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Men’s Rights Redditors respond to imaginary plot to force men to pee sitting down with proposals to kill, pee on feminists

So Reddit’s Men’s Rightsers are in a tizzy over a bullshitty piece in the Daily Telegraph warning of an evil worldwide plot to force men to pee sitting down.

The evidence for the existence of such a plot is a bit on the skimpy side — the Telegraph writer leads off with a reference to a 2012  proposal from a County Council member in Sormland, Sweden that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere legislatively but that’s been a favorite evil-feminist story on conservative websites ever since.

The very notion that some evil feminist might force them to sit while they spray has Men’s Rights Redditors in an unusually combative mood. Heck, it’s got some of the regulars thinking that it might well be time to start doing some good-old fashioned murdering. No, really.

Spacedatwork 6 points 10 hours ago (7|1)  Feminists are taking it too far now, I pee half the time with a boner and when I do pee sitting my dink dips in the water and it is nasty as fuck. This is the part where the MRA should pull off a campaign to assassinate feminist figures because talking, ranting and blogging is not enough until they take away our ability to naturally produce testosterone through medical procedures at birth.
Yep. In case you’ve been wondering, suggesting “a campaign to assassinate feminist figures” because some local council member in Sweden had a dumb idea will in fact win you upvotes on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Strikerfm1, by contrast, seems almost moderate with his “tie feminists down and urinate on them” proposal.

strikerfm1 3 points 8 hours ago (5|2)  I so wish I could grab one of these feminists, tie her down,a pee all over her. Just to show her that I'm a fucking MAN and that I will never become the pussified, wimpy broken wrist faggot of a man they so desire. Fuck these lebsbian nazi cunts who want to destroy our manhood. Fuck them. Stand up. Be a man. Pee standing up.  Women think it's gross? it creates puddles? FUCK YOU WOMEN. I cleaned women's bathroom's for a living when I was younger, you fucking cunts leave blood on walls, shit all over walls because you won't sit on the bowl, and your pregnancy tests everywhere. Fuck you if you are gonna piss and moan about piss on the floor.
The World’s Greatest 21st Century Human Rights Movement, folks!

Thanks to the AgainstMensRights subreddit for pointing me to this horrible crap.

EDIT: The “let’s murder feminists” comment has been taken down by the subreddit mods, though the user hasn’t been banned for it; the “I want to tie a feminist down and pee on her” comment remains up, and still boasts upvotes.

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8 years ago

Kevin is my real name; “Kevin 11″ is a nickname.

Because everyone thinks of the other 10 Kevins they know first.

8 years ago

Come on – there’s only gotta be, like, three or four Kevins on the entire internet. Our Kevin is ever so brave for voluntarily narrowing down the field so much. No Internet Tough Guy he!

8 years ago

I always do love the ‘subtle’ attempts to make people dox themselves. ‘If you were a REAL ____, you’d use you’re real name!’ Because nobody ever tried that ploy here before…

8 years ago

That look on Keanu’s face reminds me of this cat.

8 years ago

I’m almost positive that meme was actually made by one of us XD I think I’ve seen it here before.

8 years ago

Right. Because men would never try to regulate what women do with their private parts.

Oh, wait.

8 years ago

““Kevin 11″ is a nickname”

Ooh! Can I play. Pecunium is a persistent identification on the net. I even link to my other writings under it. If you follow the link on my username here it leads to some of them. You could also google it, and get other links, to other writings, and art, and stuff.

So, what are your links, tough guy?

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter, why do you think calls for murder are funny? What makes the presence of so much active (and endorsed) hosility on r/mr something to be seen as a “glib joke”?

Why do you hate women so much?

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Pecunium — go to bed! Don’t make me come down there to complain about puddles!

On topic…Argenti totally is my name. At least by pecunium et al, he knows my legal name, so does his fiancé, but Argenti it is. I approve of this and would make it my legal name, but that’d mean cutting ties with the conservative family members who wouldn’t just disown me (that I could handle, endless lectures on what their church says no so much so)

8 years ago

Argenti: I shall quibble: I don’t have a fiancé, but rather a fiancée. She has two fiancés.

8 years ago

I wonder what MRAs would make of the She Wee?

8 years ago

Can you say the same, “Viscaria”?
Can you say the same, “kittehserf”?

I can, and have. How do you think anyone refers to their friends here except by their usernames? Why do you think they’re hard to pronounce? Kittehserf is a nickname derived from a former nym.

You really are a dumbfuck, aren’t you? Hiding behind this blather when called out for defending the indefensible. Why don’t you just admit you hate women, then piss off? Nobody here would miss you. In a week it’d be, “Who was that really stupid troll? I forget the name, and they’re all the same these days anyway.”

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