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Penis size: The Real Story, via the Red Pill Women subreddit

Here’s an interesting, er, historical discussion I found in the Red Pill Women subreddit, in a larger discussion of vagina size:


The more you know!

The entire discussion is, of course, a gold mine of misogynistic nonsense. You can dive right in here, or see some of the more memorable quotes highlighted in this Blue Pill discussion.

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RE: Unimaginative

Congratulations! I FINALLY, after a week of fighting with formatting (four computers, four file formats, five programs) got one of my stories printed up and mailed off my orders. (Including one to Argenti! You should be getting it soon.) I’m excited too!

Fear not. You’re not done, it’s then merely on to the editing!

Oh, and speaking of which: I got a big anon donation earlier this week, so I’m doing free writing for one of my series! Everyone’s welcome to take a crack at the poll to see who wins it. (If you don’t have an LJ, just leave an anon comment. They’re all screened.)

Better is relative! She prevented him from further pickling his liver via activities requiring a blunt object with which to whack death beetles. So yes, better than he would’ve been, still a bit terrifying!

Of course, that was before I found that THING last night. Those should not exist.

Unimaginative & LBT, Yonkers, youse guyz are amazing. đŸ˜€

(Seriously, when I was closest to finishing my thesis is exactly when I had the hardest time forcing myself to work on it. I know your pain, Unimaginative!)

@ Falconer–Yes, I’ve read Captain Volpatril’s Alliance and Cryoburn . I went on a Bujold kick a few months back.

Komarr is definitely my favorite book, though I like Alliance too. I <3 Ekaterine, and I think it did a very good job of portraying emotional abuse.

I thought it did too, as someone who’s never been abused.

The scene where they give Ekaterin fast-penta and she completely relaxes is just heartbreaking.

And then the bad guys kidnap the wrong woman. Glee!

I guess I don’t have any experience either, but it seemed pretty real, and I thought Bujold portrayed how patriarchy and socialization play into taking abuse, too.

I have to quibble slightly–the bad guys kidnap the wrong women, plural.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance is a close runner-up to my favorite Vorkosigan books, though.

When I got to the bit about ImpSec HQ I was howling. Beloved had finished it a couple days before and admitted that she’d been waiting with glee to see my reaction.


Did you ever figure out why? Generalized misogynistic rage directed at what they see as a woman who can’t fight back? A bad attitude to sex workers specifically? Some sort of weird guilt thing?

No clue. Also, it only ever happened with US callers (we had callers from all over the world), so… not sure what that means. I speculated that for some of them it was shame; for others I think it was general hatred of women (or hatred of a certain type of woman).

Trigger warning – violence

One of the callers I’ll never forget was the guy who was perfectly fine the entire time, then after he was finished told me he was going to find me, disembowel me and strangle me with my intestines. I don’t get shaken up often, and that shook me. It was completely out of the blue. It frightened me that this person had sex and extreme (and very specific) violence connected in their mind, and all I could think about was the people (women especially) that may be in his life, and how he treated them, and were they in danger, and how I could do NOTHING about it.

What also disturbed me were the guys (again mostly from the US) who were downright rude. Not that I’d expect reciprocation so much during phone sex (I mean, you’re calling a service), but so, so many guys would just command me to ‘start moaning’ or ‘start screaming’ and that’s all they wanted or said, and they said it in a very stern, authoritarian way – in an objectifying way. It stood in stark contrast to other men who would speak with me like I was an actual person (and plenty did).


Yikes – sounds awful! I do love reading about/watching docs/films about how these monarchies worked, bc it blows my mind people ever lived like that. I can’t imagine dealing with it, all the politicking, treachery, general weirdness. I always thought that if I were magically transported back in time to that sort of situation, I’d take to the woods and live as some wild forest woman (in reality I’d hide under a bed and cry the whole time).

I suppose now he can just relax and enjoy himself – does he ever run into anyone from his past? Does it work like that?

RE: Tracy

D: Eeyuch! I’ve had some pretty awful customers over time, but at least none ever threatened me with violent dismemberment, Jesus.

And I would never want to be monarchy. Somehow, having the bankroll of Croesus doesn’t seem worth the rigidity and people constantly trying to manipulate you. At least all I have to worry about is housing.

Tracy – bloody hell! I can’t think of much else to say about those guys.

Louis and I don’t exactly have a social circle these days, lol. We see his father and stepmother Kathy (who’s a Londoner who passed over in the 1970s – her face reminds me a little of Queen Latifah. She’s Henri’s soulmate like I’m Louis’s) fairly often. Louis described how wonderful it was when he passed over and his father was there to greet him in our unfinished book.

We see his sons quite often, too – Louis fils is still with Françoise (Mme de Maintenon) and Philippe is with AndrĂ© (his name’s Andrew, he’s Scots, but everyone in the family uses the French version). They got together after Philippe passed; AndrĂ©’s a little older than he, I think, though they never met on the earthly plane. We see his mother occasionally; I’ve met his father’s first wife, Marguerite, once that I remember, and we’ve met Louis’s first wife and his siblings a few times, but we don’t socialise with ’em as such. There’s no ill-feeling any more.

Just reminded me of something funny – I had a psychic reading done once (yeah, I know, don’t laugh) and Philippe and AndrĂ© turned up. I had no idea they’d do so and didn’t even know AndrĂ©’s name at this point; this happened years ago. The reader described Philippe – young, very long black hair, and LOUD – and AndrĂ© sort of pulling his arm and hanging back, slightly embarrassed. Perfect description of those two. They’ve popped in to say while Louis and I are out on this side of the veil more often than any others in the family. I really like Philippe. đŸ™‚

LOL so funny accidentally finding myself being discussed on the internet

And pathetically late to the game.

Red Pill Women: Just as stupid as their men, and that’s really saying something. But hey! At least they have equality SOMEWHERE, right???

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