are these guys 12 years old? evil fat fatties imaginary oppression men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny none dare call it conspiracy oppressed men paranoia playing the victim

MGTOWer warns: Soon men will be forced to marry fatties!

Our nightmare future?
Our nightmare future?

Never let it be said that the men of the MGTOW movement don’t focus on the important issues of our time. For example, over on MGTOWforums, a fellow named Andrew brought up a critical danger faced by today’s men, a danger that the mainstream media is too cowardly to address.

I refer, of course, to the rising danger that an innocent, decent, hard-working, good-looking fellow like Andrew might be forced into a relationship with some ugly fat lady.

You scoff — I can sense your scoffing through the internet — but as Andrew points out, it VERY WELL COULD HAPPEN, by which I mean, no it couldn’t possibly happen, but the MGTOWers do love to get worked up about things, and who am I to rain on their little anger parade?

Here’s Andrew, from the thread “Ugly women forced upon us?? Dangerous precedent for men setting itself up.”

Call me insane,call me paranoid,call me anything you want but I see a new dangerous precedent for men.Let me explain.  Notice how now FAT HORRIBLE UGLY women are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY.but surely being accepted into the mainstream.How The names fat,ORCA,HUGE,THUNDER THIGHS ARE NOW BECOMING OFFENSIVE IN SOCIETY AND THE LIBERAL MSM!!!!!!!  It is going to eventually reach a point where 2 things WILL happen.  1.ANY MAN who turns down a woman who he deems "physically unattractive" to him will become the subject of ridicule and scorn and threaten his livelyhood and career as the employer who hired him will be forced to let him go due to his godawful crime of rejecting a ugly creature.He will be seen as worse than a terrorist and his life will forever be ruined.  2.The words FAT,ORCA,PLUS SIZED.PLAIN JANE.ETC........will now be construed as Offensive and emotionally damaging to the twats and the mission will be for those insane walruses to destroy the man who said that both careerwise and with false accusations of rape,violence.etc.Calling a woman lets say "overweight" will result in the goal of destruction of that particular man.  The ONLY remedy for this? For the man to accept and fuck the sea monster............and marry her.  Bank on it,its coming gents.

You can’t argue with that!

Seriously, arguing with Andrew would be a bit like debating an angry baby.

EDITED TO ADD: The picture at the top of the post is from a series done by the blogger The Militant Baker in response to statements from the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch suggesting that its clothes were only for “cool, good-looking people” — a designation that evidently doesn’t include larger women, since the chain doesn’t offer  XL and XXL sizes for women, just men. For more pics, and her open letter to the company, see here.

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Hellkell: Now imagine 8 year old me sitting there doing “But aren’t they cold? Why would anyone want to see a bunch of women skating around topless and freezing?”. A lot of the dudes around us looked rather embarrassed.

mildlymagnificent – grooming is how I got today’s scratch, too. Mads likes being combed and really likes the rubber brush thing – you know the ones with the conical points? But today she wanted to do interactive grooming. Ouch.

Does Herself have longish fur? It’s bad enough when short-haired cats get the old and knotting thing going; Magnus was like that when he was her age (he passed at 22). Long hair would be a nightmare.

I also have an interesting collection of scratches on my arms from getting Madam into her basket for her vet visit on Friday.

Cassandra: I can totally see it. Un!Comfortable! for everyone.

It had to be more fun than Cirque de Soleil, though.

‘Fraid so, kittehs. Not quite up to what you’d get on a purebred persian, but not far off it either. It’s magically soft and touchable when she’s well-groomed, but now that she’s given up on that she’s not even _clean_ on her back. There are significant drawbacks to the pure white coat nowadays.


Double ouch. From the stories I’ve heard it seems like house landlords are even more dickish about repairs than apartment landlords (slumlords excepted) because they only have one family to deal with. Hopefully yours is decent.


I can’t stop laughing at the image, though I reckon 8 yr old me might have felt traumatized by that. I feel like 26 yr old me’s reaction’ll prolly be closer to 8 yr old you. On ice is not a place where I would find topless women arousing.

W00t cloudiah likes me! 🙂

This morning’s TERF-splosion? Among other stupidity, gay men are victims of hate crimes against men, not against gays. And misandry is more a problem than transphobia cuz more men than trans* people. Dafuq? Did get the 55g cleaned while trying to figure out if I’d woken up in backwards land.

@ Kittehs

I was 8 in 1981, so maybe? The best part was when my mum tried to explain why the show existed, with a bunch of the guys around us looking more embarrassed by the minute.

Mum: Well, you see, some men like this sort of thing. They find it very, um, exciting.

Me: (figures out what she means by exciting, frowns) Men are really weird sometimes.

Mum: Yes, love, I know.

Dad: (Shrinks down into chair in embarrassment, vows to be more careful about which shows to bring the kid to in the future.)

@Cassandra – Ah, I was out by three years. T&D came to notice at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in ’84. So it wasn’t Vegas cashing in on that, it was just Vegas being Vegas.

I love the image of all those guys cringing … heheheh.

@Argenti – dafuq? indeed! Since when are radfems, TERFS or not, going on about hate crimes against men for being men? And misandry? Since when have they been conned into thinking it’s a thing?

@mildlymagnificent – ::sigh:: yes, it was like that with Magnus (short hair) and Hadji (semi-long hair) as they aged. They weren’t white, but it was very obvious their fur wasn’t clean any more. 🙁

Current kitty has only had one matted bit in the entire time I’ve had her (nearly 2 years). I’ve never had a long-haired cat before and was anticipating having to brush her constantly but nope, brushing her just makes her fur shinier, she doesn’t actually get any tangles that need to be brushed out. Her fur feels like a powder puff.

Kitteh — I think the “logic” is that this let’s them claim that trans* women are attacked for *drum roll* being non-conforming men. Because trans* women being women at best terrifies them, at worst makes them violent. I’ll email you a TERF quotes link, I don’t want to drop it here because MRAs would have a fucking field day with this shit. (You want it too Cassandra?)

Just emailed you back, Argenti – no small feat while my head was exploding.

Cassandra, lucky with non-matting kitty fur! 🙂

I just had a huge nostalgia hit (goosebumps and all), playing a vid of Torvill and Dean at the ’84 Olympics. Anyone want to see it? I managed to find one with decent sound.

SambaNoodler: Fibinachi, as I said I absolutely would have clarified that if s/he hadn’t taken such a nasty, aggressive tone.

So you want to, “censor” another poster’s tone, because they didn’t take into account your tender fee=fees. Ironic, dontcha think?

Because nothing (but your own foolish pride) stopped you from also saying what you meant by the comment.

Of course (as others will, no doubt have already taken aparr) you didn’t do any such thing, rather explaining how thin women are more valuable, and so proving the complaint made against you (the one you found so offensive) was substantively true.

Sadly for the average MGHOW, obesity is temporary but being a hate-filled asshat is forever.

@Argenti well, you really did give me pause and make me think. I’m a straight, white, 46-year-old dude with a job that pays me more than enough in societal respect and money than I need, and I’m lucky to have a pretty awesome partner. I’m the very epitome of Mr. Privilege. So I redouble my efforts to understand my blind spots, of which I know there are many. You were pretty kind to me in your rebuke; the very least that I could do given my situation and what I’d said would be to consider your comment and think about it.

The alternative is to double down and argle bargle like Elam and his toadies, and really, I want nothing to do with that mindset. I don’t need to comment here. I do now because I’ve had enough of the harassers and idiots. I may make a misstep occasionally, but I’ve no problem with you or anyone else pointing that out.

Asher: Men aren’t going to be *forced* to marry chubby women, they’re going to sit around and give the middle finger to civilization. Buh-bye welfare state.

Sure… because it’s the doods who do all the work? Not by half. And… if you look around you will see that no one is actually avoiding fat women. The idea that narrow-minded twits like you can change that is beyond laughable.

But if you can’t hack it with the rest of us, feel free to actually get around to the Going part of your own way.

Detached: I wasn’t going to jump in but this bothers me: Maybe I’m too used to the people I hang around with now, because I can just joke around and be a little crass, even with women.

That feels a lot like, “you have no sense of humor”.

While I get that local mores may move words into/out of social acceptance, trying to imply that those who don’t share your sense of whimsy are somehow deficient, esp. when it’s married to the idea that it’s somehow related to them being women… not on.

I’m also getting a hint of “I know/assume that the women don’t like this, but they let me get away with it”, which is obnoxious.

I get the, “those women are clued in, and cool with my being manly; the aren’t emasculating me by telling me I’m being offensive”.

I don’t know quite what to say to Matt; who is also perpetuating the idea that being overweight is something which needs to be changed.

Shadow — I believe it was a play on “in the morning I’ll be sober” but yeah, it’s irrelevant and wrong.

MrFancyPants — I realize you where sincere, not fishing for cookies, but I want to give you cookies for your refusal to double down.


brushing her just makes her fur shinier, she doesn’t actually get any tangles that need to be brushed out. Her fur feels like a powder puff.

Pearl’s coat never ever had any shine at all. Talked about it with mr, to get the right word for it when she was in full winter coat glory, and *clean*, she was powder puff soft but she kind of glowed – like a full moon reflected in water. And it made us remember that her full winter coat was stunningly beautiful until recent years. A full ruff around her head and obscuring part of her chest, her legs looked as though she was wearing lace edged pantaloons and a skirt draping from her torso almost touching the ground and a fine tail to match all this splendour.

Not so splendiferous for this apparently aristocratic personage, she was a real adventurer. When she went outside she’d come back covered in grease from the cars she’d got beneath and rubbed up against or be a completely different colour from the dust or dirt she liked to roll in (or get into sheds and burrow into ours or other people’s years old junk).

Hi there fellow Swede! *waves at Karin*

I am Swedish as well, and it’s increadibly how confusing the body ideals are. As you say, the “French gay designer” thing comes up as way to “empower” women who aren’t as thin as Victoria Beckham. And real men like a little meat on their women. Oh, and Zorn and his curvy women! Then again, it’s not like the ladies in mens’ mags or Elle are anything remotely like Zorn’s paintings. And the tabloids are forever filled with diet tips and lose weight before vacation and, yes, “eat like the French and be thin and look like Carla Bruni”. It’s an un-winnable war.

Okay, hadn’t seen the “eat like the French” here myself, but makes sense, since we import everything from the US.

Anyway, regarding the French homosexual designers… there’s so much wrong with trying to empower fat women by going “oh but real men like curves, only those evil homos in the French fashion houses likes thin women” that I hardly know where to begin.
1. If a man is attracted to women, regardless of body type, he’s straight or bi, not gay.
2. What’s wrong with being gay anyway?
3. So, wow, there’s no capitalist forces and no patriarchy, just a small number of evil French homosexual designers and their conspiracy against curves?
4. Not everyone who’s fat is curvy, these are not synonymous.
5. And besides, if you’re naturally thin and flat-chested you shouldn’t be made to feel that no “real man” would ever want you.
6. As if the phrase “real man” makes sense anyway – what’s an unreal man? Like, a mannequin?
7. And as you pointed out, models in lad mags are skinny as well. I read that the average BMI for playboy models is 18, and although it’s higher than the average BMI for catwalk models, it’s still very thin. Just because they have silicon boobs doesn’t mean they’re not thinner than the average woman.

… and I could go on since there’s just SO MUCH WRONG with this.


If the evidence is so overwhelming then produce it. Don’t bother with the pseudo-scientific crap MRAs usually cite. Give us some evidence from a well respected, peer reviewed scientific journal, say Scientific American or Nature. If there was some genuine evidence brought forward for most men being attracted to young girls who have just reached menarche I’m sure they’d be discussing it, batting it around and prodding at it to see if it was true or just a cover for paedophiles.

It’s interesting to me that in Sweden, people talk about how French women are better. In the US, I’ve usually heard that Swedish women are better, because apparently they are all “bikini babes”. Or guys will say the women in Brazil are all beautiful and glamorous. I never hear about the French women being the ideal.

Bionicmommy. The “French women as an ideal” was first mentioned by an American commenter who said that was common in the USA, I said I hadn’t seen it in Sweden, then another Swede said that she had seen “French women as an ideal” in Sweden too.

Whatever. I think the most common media thing is to trot out either a slim celebrity or a slim person who allegedly used to be fat but will now be slim forever and go “this is how you get this body, read all about the diet and the exercise you ought to follow”.

I didn’t read Asher’s comment, but I saw the replies to it and I wonder how his scheme of mgtow’s crashing the welfare state would work? Does he literally mean mgtow’s are going to leave civilization and go live in the wilderness?

Or does he mean they’re going to opt out by doing the bare minimum they need to do to survive and contribute as little as possible to society (because I’m sure mgtows are already contributing SO very much to society)? If it’s the latter, wouldn’t choosing to be a dropout who just sits around all day playing video games and watching porn and posting on mgtow forums just be hurting themselves more than anyone else?

And in some bizarro world where their harebrained scheme was successful, doesn’t he realize that millions of men and boys depend on welfare state programs? He’d be cool with that as long as it meant women would suffer too?

Someone really needs to compile their ideas into a lengthy, poorly-written novel called MGTOW’s Shrugged.

To be followed by the sequel, Society Meh’d.

I always get the feeling that the reason they feel the need to go on the internet and repeatedly announce their decision to GTWO is that in their meatspace lives it’s painfully obvious even to people as delusional as they are that nobody would notice or care if they dropped out of society. From this some of them have concluded that men as a whole are as unimportant to other people as they are, which is a rather amusing category error.


It depends on the MGTOW really. But most of them just whine on YT/forums and likely just watch porn/anime/whatever while not really doing much of anything else. Then complain when some other person has a better life than them.

I’ve always found MGTOW to be funny, because when I read about them, I was like “So wait, I like that they plan to live how they want and fuck the haters, but why boast about it? Isn’t how you are supposed to live your life anyway?”

That. Was. Awesome.

As for the last 5 seconds, I am entirely sure that goldfish was always intended as food (though, they’re very fatty, not a nutritionally complete meal by any means [no, I am not kidding])

@Most men are likely to respond to the ever-increasing size of women by earning less money, opting out of highly productive careers and turning to pot, video games and internet porn n ever-increasing numbers. The evidence is pretty clear that men are evolutionarily primed to be sexually attracted to youthful fertility signals in women and rolls of fat are not one of those signals. Not only does the evidence suggest this, but so does the very logic of evolutionary theory; the homo sapien species has pretty strong sexual dimorphism, indicating strong pressure from sexual selection.

Men aren’t going to be *forced* to marry chubby women, they’re going to sit around and give the middle finger to civilization. Buh-bye welfare state.

Money, printed, is derived from fat
And people want dollars, it’s as simple as that
So people who are thick
Unlike people who stick to being a stick
Cause the economy to implode, dude
It’s a problem of a pretty severe magnitude

You see, women, cannot possibly make money on their own
So men, who must make all money (from fat) create less, would would rather stone
because someone is fat
in some city, somewhere
and the economic downturn of the decade can be traced, right there

Also! The well-fare state, you know, that bit
where people pay a tit
to assure the cooperation and social safety net?
It relies on women being thin! Have I got your attention yet?
Because a good waist to hips ratio is important
for the idicators of poverty and other things to be respondent
to economic policies of a commitee in a suit
this deconstruction is pretty astute

If people in Brooklyn eat a cheeseburger every day
Then people in Tenesse will have to pray
that people in Texas somehow feel the need to obey
an exercise regimen all day, every day
Because if they don’t, as they won’t, being people (you know?)
then the safety net, thus derived, will explode.

It’s a fact! As simple as that! McDonalds can blamed for the collapse of the social security net!

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