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Man-O-Philosopher Fidelbogen: Feminists want to ban Facebook rape memes because “feminists do not allow the right to exist of people who are not feminist.”

Feminist grinding men into dirt on the Internet.
Feminist grinding men into dirt on the Internet.

While we’re talking about this whole Facebook thing (see here and here if you don’t know what I’m referring to), I figured some of you might be wondering: What does the eminent Man-O-Philosopher and self-described “Counter-Feminist Agent of Change” Fidelbogen think of all this?

Well, probably none of you were wondering that, but here’s what he thinks anyway:

We are about to get proof of what we have always known anyway, which is that feminists do not allow the right to exist of people who are not feminist. That’s you and me, friend! They want to push us out off the map and even out of the universe altogether.

Ok, drinking game! One drink for each new metaphor. Off the map! Drink! Out of the universe! Drink!

They want to shut us up and grind us into the dirt.

Dirt! Drink!

They are able to lie about us because they control the narrative and the language in the first place, and whatever does not conform to that narrative, or that language, is a sitting duck.

Duck! Drink!

Ok, I think this duck here needs to cancel the drinking game on account of drunk already.

They simply WILL NOT TOLERATE any other view of reality but the one which they are propagating, and their talk about “hate speech” and “sexism” is a thin disguise for what they really wish to do. …

[W]hatever is merely critical of feminism will be targeted as hate speech, or sexism, or misogyny, or any other ugly word they might invent.

I weep for the future when I think of the long term consequences. More misandry, more lying, more slandering, more false statistics, more phony threat narratives and phony victim narratives, more false flag operations, more censorship, more thought policing, more poisoning the water between men and women,  more this, more that, and on it goes ad infinitum.

And Fidelbogen certainly knows about going on ad infinitum.

Keep your eyes upon this and prepare to do battle any way you can.

Fidelbogen chooses to do battle by sitting on his butt, typing.

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Oh, man, I just watched that WBB video, which was very vague and didn’t clarify anything. But the strange thing was that is seems to have been made in MARCH, just in case she later decided to leave AVFM, sort of like one of those “if you’re watching this video it means I’m dead” videos you might see in some action thriller.

“sort of like one of those “if you’re watching this video it means I’m dead” videos you might see in some action thriller.”

Or in the case of one particularly dense Australian politician, for real! (See: Pauline Hanson.)

She also clarifies in the comments that she’s not leaving at all, whywouldyouthinkthat?
The mystery thickens…
(I’m ashamed of how much I find MRA drama entertaining)


All this spitting is making me mighty parched. Do I at least get some vouchers for lemonade?

But would you pay $10,000 for a glass?

(Commence spoiler-free squeeing about new Arrested Development episodes)


I’m pretty sure that if the violence and rape memes had pictures of PoC or Gay Men, there would have been a bigger outcry. But then, it’s always been ok to hit and harm women

Um, pretty sure it’s always been considered OK to harm PoC and queer folks (of any gender). Can we not do this oppression olympics thing, please?


At the federal level in the US, hate speech is only banned when it presents a “clear and present danger” to individuals. That is, it’s okay legally to say general things like “all women should be kept in their place” accompanied by images of battered women, so long as the speaker isn’t saying “hey, everyone, let’s stone Suzy” while holding a rock. It’s a very thin and often stupid line.

Yes, this.

Is it just me or are they really clueless over at Facebook? On top of all the craptastic shit they allow, and things like breasfeeding or mastectomy shots or photos of famous paintings they remove, this is the same site that removed a picture of a woman sitting in the bath because they thought her elbow was her nipple.

OT but looking at tweets on the sidebar – so iamcuriousblue finally admitted that he’s anti-feminist, huh? I remember him from back in the day and was wondering how long he’d be able to maintain the weasely fake feminism for.

It’s in David’s tweets on the sidebar. Haven’t seen iamcuriousblue around in a while, he used to be a hanger-on of a very specific circle of feminists that I was also involved with. Never did like the guy, never understood why anyone else did.

Nope, don’t recall ever seeing him here, which is why I was wondering how David ended up arguing with him on Twitter.

I’m still busy being an evil misandrist bitch out to destroy the world economy (aka shopping).

Don’t some supermarkets deliver now? He should just buy his groceries that way, save himself the stress of potentially encountering a member of the vagina mafia.

As long as the groceries are delivered by a man, which might not be the case since wimmen are taking as many jobs away from men as we possibly can (Go vaginal nepotism!! Yea!)

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