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How to Get Hundreds of Upvotes on Reddit, Part Eleventy Billion (Hint: It involves making light of domestic violence.)


Hey, do you need an instant karma boost on Reddit? Here’s how to get yourself hundreds of upvotes in four easy steps!

1) Make or find a misogynistic meme graphic that suggests women are terrible and makes light of domestic violence

2) Post it to the AdviceAnimals subreddit with the headline “I know I’m going to get downvoted into oblivion, but its true….”

3) There is no step 3

4) Enjoy your hundreds of upvotes!

Huh. I guess that’s really only two steps.

Graphic after the jump because — trigger warning —  it makes light of domestic violence, as do several of the other comments I’m going to quote.


It’s funny because it’s true!

(Note: That last statement is completely false.)

In the comments, one clever fella piggybacked off of the OP’s misogyny to win a couple hundred upvotes of his own with this hilarious comment:


And this guy won himself a couple dozen upvotes with a nice little list about how awful women are — and got his comment linked to in r/mensrights for allegedly providing great insight into “how Women are set on a pedestal in today’s society.”


Oh, but don’t worry, some brave Redditors stood up to defend women from these not-so-nice generalizations. Like this guy:


Huh. I guess that isn’t much of a defense after all, considering that it blames domestic violence on “immature bitch[es].”

Reddit: Where “chivalry” means suggesting that not all women are “immature bitches” who deserve to get punched. Just some of them.

The Advice Animals subreddit: amazingly, often worse than r/mensrights. It’s not clear if this is because the denizens of r/adviceanimals are actually more baldly misogynistic than the r/mensrights regulars, or if it’s just that the folks in r/mensrights know that really obvious outbursts of misogyny tend to make them look bad.


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Can I ask a random tech question, since we have lots of people here who’re more tech savvy than I am? Of the programs that can play FLAC files, which are the best ones, and/or the ones that can be safely downloaded for free without picking up malware?

Thanks. Of the programs I see that can play the files the only one that I’m familiar with is Roxio, some of the others look a bit sketchy.

RE: CassandraSays

We use VLC as well, and have yet to find a music format it can’t play. We have an older, buggier version that has trouble with playlists and movies, but we’ve never had that issue with the newer version. I second howardbann1ster

RE: Argenti

Sneak is currently working on making the comics site look less “I got made this week!” Zie is immensely glad for our old PHP class way back when.

Also a VLC.

And go Sneak, php superpower activated! (It makes my head hurt almost as much as JS does, so php skillz = superpower)

Lol, I take my frustration on JS out by naming my variables after food stuffs. At way when I want to yell at it, I end up yelling things like “pickles why did you break?!”

Idk how Sneak feels about pickles, but I’m sure zie can think of something similarly amusing. Good luck!

I will concede that the Nordstroms flagship store is worth visiting if you’re in downtown San Francisco, but that’s mostly because they have nice bathrooms with an attached lounge, so it’s a good place to sit down, rest your feet, and check your email.

Last time I was in LA there was a labour dispute at Nordstrom’s with a small picket outside. My bff and I went round the back and walked around the shop with no intention of spending any money, just to look at the stuff and grubby up the place with our proletarian feet. 😉

I once saw some white boys give the finger to the cops while holding their other hands as a shield so the cops couldn’t actually see they were giving them the finger.

This reminds me of that.

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