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How not to impress the ladies on OkCupid


So @catches_stars on Twitter is pretty hilarious. She’s also got an OkCupid account, and regularly posts snippets of her conversations with some of the more problematic dudes who contact her, some on her main Twitter account and some on @okcupid_TXT. With her permission, and because I’m too lazy to actually write a post today, I’m passing along a few of my favorites.

This overeager fellow has a rather sudden change of heart when his stated plan runs into an obstacle, that obstacle being that @catches_stars finds him completely repulsive.


This guy is either totally high or trying some weird and misguided PUA wizardry on her. (It does not succeed.)


This foot-obsessed fellow spammed her with the same message from several different accounts.


This guy, who seems to be shirtless in his profile pic, gets what I assume is, to him, a very disappointing answer.


As does this fellow.


Romance is hard.

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The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

That Compass one is very offensive. It has a mean expression.

I think it’s offensive that a) my house isn’t big enough for that sort of jeep to fit down the corridor and b) I’m not strong enough to lift one over the offensive cat. Offensively.

8 years ago

Okay, I totally want to be a Fembot Count. “Count Emily the Fembot of Fembotopia!”

1 30 31 32
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