2012) the one that would have included Den Hollander and Groth as lecturers. Here’s what the newspaper says:

The university has approved one of four proposed graduate courses, a certificate in male health and health promotion, which will begin online next month.

But an original proposal by one of the university’s academics outlined three further certificates, including a course called ”males and sexism”, which named lecturers who have been published on radical men’s rights websites. …

The university emphasised it did not endorse views of the suggested lecturers. It said the courses, which were criticised in the media on Monday, were rejected in 2012.

So that’s reassuring to hear.

I removed a portion of my post referring to Gary Misan, in charge of the course, because in light of this information it’s not clear if he was referring to all four courses, including those involving Den Hollander and Groth, or just to the male health course.

Oddly, though, Dr. Misan seems to think that the University has signed up for more than one course. On his official University of South Australia web site he describes himself as “program co-ordinator for a new suite of courses in Male Studies at UniSA, the first of which will be offered in 2014.”

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I go to pubs when I go out, not clubs, so I’m not totally sure but I think they still have ladies nights.


Elam actually said something pretty astute here, but not the way he thinks. This perfectly describes the MRM and AVFM. Each time MRA’s demonstrate their moral bankruptcy; their limitless capacity for tyranny, the more they will generate the contempt and indignation thy deserve.

The projection really is stunning. Elam’s got the self-awareness of cabbage.

I’ve never seen one advertised (I live in the UK) – but I guess there must be some somewhere, if this guy has found enough to make a hobby of suing people over it?

When you get the list of required reading and so on for Intro to Women’s Studies the first item on the list is always “cauldron”.

Wand…magic sand…a Turkish massage owl…

dallasapple, I think I miss that episode, I love Colbert even more now…that was freaking hilarious.


Another, US psychology professor Miles Groth, says that date-rape awareness seminars might be deterring men from going to university.

Another, US psychology professor Miles Groth, says that date-rape awareness seminars might be deterring men from going to university.

Oh for fuck’s sake this exactly the kind of shit I was afraid of.

What do we call somebody who would not want to go to University because they’re told not to rape people, again? Oh yeah, right: wannabe rapists.

This is an earlier paragraph from the Hollander AVFM post which ends with a call for violence.

The lack of success by the Men’s Movement isn’t for want of talent or will. It has skillful public speakers and writers trying to educate, elucidate and enlighten; competent litigators trying to put the blindfold back across the eyes of Justice; effective lobbyists exercising their First Amendment right of association; and gutsy demonstrators willing to fight for their rights no matter how many names the “morality pundits” call them.
Actually the lack of success by the Men’s Movement stems from you being a bunch of hateful fucknuts. FYI.

Hollander’s description of the movement is so divorced from reality I’m pretty convinced that even he doesn’t believe the bullshit he’s shoveling. How he ended up lecturing at the University of Southern Australia is truly mystifying, are they hiring white supremacists next?

Groth seems to have missed the lessons on projection when he was doing his psychology course.

Where’d he get his qualifications, btw? The University of Assfax (online courses)?

dallasapple, Wait! Wait! Do I smell… troll droppings. What a load of crap.

Read that under scrutiny article .

dallasapple, just reading the comments from that link gave me a headache, talk about persecution complex.

dallasapple, just reading the comments from that link gave me a headache, talk about persecution complex.

Yes. Its not beneficial for the control of acid reflux. Read on an empty stomach .

Brooked, In their warped world…When all fails, violence is not only the answer but their right.

My feelings toward this, uhhh…. interesting initiative are the same as when I found The Game in the gender studies section of my bookstore: confusion and disgust.

kittehserf, you know that the professor douchebag, is just trying to enlightened us to tyranny and oppression under the… Feminazi! (lol)

Groth seems to have missed the lessons on projection when he was doing his psychology course.

Precisely . If he only knew how guilty he looks by his concern .

Well, I hope they get enough money for soft cushions for their chairs otherwise we’ll be hearing them whining about their precious butt cheeks.

Argh, I just stepped outside and it’s like a feckin’ oven. It’s over 40C (104 F). Plus they’re talking “thunderstorms with very little rain” for the rest of the week, which prolly means humidity.

Bring on winter!

I’ll take your winter and you can have my summer, if we mix them up we might get some decent weather!

I love autumn too, but I’m doubting we’re going to have a nice one if summer’s turning majorly hot.

“Another, US psychology professor Miles Groth, says that date-rape awareness seminars might be deterring men from going to university. ”

Does the university want to cater to people who might be victims of rape, or to wannabe rapists? Choices, choices.

Well this is neither here nor there…but did anyone else find the use of the word “academicians” to be quite jarring? Wouldn’t the more common “academics” have sufficed?

Kittehserf, I feel your pain, even thou I’m originally from an Island in the Caribbean, I hate the heat. But there is a big difference between tropical and engulfing heatwave.

If someone opted out of going to uni because he had to sit through a seminar on date-rape awareness (and never mind that he might just possibly end up a victim, not a perpertrator), then what does it say about him? Not just that he’s a wannabe rapist, but that he’d put his whole goddamn future on the line because of it.

If there are such people, they’re not only predatory, they’re incredibly stupid.

If there aren’t, then … well, physician, heal thyself.

Yup! It’s 42 where I am and it’s already closing in on 44 in the city centre. And just to make kittehs’ life more miserable, the overnight temp didn’t get below 30 until 7 am and it was back to 32 by 8.)

And that idiotic proposal for male studies was at one of our local universities.

::preens proudly::

Or not.

I love the inconsistency of the ‘Mens’ rights’ movement:

‘MEN CAN BE THE VICTIMS OF RAPE TOO (which is obviously a good point)


“Another, US psychology professor Miles Groth, says that date-rape awareness seminars might be deterring men from going to university. ”

That is complete utter bullshit! what is deterring young men from going to college is young men are being encultured to distrust higher learning (mostly by conservatives) and to not take their own education seriously

@Redcap: Maybe The Game was in the Gender Studies section as part of a class on “omg PUA guys are like extreme sexism.” – Kind of like if you found Mein Kampf in the bookstore or something.

I majored in English, with an undeclared minor in Witches’ Studies.

Clearly, I was ahead of my time.

I couldn’t cope with tropical heat at all, justabrowngirl! Dry heat is bad enough, but humidity – urgh. I’m in the south of Australia, not too far from the coast, and it’s mostly a temperate climate, but our summers have been getting hotter in recent years. We’re due for temperatures around 40C all this week, and the last time that happened was in 2009, in the week leading up to the Black Saturday bushfires. It’s bad enough that there are “heat health” warnings being issued.

I’d rather find it in the ‘Gender Studies’ section (in which context it might actually be pretty interesting to read) than in the ‘Sex and Relationships’ section, because EW.

An undeclared minor? Is that like when you smuggle an extra kid into the cinema?

mildymagnificent – yeah, they’re saying it’s not going below 28 on Thursday night. I just hope Mum’s ordered those cooling pads we saw advertised!

D’you reckon we can exchange this weather for a new one? It’s defective.

Could some (one even!) intelligent woman on here go onto the Daily Mail UK website and kindly help the women out on an article entitled ‘Women continue to be under used in the workplace due to discrimination, motherhood and lack of self onfidence’ as the misogynists are really going to town on this one and their comments are just so demeaning, derogatory and nasty to women who work damn hard to make a living. The stupid men have no substance behind their reasoning at all. It would be fantastic if you could help us out. I read this forum every day and I am so glad I found it but I’m not good at putting into words what I mean when it is a men v women all out war! Thanking you very much in advance 🙂

Robert…such lies (tsk tsk). You know is the matriarch who dominates higher learning and policy making, to indoctrinate vulnerable young man.

a course this is all joking, to be clear.

Hey David, can you load a Colbert Report that Canadians can see please? Please? I want to see it more than anything else in life. Except getting rid of my sofa (short story my mother gave my 4yo a spider and it now lives in my sofa, someone please come kill it). It is second on my list!

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