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Roosh V tweets the world’s saddest tweet

How pathetic is this?

What a sad, small, empty life he must lead. I almost feel sorry for him.

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Once for curiosity
Twice for confirmation
Thrice for cataloguing


Once for oral
Twice for vaginal
Thrice for anal

That’s why condoms come in packs of threes, don’t you know.

Gee thanks, O Great Sage. And here I thought they were packed in threes in case one breaks. Or gets put on inside out by the likes of you.

omg I must have been doing something wrong! I had a man once tell me (not in a stalkery way!) that he ‘couldn’t stay away’. At this point we had probably had sex at least 100 times. Hey ho. Must do worse next time!

Of course if you did find that you were with one of these PUA saddo’s 3x would probably be far too many. If you stuck around to see if *maybe* it would improve, and he dumped you after 3x you would have to have a very low sense of your own worth not to think ‘shit, I really dodged a bullet there!’

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