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Men’s Rights Redditor: When the feminist utopia comes, male feminists “will possibly [be] used for breeding and then fed to sharks.”

At least let me be eaten by oe of these.
At least let me be eaten by one of these.

Today I learned something from the Men’s Rights subreddit that’s, honestly, a little disturbing. In a topic with the title David Futrelle seriously needs help, I found the following exchange:

EvilPundit 7 points 2 days ago* (10|3)  Like Hugo Schwyzer, Futrelle is exploiting his position as the feminists' "trusty". He's a man who can be counted on to dish up dirt against other men, so he gets quoted by feminist media, invited to parties with the right people, and so on.  He probably thinks they're his friends, but wait until he steps just one millimetre out of line ...      permalink     source     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Alisdair_ 0 points 2 days ago (8|8)  I think it foreshadows what will happen if feminists get their way with the human race. When feminist utopia comes and men are living in slums outside of the city walls the men who just pillage and slaughter other men will be lauded and taken in to be treated very warmly, possibly used for breeding and then fed to sharks. Some even outright say these things, but you see most of their actions foreshadow the same kinds of wishes.

Ulp! I just signed up for the parties and the breeding. I didn’t know about the sharks.

Elsewhere in the thread, Alisdair writes of me:

I get the feeling that this is just one of those guys, frequently held in high esteem with the feminists, who basically want every man out there cuckolded. With the alpha cock and all of that.

He’s pretty much nailed it. Here’s my to-do list for today.

  1. Write blog post
  2. Candy Crush (9 hours)
  3. Play fetch with cats (4 hours)
  4. Clean litter box
  5. Get every man cuckolded (with the alpha cock)
  6. Go to grocery store

One down, five to go!

249 replies on “Men’s Rights Redditor: When the feminist utopia comes, male feminists “will possibly [be] used for breeding and then fed to sharks.””

For some reason, since reading the phrase “cat shark” I can’t help but keep thinking “Cat Shark’s Mullet!” Because… because… there’s a guy called Pat Sharp, which sounds like Cat Shark, who used to be on tv when I was a kid…. and he had a mullet.
*hums the Funhouse themetune*

Hey, I’m seriously contemplating buying a pair of boots that are basically cuter Uggs, but thigh high. Winter? Whatever. my legs will still be nice and toasty even in a short skirt.

I think if I got those blue furry slippers, Hazel & Buster would attack my feet constantly. Which could make for fun YouTube videos…

I want to see the cuter Uggs.

Is it weird that I look at those boots and the first thing I think is how easily they would get dirty and how difficult it would be to clean them?

My first thought, too.

When we were house-shopping last year, we viewed one house that had this blue shag carpet in one bedroom. It was almost exactly Cookie Monster blue and Cookie Monster shaggy.

I felt really weird for the rest of that day.

Er, regarding the robot thing. I actually enjoy reading that stuff, but that’s because I tend to connect best with beings who were created–robots, cyborgs, golems, that kind of thing. (There’s a lot of interesting connections in how fiction treats, “what measure is the soul of a robot?” and how my local society treats, “what measure is the soul of an alter?”) THAT’S why I find folks like Zarat so creepy, because they don’t actually want to deal with an artificial person, just a mindless, happy extension of themselves.

For me, part of the cool stuff about robot love stories is the robot being treated WITH sapience and the ability to say no. Maybe it’s not human in its way of interacting with and conceptualizing the world, but it still has its own boundaries and desires. And that’s really cool to read about!

Plus, uh. Most robots would have absolutely no reason to have sex the way humans would, so I just find it interesting to read about more creative ways of having fun. <.< I get sick of Tab A, Slot B, you know?


I think I’d find having a pet around who looked exactly like the one I’d lost, but wasn’t him, absolutely heartbreaking.



. Anyway, if you want to talk about this without us further derailing this thread you can tweet me at l3nsman.

Wait, cloning is a bad derail?


Lensman wins the politest troll award. Worth noting since they so rarely are.

(Obviously he’s not acting like a troll here, but he seems to be aware that he’s been seen that way in the past.)

huh. Did not know that. either that or I just forgot. I’m not the best with names.

Totally OT but I was looking for fur-lined boots on eBay and look! Wookie boots! I guess it is almost Halloween.

Maybe I’m weird, but, imo, those are the cutest boots ever.

Could anybody recommend a good sweater?

I have this old knit sweater I got back before the Death of Irony and I’ve worn it out.

Ideally, I’d get something in fleece without much of a collar or elastic cuffs, with a zip up the front, and without pockets. In other words, not a jacket or hoodie.

RE: Falconers

In my mind, sweaters are either pullovers or buttoned. No zippers!

That said, I used to own a really nice New Zealand wool sweater. Itchy as hell and hard to wash but soooo warm.


My issue isn’t with the desire to fuck robots (not my thing, but hey, whatever), it’s with the idea that the robots will replace an entire gender and then they’ll be sorry (so they should do what we want now or else). The attempted manipulation and revenge parts of the fantasy, in other words.

Seconded. I was reading the Oh-noes-Canada-is-outlawing-sexbots threads from January, and it was in one of those (I think) you mentioned how many Real Dolls are sent back for repairs – not just wear and tear, but extreme damage, knife damage, done to the breasts and genitals.

I wouldn’t trust a man who does that not to escalate to living beings. Mind you, if robots had the sort of development these guys fantasise about, mistreating one might just result in rageboner dude really regretting trying it. Sexbots of Death, anyone?

@Falconer – sweaters (jumpers, you heathen ‘Murricans) are knitted in my mind, not fleecy, so can’t help with suggestions there.

@neuroticbeagle – it’s okay, I didn’t assume Creepy Taxidermy Creep had killed the cat; it was doing that with an animal’s body (especially an animal he was presumably fond of) that disgusted me.

And I’ve done work akin to taxidermy (skeletons, not mounting skins).

That duck is beautiful, and OwlKitten – LOL!

My feeling on fleece sweaters is that they’re one of those things where there’s no point trying to get fancy. Go to American Eagle/Abercrombie/similar store, though I think finding one that has a zip and no hood may be a bit of a pain.

I’m currently looking for fleece sweaters with elbow or 3/4 sleeves, because I hate wearing long sleeves when I’m typing. Not much luck so far so if anyone has any suggestions…

I’ve seen them with really short sleeves, as in about the same length as a short sleeved tshirt, but that won’t work since it won’t keep me warm.

Fleece will roll, definitely won’t fray /PSA from former fabric store employee

And if you have any sewing skills at all, you can likely find a pattern and just do it in fleece instead of cotton or whatever.

In “That Hideous Strength”, C.S. Lewis includes a weird detail about the people who live in the Moon who only have sex with ‘bots, and use technology for having children. This is depicted as a bad thing, because it goes against God’s plan. Lewis had some odd ideas about human sexuality, to put it mildly.

Isn’t a sweater with a zip a cardigan?

how many Real Dolls are sent back for repairs – not just wear and tear, but extreme damage, knife damage, done to the breasts and genitals.


I refuse to believe this. No.
*hides away in 80’s music*

I wonder if this would be so relaxing to me if I’d ever seen Miami Vice?

In an entirely unrelated note, I’ve discovered that editors must be masochists. I’ve spent the last three hours editing an ebook to de-awful the formatting and get rid of the typoes. AUGH! 1/6th complete and I have at least 20 others to do before I can read them without cringing. At least it’s mostly formatting – that’s pretty quick work. Still, it’s a good way for insomnia-mode me to exhaust myself. Good night, peoples.

RE: Robert

…oh my god. I think I knew a guy once who kinda went in for that shit. Suddenly, some of his odder behaviors makes a lot more sense. D:

Yes, I’ve never seen a Cardigan that colour before. I’m more familiar with Pembrokes, but that’s a striking colour puppeh indeed.

Whoot, just found a beret I want to knit up. It’s called Little York, and I feel like a traitor knitting it in red! /hiss boo Lancastrians

If it’ll take your mind off things (because it would be 100% altruistic :P) I’ll convert them all to rtfs, put them on my google drive and send you the link. Don’t feel obliged, though – ’tis a grave horror you’ll be seeing, in the face of a cheap ebook. Either way, thanks for the offer.
I hope your hearing goes in your favour, btw.

Thanks Athywren, for the well wishes and distraction. You know where to find me 🙂

cloudiah — thanks, but I think all any of you can do is be around Friday afternoon to keep me from freaking out (the day before is covered, being Halloween and all)

Thigh-high boots that look like Uggs.

Not the cutest soles, but you can’t beat them for practicality.

(I remember being similarly enchanted the first time I encountered the idea of fleece-lined tights. Cold weather and I don’t get along.)

I inexplicably like those. Too bad they’d probably kill the circulation in my legs since my legs are bent and sitting down most of the time. 🙁

Well that’s why I’m a feminist.
Who doesn’t want to be fed to sharks!?

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