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Men's Rights Activist: "If women sucked d*** half as well as they suck at sports there would be no more divorces."

Women: Utterly iuncapable of athletic acheivement
Women: Utterly incapable of athletic achievement

Men Against Misandry is a blog, and a Facebook page, devoted to the proposition that feminism is misandry.

The anonymous fellow (or fellows) behind the sites, or group, or whatever it is, has apparently decided that the best way to fight the alleged misandry of feminism is with raging misogyny.

I would call it fighting fire with fire, but it’s more like fighting an imaginary campfire with the flaming pits of hell.

The latest post on the Men Against Misandry blog takes on the issue of women athletes, and why they get less attention and money than their male equivalents. Mr. MAM has a fairly simple explanation:

Why are there no truly famous women in sports?

It’s because women suck at sports. Period. We all know there’s only one real professional sports team that anybody actually cares about – the men’s team. Men just let women have their own sports teams to feel better about themselves. That’s just the truth.

I didn’t put that bit in bold. He did. He wanted to make sure we understood just how much he thinks women really suck at sports.

And in case we haven’t gotten the message yet, he continues:

You know that old saying? you throw like a girl!

Well, it’s a saying for a reason. Women just plain suck at sports. If women sucked dick half as well as they suck at sports there would be no more divorces in the great US of A.

Yep, he’s the one that put that last bit in bold, too. Indeed, he was so proud of that last sentence he posted it — just that one sentence — as a separate post on his Facebook page.

It’s all in a day’s work for this noble fighter against misandry.

Thanks to the folks in AgainstMensRights for pointing me to this blog post.

265 replies on “Men's Rights Activist: "If women sucked d*** half as well as they suck at sports there would be no more divorces."”

RE: Not Who We Are

I don’t care what you say.

Feeling’s mutual, whoever you are!

RE: Kittehs

I side-eye the whole idea that physical abilities – especially in fuckin’ sports, ferchrissakes – actually count for worth

That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of that. I’m gonna go sit on that and chew on it for a while.

RE: Krazwell

Flame away but I’m just expressing my opinion that women’s sports aren’t very good.

Flame away, but I’m just expressing my opinion that your opinion is not universal, objective, or true.

I mean, fuck, I’m a guy and the only sports I really enjoy watching are figure skating and gymnastics. Football and baseball? BOOOOORING. If I want to see sweaty men handling balls, I’ll watch porn, thank you.

Maddie is also officially fighting fit. As in, I have spectacular red gouges on my wrist from trying to get her into her basket to take her to the vet for her checkup. She growled the whole time we were up there (she’s never done that before) and it took the vet and my combined efforts to get her back into the basket at the end. (Him: “Madeleine, you do not want to stay here!”)

I think she’s channelling Magnus. 😛

Well…. women don’t suck at sports. Women are generally just as capable as men at excelling in athletics. But in most sports, the top-ranked women cannot match the top-ranked men. (In some sports such as gymnastics, the top females are better, as Manboobz’ photo demonstrates.) Disagree? Integrate sports, such as tennis or basketball or soccer, let all males and females compete equally in the same leagues.

That’s one thing the MRA guy is right about (if nothing else). Female professional sports are less popular than male professional sports, because the male teams constitute the actual best athletes in the world. Female sport teams are the equivalent of minor leagues — excellent athletes, better than 99.9% of all other males and females — but not the best in the world. Why should they have as much attention and financial success as the top (male) leagues? Again, if you think it’s just down to sexism, integrate professional sports, and see what happens.

Female professional sports are less popular than male professional sports, because the male teams constitute the actual best athletes in the world.

Citation needed.

See, I’d always assumed that female professional sports are less popular than male professional sports because of sexism. Because the majority of men believe that women suck at sports and because the media devotes a disproportionate amount of airplay to male sports. Because male teams and players get all the support and funding, from childhood onwards. And because the sports that men always talk about when this is discussed are the ones that women are probably at a natural disadvantage and where, even if a woman was good enough to play in a topflight integrated team, she would be prevented.

There was a period in professional tennis, when the women’s game was far more interesting than the men’s because the men’s circuit was dominated by big servers/hitters, who just smashed in ace after ace. Audiences, bored with the lack of rallies and finesse, voted with their feet and headed off to watch the women play, and there was a major crisis within tennis because OMG, women’s tennis was more popular. The rumour was that tennis balls were adapted to slow the big serves …

And do we really believe that the funding that women are able to obtain for sports such as sailing or equestrianism ever equals that available to men?

I’m reminded of another debate about sports that flared up a few years ago, about why black players dominate sports. Except, they didn’t at the time, and still don’t. Unless, of course, the debaters restricted their definition of “sports” to “athletic activities in which more than half of the players are black.” Which at the time was pretty much just American pro football and pro basketball. If anyone pointed out to the debaters that there are lots of sports other than basketball and American football (including big manly popular ones like baseball, hockey, and soccer aka the other football), and that most of them AREN’T, in fact, dominated by black athletes… well, you would just condescendingly be told that you don’t know what you’re talking about everybody knows sports are dominated by blacks just open your eyes n00b. And that was on a nice day.

Same thing here. Restrict your definition of “sports” to athletic activities in which males have been set up to dominate, and you’ve got a nice bit of circular logic.

Personally, I’d take Mr. Peter’s bet. If sports were TRULY integrated and equal, from childhood all the way up to the pros, I think he’d end up very surprised, and probably convince himself that the whole thing had been unfairly rigged by feminazis who forced society to lower its standards or some such idiocy.

But then, I’m not a sports fan. What do I know?

I would pay cold hard cash to watch Mr. MAM say this nonsense to Venus and Serena Williams’ faces.

“has apparently decided that the best way to fight the alleged misandry of feminism is with raging misogyny.”

I’m actually a little surprised you didn’t say: “the *appearance* of misandry” or “his belief that feminism is misandric”.

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