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MRA lackwit declares Sheryl Sandberg an “arrogant Lindsay Lohan Look-a-like” who “promotes sexism, bias and hate.”

Separated at birth?
As hard as this is to believe, these are actually different women.

I haven’t been paying much attention to the recent brouhaha over Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book.  But I feel safe in saying that MRA lackwit Christian J.’s “Sheryl Sandberg, Your Usual “Modern” Crass, Arrogant, Sexist, Biased Female” may be the dumbest thing anyone has written, or ever will write, on the subject.

Mr J’s post on WMASAW – the blog that used to be called What Men Are Saying About Women – starts off with a puzzling description of Sandberg as an “arrogant Lindsay Lohan Look-a-like, [who] Promotes sexism, bias and hate.” (Um, what?) And it only gets worse from there:

It is amazing what these sexist and abusive, addled females get away with while they continually praise themselves and raise themselves as being the “Saviours” of the world with the “If Only Women ran the World” meme. Take Sandberg for example, the bastion of that left-wing mentality … .

Yes, that’s right. Mr. J is describing Sandberg as a “bastion” of left-wing thought. Mr. J and the English language are not good friends.

They make the claim that “Equality” is about the aim of making women level with men, erm! level suggests what?  In every area possible,  even if it means reducing standards and tests and lowering anything that women have problems with. …

Every time they make the same claim that (Lindsay Lohan Look-a-Like)Sandberg bloviates about here, like every other member of that same HATE movement, it was never about anything else but giving women a FREE ride to the top and don’t anyone every dare hold them back because there would be screaming and wailing and it would be introduce another excuse to cry that usual lie of “holding them back”, amazing.

In reality, it’s because job placement used to be based on merit and ability, even though that has been tossed out and replaced with quotas in favour of women. It has everything to do with sexism, v*gina and pro-female “Equal Opportunity” as Sandberg denies is the case. ….

What a sexist loathsome, despicable female.

Mr J. then quotes a couple of not-exactly earthshatteringly controversial comments of Sandberg’s:

“I think a world that was run where half our countries and half our companies were run by women, would be a better world.”

“I hope that . . . you have the ambition to run the world,” Sandberg told Barnard graduates, “because this world needs you to run it.”

As Mr. J figures it, Sandberg is promulgating female supremacy here, “saying that every females alive could out perform any male. Sickening, petty, self-congratulatory, back-slapping and wishful thinking or what !”

I choose “what.”  (They speak English in What?)

Mr J, for his part, seems to believe that, in an inversion of the the man-hatred he attributes to feminists, every male alive could outperform any female:

As far as I can see so far, those countries that have women in charge, are not doing that crash hot at all. …

Yet this odious and tedious Sandberg has the temerity to state that the world would be a better place run by women. What a complete, compulsive liar that women really is, women these days have problems being genuine and real, let alone anything else. But it does demonstrate that standard egotistical side of these “New Women”, who have been granted the easy option and helped along the way, every way possible by compliant men. Do they get any thanks for it, forget that. They just get the knife in the back for their efforts and gloat, even after changing conditions, being sued, forced to comply to changes that women demand and then turn around and state “Look at me, I am so good” .

Was that last sentence even a sentence? If so, please diagram it for me. I dare ya!

What hypocrites they are. It is about time men stopped capitulating to these arrogant and narcissistic females, stopped giving them automatic promotions, a free ride and start giving them some competition and let’s see how well they go then.

It’s always funny when blithering idiots suggest that women’s brains are inferior to their own.

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9 years ago

“(Did that make any sense?)”

Yes, it did.

My wife and I married after living with each other for 15 years. We did it for the medical insurance coverage. I was surprised by how I felt afterwards. A public declaration of how I felt about her became very special to me.

She, on the other hand, took ten years before she stopped calling me her “ball and chain”… crazy hippie. 😉

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Zir blog, and that’s too bad, zie’s rather brilliant.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
9 years ago

Whoops! My bad, I forgot Ozy’s preferred pronoun. (Apologies if you see this, Ozy!)

joanimal – LOL to your hippie wife! 😀

I seriously don’t know if Sir and I would marry were he on this plane, though I expect so, if only for tax breaks, welfare, pensions and so on. It’s a good thing we never had to organise it, since bein’ organised is not our strong point. He started thinking of us as married months before I did; then months later we had a sort of “Hey, look, we’re married!” shindig at Home, then months after that he proposed, and a couple of weeks ago (we’ve been married six-years-come-April-by-his-count) I got an engagement ring from a friend. 😛

9 years ago

@Kitteh: hey, if you’re following David’s link to Ozy’s blog, that’s the problem; he never updated the link, so that’s to an out-dated blog. ( vs. ozymandius3) Bookmark the new one!

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
9 years ago

Yay! Thanks, Howard!

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