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Long Weekend Open Thread



Like a lot of people in the US of A, I am taking a long weekend. Posting may be a little light for a bit. So here’s an open thread for everyone else taking a long weekend. Or not. Use this thread for anything that’s not personal. Like misogyny, politics, kitties, you know the drill. (Though kitties are welcome in all threads, of course.)

I am hoping my long weekend turns out a bit better than that of the people in the Australian movie of that name from 1978, which I keep meaning to see. Apparently their little beach vacation doesn’t go so well, and they are attacked by … nature? At one point, I believe, they face off against an enraged dugong. (No, really.) The movie was recently remade, but apparently the remake wasn’t as good.

Stay tuned for more reviews of movies I haven’t seen and that I’m just giving vague impressions of based on things I’ve heard somewhere.

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9 years ago

Still not over that Mike Duran thread. In a thread about the tone of feminists and abuse apologism, nothing to do with men or men’s rights, check out what got shoehorned in: Sitcom dads! Misandry! White feathers! Block buttons are evil! “Mansplaining” is offensive to men! But the DRAAAAAFT!

9 years ago

This being a weekend thread, I’ll announce that I’m off to Queensland for a week on Monday. I’ll be staying with my sister and BiL. Two things I know we’ll be doing: going to the local markets and visiting the Australia Zoo (the Irwins’ place).

9 years ago

Katz: typical. that thread is a clusterfuck.

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