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Men’s Rightsers fall for obvious bullsh*t, part ten million and two

Heh heh heh. No, really, just click.
Heh heh heh. No, really, just click.

Hello, and welcome to The Man Boobz Fiction Workshop! Today we will learn my foolproof two-step method for writing believable fiction. It’s as easy as pie — well, easier, since pie can take a bit of finesse — and it is absolutely GUARANTEED to work.

Here it is.

STEP ONE: Write believable fiction.

STEP TWO: If step one fails, write a story that makes a woman look evil and foolish, and post it to the Men’s Rights Subreddit as a true story.

If you don’t believe me, check out this little story from a fella calling himself the-final-word — a Redditor for less than two weeks, with only one previous comment to his name — in which a highly successful gentleman happily humiliates an ex-girlfriend trying to steal his money with the old “baby” ploy.

the-final-word 47 points 1 day ago.  I had one daughter with my first wife in my early 20s and we divorced when she was 6. I was shocked to find out just 3 years later when I was being checked out for a prostate infection that I had become completely infertile since then (yes, daughter is mine, I had a dna check done to be sure). Doc said that sometimes the factory just shuts down and there's no good reason.  Fast forward 10 years and I'm getting pretty damn successful at my job and the bank is adding up. One day there's a knock at the door and there stands a tearful and angry ex gf with a toddler in her arms. You can guess the story she rolls out. I didn't want to ruin your life, its been so hard, he has your eyes blah blah blah. After about 20 mins of standing in my door and her blathering on she stops and looks at me angrily and says "why are you just staring at me with that look? Dont you realize how serious this is?".  So I replied "Oh, well.. I've been completely infertile since I was 27 and have the medical records to prove it. So I'm really just trying to decide whether it was your boss or your ex bf you were fucking while we dated. He looks more like your boss to be honest".  Believe it or not that actually stunned her into complete mouth-haging-open style silence. So I just closed the door in her face and went back inside to finish the game I was watching. My then 19 year old daughter sticks her head around the corner from the kitchen, where she'd overheard the whole thing and said "Seriously Dad. You have GOT to stop fucking crazy bitches.... like SERIOUSLY".  Never heard from that woman again, but I heard from a friend that she tried to pin the kid on her ex bf after that but he got a paternity test and it wasn't his either.  I have to confess, I fell asleep grinning that night!

Take a look at the thread itself to see how eagerly the Men’s Righsers eat up his tale of victory over evil womanhood!

That is the beauty of my two-step method. If people don’t believe your bullshit, find a more gullible audience. And there are few audiences in this world more gullible than Men’s Rightsers.

I should note that I had nothing to do with the-final-word’s story, nor did I sneak into the Men’s Rights subreddit to give his story 47 upvotes and a bunch of positive comments.

Thanks to hackattack92 in the AgainstMensRights Subreddit for pointing out this wonderful example of shitthatneverhappened.txt

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“And it’s just sad if people tend to go “but the salesperson at the pet shop said… or “my book from 1980 says..” instead of looking at these sites and then overthink the way they treat their animals/ look up more on the topic.”

Having spent a good hour last night researching the specific gravity for a brackish water tank for figure 8 puffers, I totally second this. The older books are almost all “it’s a true freshwater puffer”…except they live like three times as long with “some salt”.

But that’s at least in books, my other project was trying to work out a good yeast / sugar / water ratio for my DIY CO2 generator and DIY = no books exactly recommend it. (That one I did solve, I’m using too much yeast.)

@SittieKitty: A trans friend of mine made what I think is a pretty good analogue, with different races. Suppose a white racist person and, say, a Persian or North African person who happens to be “white-looking” hook up – and the racist doesn’t realize that the other person is non-white, the non-white person doesn’t realize the other one is a racist. Now, if the racist finds out later on and freaks out about this, zie might get a bit of sympathy from other people who are complete racists, but most people would not feel the slightest bit of sorry for zir or think that zie had been “trapped” or “fooled” into sleeping with a non-white… They’d just be “why the fuck do you freak out your fucking racist?”.

My SO knows my relavent medical history, but not every little medical thing that’s happened to me. If it affects him or he needs to know for emergency purposes, I feel like I have a responsibility to tell him. He knows that I’ve had cancer and the consequences of that. If I have a relapse or get one of the many secondary cancers associated with chemo and radiation it will affect him, so he has a right to know. He also knows about my lethal drug allergies, in case of an emergency where I can’t advocate for myself.

Beyond that… why would anyone even care?

Comes down to homophobia, doesn’t it? “Oh noes I might be fucking someone with a DICK! I might be fucking a MAN! That totally makes me one of THOSE guys even though I’ve been talking to and dating a woman all this time!”

RE: katzenzier

he liked to go on and on about how anorexic girls just didn’t want to grow up and wanted to be daddy’s girl forever.

UGH. As someone recovering from an ED, starving type, who has pretty much NEVER wanted to be a child ever, the bullshit like that really pisses me off. No, cockbite, I don’t starve myself to make my dad take care of me, because even if I wanted to, it DOESN’T work. The sickest I ever was, my folks just let me continue on overexercising and starving, because even though I was turning yellow, I was doing SO WELL.

I would never, EVER want to be my father’s little boygirl forever. Even if it were possible, which it’s not.

RE: Dvarghundspossen

That is a great analogy! I’ll have to remember that one.

RE: CassandraSays

*points and laughs* Yeah, I discovered those jerkwads ages ago. Not quite as amazingly hilarible as the g0ys, but pretty high up there.

“Ehh, not to start a debate on transphobia versus homophobia, but I’d use the former term. Though you have a point about the crossover of fear of other people’s penī.”

Gotcha. I was thinking of the crossover element in particular with “guy thinks he’s having sex with other guy”.

Ehh, not to start a debate on transphobia versus homophobia, but I’d use the former term. Though you have a point about the crossover of fear of other people’s penī.

In some bigotted minds homosexuals and trans people seem to be completely mixed up… I sometimes call such people HBT-phobic.

Although in many cases it makes more sense to talk about homophobia and transphobia as separate issues. I was thinking back at our trans discussion from a few days ago, and Freemage and Cassandra pointed out that Europe may have less in-your-face-misogyny than the USA. I think (with the BIG caveat in place that I’ve never actually lived in the states) that Sweden probably have both less in-your-face misogyny and less in-your-face homophobia than the states, but when it comes to transphobia, we’re probably at least as bad or even worse.

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