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A Voice for Men responds to Jaclyn Friedman’s takedown of the Men’s Rights movement with fart, fat, rape jokes

So A Voice for Men has finally responded to Jaclyn Friedman’s masterful takedown of the Men’s Rights movement:

No, sorry, my mistake. AVFM didn’t respond to her article by farting. It responded with an article accusing her of farting. No, really.

In an article with the fart-referencing title “Gone with Jaclyn’s wind,” AVFM “Honey Badger” Diana Davison tries to rebut Friedman with some really, really strained fart metaphors:

In Jaclyn’s habitat, there is a foul and ominous odour beneath the sheets. Since, according to her, the MHRM are all dogs, it is easiest just to blame the stench on them.

Ho ho!

Davison then takes the argument underground:

There are many canards in the coal mine of Jaclyn’s article about the MHRM that quite quickly die of gas.

Wait, so now Jaclyn is farting carbon monoxide?

And one more toot:

The next trouser trumpet is her insistence that the MHRM is an attack of men against women … .

The fart metaphors, strained though they are, turn out to be the most coherent parts of Davison’s little rant. As far as I can figure it, her main complaints about Friedman’s piece are that:

  1. Friedman calls the Manosphere the Manosphere, even though there are a handful of women involved in it.
  2. Friedman “silenced” her by not linking to Davison’s last dumb piece about her in AVFM, and by (gasp!) blocking her on Twitter.
  3. Friedman doesn’t enjoy it when AVFM commenters make rape jokes about her.

Speaking of commenters, the comments to Davison’s article are of course a joy to behold.

Paul Elam gets “firsties” with a long comment lauding Davison and further attacking Friedman. Elam picks up on the whole fart thing, describing Friedman as an “orally flatulent windbag” before launching into his version of their encounter in New York during the filming of the 20/20 piece which could eventually air sometime this millennium.

His biggest complaint about her? That she (allegedly) told him to shut his fucking piehole — not in those words, of course — and nobody puts Pauley in a corner tells Pauly to shut his fucking piehole

Before you read this, I encourage you to reacquaint yourself (if necessary) with the psychological concept of projection. And to remember that Elam is very fond of telling other people to shut up. He’s quick to banhammer dissenters in his comments section, quick to toss AVFM contributors overboard when they disagree with him, and one time he actually tried to start up his own version of a Men’s Rights subreddit where he could ban whoever he wanted.

Anyhoo, with that in mind, let’s read what he had to say about Friedman:

I tell you one thing for sure, what I saw of her emotionally shined through the brightest at one particular moment. She had said about three times that the conversation we were having was over. And then of course she re-engaged in that conversation repeatedly.

The last time she said it was over, she tried to issue it like an edict…”I said this conversation is over!”

I told her that she did not instruct me to do anything.

And that is when I saw it. Pure, raw hatred on her face. She did her best to stare a hole in me, and she had the look of someone who was quite used to doing that sort of thing and having it work.

After all her histrionic bullshit about me inspiring mass murder and poor widdle defenseless wimmins having to turn to the FBI and go into some sort of rape culture protection program because of the things I had written, the thing that got her the most, that really tuned on the faucets of anger, was that she could not tell me to shut up and have me comply — or even give a fuck.

I would bet the farm that moment was her in a nutshell.

And it fits. With all the bragging she has done about her big old smelly electronic clit and how she and her friends have bullied their non compliant sisters to the sidelines; with her crusade to censor people at facebook; her blocking Diana Davison on twitter for daring to stand up as a woman who opposed her sick ideology, the true Jacklyn Friedman, the personality disordered control freak with a huge chip on her shoulder, didn’t care about any goddam cause.

She just wants to tell people what to do.

Fuck that and fuck you, Jacklyn Friedman. If someone told you that you ever had a prayer of running shit in the MHRM, they lied to you.

Oh boy. Where to even start with this feast of revealing bullshittery? Perhaps the massive projection about the “pure raw hatred on her face” and Friedman “having the look of someone who was quite used to doing that sort of thing and having it work?”

Here’s a screenshot from a video of Elam’s in which he discussed this very encounter with Friedman. What word would you use to describe that look? (Hint: The word I would use starts with H and ends with E and is “hate.”)


And then that bit about Friedman wanting to “run shit in the MHRM?” Woah. I’m pretty sure she’d rather chew her own toes off than hang out with you guys for any length of time, even if she were running the show.

Somehow I think Paul’s anger on this point is directed at, well, every other MRA who might possibly challenge HIS supreme authority in “running shit” in the “MHRM.”

And, oh, that bit about Friedman’s “smelly electronic clit?” Smelly clit?! Uh, how do I put this delicately? When there is an odor issue in that, er, general area of a cis woman, the clit is not actually the source of it.  Paul, you’ve been married, what, four times? Do you somehow still not have a basic understanding of the standard-issue cis lady bits?

And now I’ve got an image stuck in my head of Elam’s hatey face in the general vicinity of some poor woman’s vagina, and I’ve officially ruined my lunch.

I’m not going to bother with the rest of the comments. It’s AVFM. There are rape jokes. There are fat jokes. There are multiple uses of the word “cunt.”

What a magnificent “Human Rights Movement” we have here.

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8 years ago

Grammar! This is awesome. Y’know, this is why I’m addicted to this site. Math lessons, grammar lessons and recipes. I always learn something new.

Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Manboobz. Come for the mocking, stay for the free tutoring!

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Speaking of edit buttons…LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

You can limit editing to a short time period (as little as a minute) and not allow it at all if the comment has replies! We need to petition David, we can have our typo/error correction without opening the door to troll gaslighting!

And thanks guys, Athywren’s joke is why it sounded funny, I wasn’t intending to get my vitamin water drunk, but it wasn’t going to be drunk if it was hiding in the back of the fridge.

8 years ago

If not the ability to edit our posts, we could really do with a preview button so we can check it before posting it.

8 years ago

May I say, I am very glad that the commentariat here is as it is.

For reasons some will understand I am somewhat reticent to discuss concrete/personal aspect of my religiosty, and had a couple of reservations about speaking up. That it didn’t drift (irrespective of any direct personal issues) into a slagfest is a comfort.

I also want to thank Cassandra for an indirect compliment: there was a time I considered taking orders as Jesuit.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Pecunium — I thought about mentioning it but figured that was your personal business, but yeah, I got a smile out of that. (And you know I’d defend you if anyone pulled that “you’re religious and thus evil” shit again right? That falls squarely under you do not mess with my friends

Athywren — I had a dumb. You can’ to stall can’t install plugins if you’re using .com and not .org. I think there is a built in preview plugin but I hate working with .com, I have a thing against not being able to tweak my code.

Pecunium again — I found hosting for like $4 a month with domain registration and privacy btw, I’m still up for writing you a theme if you were still interested.

8 years ago


You considered becoming a soldier in a papal army that’s secretly trying to take over the world society and, with the help of the British Round Table Group, establish a New World Order?

I kid, Jesuits are da bomb.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Well, he did end up joining one of the largest militaries in the world…and we do call him Sir Pecunium…

Have you been holding out on me?! Are you in with the Rothchild family? Cuz if so, there’s one I’d like to have words with as I did not steal her boyfriend.

8 years ago

Kitty in cardboard tank is SOO CUUUUUTE!

It seems to me there must be a wing of the Furrinati akin to the Jesuits. A “Give me a human at the age of seven and I will give you a lifelong servant” kind of thing.

Though that pretty much describes the Furrinati generally, come to think of it.

Echoing Pecunium again: that’s one of the things I like a LOT about this site. Assholism towards others’ religious or non-religious beliefs will get jumped on, and not just by those in the same spectrum of belief. (Obviously this isn’t about trolls using the Godsezwimminareinferior or Rationalitysezwimminareinferior lines.) It’s what makes this the safest blog space I know, despite the sometimes horrific things David posts about. The kindness and humour of this place are also really important for me – stark contrast to some blogs that are on the surface similar (I’ve blocked Pharyngula for those reasons: ugh, just ugh).

8 years ago

Sorry, bit dosed up on sedatives right now, but was lurking a little.

Everyone, thanks for being lovely the other night.

@Kitteh, hope your knees are okay, and thank you for the cute pictures you emailed. Love to Louis x

@Argenti, glad you’re hearing went sort of well, sorry your psych is such a fuckhead. I’m so sorry I’m being such a flake at the moment.

@pecunium, I always enjoy reading your comments and I like hearing about other people’s beliefs, so I reckon the two together would be a joy to behold.

I’m agnostic too. Hate all that aggressive atheism. And Dawkins is an asshat misogynist who is clever by virtue of being handed his education on a platter. Bigotry, by it’s very nature, is stupidity!

Seriously, 416 pages to say “God doesn’t exist, and all theists are poo!” I think somegreybloke said it better than my addled brain can:

Probably only going to post occasionally for a while, jerk brain isn’t good at composing my usual terrible jokes at the moment and a lot’s happening here, so I’ll leave you all in peace.

Please forgive grammar etc.

8 years ago

Ophelia, I was going to drop you a line today! BIG hugs from Louis and me (I’d say the kitties too, but you know what kitties are like).

You’re not a flake. ::wags finger reprovingly::

I’m agnostic too. Hate all that aggressive atheism. And Dawkins is an asshat misogynist who is clever by virtue of being handed his education on a platter. Bigotry, by it’s very nature, is stupidity!

Seriously, 416 pages to say “God doesn’t exist, and all theists are poo!”

Best. Summary. Evah. of Dawkins the poo-flinger.

Now I must watch that video. 🙂

8 years ago

That video! ::falls over laughing::

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

“@Argenti, glad you’re hearing went sort of well, sorry your psych is such a fuckhead. I’m so sorry I’m being such a flake at the moment.”

Seriously, no worries, I’ve been refreshing my memory on PHP and am currently avoiding working on, well, how this silly little comment form here is coded. Because it’s a bloody fucking nightmare. Oh wordpress…You want to format the date in your posts? Find 11/1/2013 just a bit confusing for an international audience? No problem, here’s how to make it Nov 1st, 2013! Want to change the wording on that paragraph about which tags are allowed in comments? Huh? But that’s a built in function?

Go google and I basically have to rewrite half the damned form to include Athywren’s idea about using spoiler tags as trigger warning covers. Implementing the tags was easy peasy plugin, five min, mostly picking one I liked. Getting the comment form to say you can use it and how? HEADACHE INDUCING. (Athywren, I love the idea, I’ll blame you for why I’m using Vista, but this headache isn’t your fault)

8 years ago

Spreading evil and headaches and only taking blame for vista? Excellent! MUAHAHA!

That wasn't out loud, was it?
Speaking of headaches… an old ex-friend of mine once invited me to be his tech support for his website. He took Joomla and some random bits of jawascript from all over the internet, shoved them together, then came to me: "why won't it work?"
Why? Why do they do it?

I can't really take credit for the trigger warning thing though – I'm pretty sure I saw another site doing it somewhere.

Anyways, bed time for me now – 4.24, and I have to be up early "tomorrow" 🙁
G'nights, all.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

G’night. And that code hell? It’s why I insist on writing my own instead of hacking together bits of code. I want to know what broke and WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?

Oh, chrome will tell you what line of the PHP it failed on and sorta hint at why. I am in love.

Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Sorta hint at why means like…expected ) found { — tends to mean, for me, that I have an extra ( floating around (I have really got to remember to clean up better when I switch from function(array()); to function(‘stuff=stuff&this=that’); because no shit function(‘…’)); is going to break.

(‘…’); looks like some weird emote.

8 years ago

The woman’s “takedown” consists of calling the MRAs hateful and mean without any actual arguments. In fact she actually admits that people don’t sympathize with MRA causes because they sound mean. Is that even rational? Or just hurt feels?

8 years ago

It seems to me that you don’t know how to make an argument, D&D, so you just go around insinuating that other people are irrational and emotional — which isn’t even a new or creative insult. Try harder.

8 years ago

Lmfao god I’m glad I’m no feminist or mra. You guys are both insecure little shits. Have fun crusading for your first world rights while the Muslim tidal wave overtakes and destroys the Western world.

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