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Redditor fights Jaclyn Friedman’s accusations of Men’s Rights misogyny with … more misogyny

Proper credentials are very important in internet arguments
Proper credentials are very important in internet arguments

Well, so far this is my favorite response to Jaclyn Friedman’s American Prospect piece on the Men’s Rightsers and that woman-hating problem of theirs. Because what better way to refute charges of misogyny than by declaring derisively that you “can usually spot whether or not a woman wrote a piece by the first few sentences?”

Let’s let rjworks13 explain just why Friedman lacks the intellectual heft to be taken seriously by serious men with credentials — sorry, CREDENTIALS — like him:

rjworks13 3 points 5 hours ago (4|1)  I'm still uncertain if posting these pamphleteer hack writers should be posted in this men's rights forum. Hear me out. CREDENTIALS: I'm a long-time trained technical and creative writer from male-based military training and put to use over 20 years. I've gotten so gifted (or cursed) that I can usually spot whether or not a woman wrote a piece by the first few sentences. I'm probably one of the few males who have read all of Susan Faludi's work - she's actually an impressive writer, feminist or no.  Jaclyn Friedman is a hack huckster. She's at the low end of the feminist writer pool with a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Not impressive. Her claim to fame is to act as rear guard for Women, Action and the Media (WAM), a watchdog organization to exploit the missives of any opposition to the feminist movement which now controls the media. Unlike Susan Faludi, her intent is not to give any men's groups a fair shake. Notice how she took down every sub-group of the MRM. That's her strategy - to flesh out any and all real or perceived faults with the MRM by attacking it's sub-parts. Her writes are propaganda in style telling women how to think about MRAs, MGTOW and man (including players) in general. Our response should be simply that we dismiss anything written or published by Jaclyn Friedman and those like her.  MRMs should practice and demonstrate a standing rule. "We do not recognize individuals or groups who use deceptive rhetoric, lies, indifference propaganda or hate tactics, to shore up opposition against the the benevolent efforts of egalitarianism of any sexual orientation, seeking the manifestation of legislative egalitarian values." My 2 cents.

Oh boy.

I have to say that very favorite sentence of all in this wondrous bit of HeManWomanHatersplaining is this one, if it can even be called a sentence:

CREDENTIALS: I’m a long-time trained technical and creative writer from male-based military training and put to use over 20 years.

Oy. I can only assume from the evidence of this, er, sentence, that as a technical writer his job is to make sure that instruction manuals are as unreadable as possible. And that his “creative” writing most likely consists of many volumes of self-published Gorean porn.

If you want to compare Jaclyn Friedman’s CREDENTIALS with his, you can always go to her Wikipedia entry. I looked around a bit for rjworks13’s Wikipedia entry, but he doesn’t seem to have one.

rjworks13 was evidently so proud of this bit of writing of his that he deleted it. Luckily, I grabbed a screenshot beforehand. ABS: Always Be Screenshotting.

PS What’s “indifference propaganda?”

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8 years ago

You are a sad, strange little man. You have my pity.

8 years ago

Death&Destuction (Compensating much?)

Well someone can be misogynistic and also right, so this argument doesn’t really matter. If anything, misogynists are often right compared to their feminist counterparts.

Someone could, but this one isn’t.

But please, elaborate; show us where the misogynists are right? (also please to be explaining why you chose to be honest, and say that the counterpart to feminism is misogyny: Most of your ilk aren’t so willing to let the mask slip so quickly).

8 years ago

It must be sad, twisted, drive-by troll day.

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