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The Last of Us: Has evil feminism ruined the zombie apocalypse?

A girl … in my video game?

So it’s true: Feminists have started ruining video games with all their feminism. At least according to some dude called pullupjumper on MGTOWforums who recently wrote a post warning his fellow red pill dudebros about a little game called The Last of Us, which is not only filled with zombies but, get this, girls.

For anyone who plays video games as one of their hobbies, The Last of Us is a pretty fun game…. but…. The feminist messages were close to ruining a game I waited a year for… The game’s setting is in a zombie apocalyptic world and the basic story (no spoilers) is that this guy has to take a 14 year old girl across the country during the zombie apocalypse. Almost as soon as the story started, I knew pretty much every female character in the game (except for the main protagonists daughter) would be portrayed as a”bad ass” character. The message was clear, women are as strong as men… Even when they are only 14.

Also, there were some adult ladies in positions of authority!

During the game , the two main characters meet different survivor groups. Every group leader was a woman. The only group leader who was a man, was a bad guy. The main protagonist even said yes ma’am, no ma’am to these women.


Now before you all go, but isn’t this sort of complaining a little hypocritical, given that all these video game dudes got mad when that chick Anita Sarkeesian who isn’t even a real gamer because of boobies made those videos she totally stole all that money for because IT’S ONLY A GAME, LADY JEEZ DON’T RUIN EVERYTHING WITH YOUR STUPID GENDER ANALYSIS.

Well, no, it’s not totally hypocritical because, get this, the girls in The Last of Us are portrayed as being unnaturally strong and capable.

What was pretty funny though is that the 14 year old girl is able to fire a rifle THAT IS BIGGER THAN HER and fire it accurately.

This is a clear affront to the extreme naturalism and realism of a game about a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

And clearly never before in video game history has any male character been portrayed as unnaturally strong or capable.

Yeah, this dude and his gun are totally realistic in every way.
Yeah, this dude and his gun are totally plausible.

Oh but it gets worse:

On the other hand, (not funny) another boy who was about the 14 year old girls age, was portrayed as weak, could not fight, could not shoot a gun and was just made to seem very weak. The Fems cant even leave their “girl power” out of the games.

A male character who is helpless and in need of rescue?



Happily, pullupjumper has an idea for a way to confront this creeping feminism:

Maybe, if any of you are interested, a couple of us can get together and start making our own games after these games become unbearable. What do you guys think?

Grimlock is right there with him:

I’m currently going to school for media arts and animation and am considering starting a small indy animation/film studio with a couple of guys from class. I also happen to be getting pretty good at 3d modeling … and even though i want to start with animation and film video games are my end game.

I don’t think I’d ever put an obvious message into a game, since I find pushing your belief onto others through mediums like videogames more than a little cunty, but will my games be misogynist? You better fucking believe it. Misogyny The likes of which will make duke nukem blush. I won’t need to tell you guys when I break into the industry, you’ll know it from the sheer uproar it’ll cause.

Misogyny … in video games? Now there’s a novel idea!

Oh, by the way, for new and/or extremely literal readers, I would like to point out that this post contains


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In the Last of Us universe, with the population crisis that unfolded, women would have to give birth to a lot of children to compensate, and would have to be protected if humanity wanted to have any chance of surviving. This technical fact is in conflict with all the bad-ass female characters in the game – they would fit a more civilized setting.

I’m just perplexed that he thinks the “population crisis” would be a bigger problem than the zombie plague or the rival survivor groups or the collapse of society (no running water, electricity, cops etc.).

Women being badass and fighting would double the number of people protecting those precious women, you dolt.

It’s a video game. About the zombie apocalypse. Not real life. The “population crisis” isn’t really a crisis, it’s a plot point. In a video game. About the zombie apocalypse.

I don’t even…

There’s a reason you don’t get between a bear and her cubs — pissed off mothers will fight to protect their young.

Now, stereotypes aside, it seriously is better if all adults are fighting to protect the young. Having anyone who is physically able to fight not trained to is just bloodly stupid.

Tangentially, my father whines about Criminal Minds being unrealistic, but is apparently watching The Walking Dead. Because zombies are so much more realistic than forensic psych.

It turns out that whatever reasoning is being used, however sound it is within the game world, is inherently a cop-out. Because if the paradigm is “we should have equality in the media, unless you can think of a reason why your work shouldn’t,” then media creators are just going to translate that as “make sure to include a reason for why your work is all about white guys,” and all we get is inequality with a side order of hand-waving.

Eg, coming up with an in-story reason why your Native American character is played by a white guy with a dead bird on his head doesn’t make it less erasing and racist.

Now, if we had more equality in media, then in-world logic might be more compelling, because there would be some conceivable chance that the creators were actually going “we often write stories that revolve around women and minorities, but this particular concept we have really works best with a white guy” rather than “we fully intend to only ever write stories about white guys and here’s our excuse this time.”

But then, you know, the logic would sometimes go the other way, and you’d get occasional cases of “there just aren’t really any men in this setting because reasons.”

..This absolutely the most pathetic article ive ever seen. feminism is worthless, and doesn’t belong in video games.

I swear, some MRAs react to stimuli so slowly they should be reclassified as trees.

I swear, some MRAs react to stimuli so slowly they should be reclassified as trees.

Or possibly skroderiders.

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