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Men’s Rights Redditor: Maybe feminism is “a time bomb planted by them camel jockeys on the ‘western’ world.”

Today, a brief foray into racist conspiracy theory, courtesy of the Men’s Rights subreddit. This is from a discussion of British Prime Minister David Cameron’s internet porn ban, which the Men’s Rightsers seem to think was orchestrated by the evil feminist overlords.

k66sh 5 points 1 day ago* (5|0)  Sometimes think feminism is just a time bomb planted by them camel jockeys on the 'western' world. Soon they'll don those burquas and cite it as a victory for women - no more Male Gaze (TM) jabberwockysuperfly 1 point 1 day ago (1|0)  Replace 'camel jockeys' with 'Marxist culture assassins' and you're spot-on.

Lovely! You may wish to peruse k66ish’s comment history for many other nuggets of wisdom that may involve use of the word “cunt.”

Thanks to Cloudiah for pointing this one out in the comments here.

169 replies on “Men’s Rights Redditor: Maybe feminism is “a time bomb planted by them camel jockeys on the ‘western’ world.””

They were lovely nougat, the nice firm kind, with almonds on top enrobed in chocolate. Some time in the seventies they bollixed them up.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a Mars bar. Picnic and Cherry Ripe are more my thing. 🙂

Viscaria, if you ever visit Queensland, I think they do ’em deep fried up there. Could be just a vicious rumour, of course.

“If they are giving informed consent I don’t have many reservations (not none, I have mixed feelings about, e.g. breath play).”

The squimish or TMI averse should look away now.

Fire, please like me play with it. Not being a dumbass, I realize this is not really all that safe, and thus take precautions to limit the risk. Now, duh, fire, it’s always going to have a risk, but I imagine this applies across the board — you make fucking sure you know what you are doing, make FUCKING SURE your partner does too, and is cool with it (reminder, I’m the masochist here, I imagine this is more complex if something like this is suggested by the other party), take all precautions possible, and ensure you’ll know when things are getting iffy and stop BEFORE an emergency…and know wtf to do in case of emergency.

I’m not entirely sure on this one, but I’m pretty sure breath play is more careful manipulation than outright force.

In any case, pecunium I told you I wasn’t of the safe sane and consensual crowd, cuz risk, it’s a thing, and you need to be aware of that an minimize it.

Hell, human mouths are NASTY, if I ever had a partner break skin the risk is probably more than that of a second degree burn (which is the worst I’ve ever managed and never one more notable than what you’d get whacking your hand inside a hot oven [trust me, I’ve done both, the oven tends to be worse because of the whole “on your hand” part])


My reservations about breath play is that it’s never without risk of fatal consequence. Since it also often ends up involving carotid restrictions, it’s a lot easier to end up with certain types of failure which are permanent in their effects.

It’s not that I think they ought to be banned, but they concern me, because I know that ;ots of people aren’t aware enough of the risks to be able to give truly informed consent.

Hence the capital letters and repeated “fucking sure” thing. Cuz yeah, I’d really prefer not to burn the house down, might not kill me, but the fish…

And you know me well enough to know which scares me more.

As for the truly aware of the risks thing…medicine. No, seriously. Want to know how much I was actually told about the DEATH RASH? If I got a rash it could be Very Serious so call right away, but it’s Very Rare so I shouldn’t worry about it.

Emergency situations? Yeah without time to do the research, people tend not to reach the level of truly informed consent that I’m thinking you mean. Yes, that’s different, but in part it’s different because do your damned homework!


That’s basically my limit though, I might be willing to try it but goddamned would the conditions have to be beyond amazing (for one, I highly doubt I’d ever trust anyone that much). That and clamping things, no, no thank you. Anyone ever agrees to play pierce me, I’m in, but no clamps.

…or blindfolds. Which are like, super tame and not really all that BDSM-y in the first place. It’s the trust thing, I like pain, not so fond of the loss of control part.


So yeah, definitely risky, potentially the most risky (actually, 50 Shades may’ve gotten one right, suspension can be just as dangerous [yes, the sort of suspension you know and hate, there’s a reason it’s torture in the context you’re used to]). But I do think you can do it safely isn’t the right word, oh master of English, what would you call being aware of the risks and minimizing them? Cuz careful isn’t it either.

And frankly? Engaging in things that involve sexytimes or potentially risky behavior? Do your homework. Should’ve heard me when my father went off about this horrible hangliding accident and how no one could ever have expected…exactly what makes it dangerous when it turns dangerous (think Jurassic Park III, that predictable).

People doing potentially dangerous things and being all “oh I’ll be safe because that happens to other people” make me want a clue-by-4.

This is me avoiding pulling a bench with chest away from a bookcase so I can put the major sump components in place. (Potentially getting Lots Of Water everywhere? Do your homework! [i think I’m going with that DYI straight up and down float, for reasons relating to space as much as cost, it got stellar reviews from people doing exactly what I’m doing])

Why am I not surprised? Only way I’d do it is if I got myself up there and can get myself down (in which case, please tie some stuff to the ceiling, I’m going climbing)

I take it this is something that Just Plain Bothers You and I should give up on my blasted logic?


I guess I was just under the impression that mask laws were more common in the States than they actually are, due to my living in Virginia for a good bit, where state law explicitly forbids the wearing of masks in public by those over 16, with a few caveats.

OK, I wrote “generally” to exclude France and a few other places, but in truth I have no idea how many places actually ban masking in public. In my country masking isn’t illegal but many people seem to think it is. Since I’ve seen some people online assert that the US First Amendment protects Islamic veils, I assumed it would also protect masks. More generally I assumed that any laws wouldn’t distinguish between veils and masks. On second thought, I see how religious veils might be given a pass.

For the record, to be entirely clear, I am totally against banning any veils, hijab, burqa, or niqab. I think any such ban would cause many, many more problems than it would solve. I just can give credence to a comparison between mask laws and potential veil laws. I think the mask law is unnecessary and problematic, but I can see where, from a purely legal perspective, it could be used as a jumping-off point for initiating a veil ban as well. I would hope that any such laws that came to be passed in the States would be challenged and defeated on terms of religious freedom and/or freedom of speech/expression.

I see your point.

There’s a couple of posts over on Yes Means Yes about what constitutes risky stuff (including breath play) and the best ways to mitigate risk.

The conclusion at the end runs along the lines of ‘some things are really dangerous, and you should probably really know what you’re doing before trying some of these things.’

Which, given the emphasis over there on being open about bad scenes and bad experiences, shouldn’t surprise anybody.

But BDSM really isn’t my scene; so I dunno.

So many of those BDSM or fetish things sound way too much like hard work and far too distracting to me. I can see the fun mentally, even if it’s just very simple stuff like feathers or ice cubes or whatever, but they don’t appeal emotionally, and physical stimulation without that feels … I dunno, not sexy; almost like it’s mechanical, just getting a response. That on its own is the antithesis of sexytimes, for me. (NB the “for me” part!)

I suppose if I was sitting in a thread waiting for someone to say something for 7 months I, too, would be bored enough to yawn.

Ironic, because most MRAs would probably LOVE being part of ISIS, since that organization’s specific policy is that men can and should enslave “infidel” women sexually. That seems to be right up the alley of these new misogynists. I suspect it won’t be long before the ISIS recruiters start infiltrating the manosphere, trying to co-opt it to their own ends, and gain huge numbers of new recruits as a result.

Well, okay, but why did you necro post to say that? Every other post is about the manosphere wanting to enslave women, no need to post on an old thread!

And nawh, cuz that would both require them to actually do something, and agree with their boss or recruiter or whatever. They might be able to do the latter, but the vast majority of these guys are like, allergic to actually doing anything besides typing (thankfully!)

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