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Meet the Patriarchy Party, the latest bid for media attention from Men’s Rights Edmonton

From the Patriarchy Party's actual pamphlet. I'm not sure there's enough red in it.
From the Patriarchy Party’s actual pamphlet. Yes, the name of the party is almost impossible to read. I don’t think that’s on purpose.

I sometimes say that the only “activism” that the Men’s Rights Movement is any good at is harassing individual women. But perhaps I’m being a bit too stingy here: following on the heels of the Father’s Rights activists who dress up like superheroes and climb up buildings and bridges to show that, well, I’m not sure what they’re trying to show, Men’s Rightsers seem to be developing a knack for poorly conceived media stunts that make them look like idiots.

The latest incredibly poorly conceived Men’s Rights media stunt come from Men’s Rights Edmonton, the A Voice for Men sister brother group famous for, among other things, chasing women down the street in the middle of the night and claiming that the women they chased were the bullies.

Anyway, the loudest and most obnoxious dude in the group, Nick Reading (a.k.a. “Eric Duckman”) has decided to run for Edmonton City Council on — get this! — the Patriarchy Party ticket! Oh no he didn’t!

Oh, yes he did. I suppose that the Patriarchy Party’s supposed platform — including a pledge “to end antiquated laws regarding women’s sexual consent” and provisions to instruct teachers “to snatch things like toy trucks out of the hands of little girls and replace them with dolls or tea sets” — probably inspired a chuckle or two amongst the folks at A Voice for Men, but the trollery here is really too inane to offend.

Whetever, dudes. You can find their badly designed pamphlet, with traced-photo “artwork” presumably by the noted FeMRA artist TyphonBlue, here.

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Well, here in the US it’s Martin Luther King, Jr Day, so a lot of places are closed and a lot of people had the day off. American trolls have time in their hands, maybe?

“Time,” that’s a new word for it. ::snrk::

Hehehe. I see what you did there.

Now see, that’s funny!

I read the pamphlet and it is so unbelievably obvious that it’s a satire on what feminists believe the patriarchy. Maybe you should’ve linked the actual pamphlet so your audience could see for themselves.

We know it’s satirical. But it’s shitty satire, and it’s based on a straw man attack on the feminist concept of patriarchy. Namely, it assumes that the feminist concept of patriarchy necessarily centers around a male-dominated political conspiracy to subjugate women. While conspiracy certainly plays a role, it is not the only aspect of patriarchy. The only amusing things about that pamphlet are 1) part of it actually describes the MRM and 2) it’s a blatant example of MRAs not knowing shit about feminist theory.

Almost forgot to add, The MRA’s like to accuse the “feminists” of being Fascists because of ripping down posters, what about all the slutwalk posters and SAVE Edmonton Posters that were ripped up (the mra’s ripped the “s” off the “She” in Just because she’s… I laughed at the futility of it)
And all the slutwalk / SAVE posters wheatpasted right over? Took pics incase you say it didnt happen. I’ll keep fucking up yer poster s and anyone who tries to prevent me from doing so!

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