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BREAKING NEWS: Men (Still) Oppressed By Women Who Dress Like Whores

Women Oppressing Men With Scanty Attire in the 1920s
Women Oppressing Men With Scanty Attire in the 1920s

I haven’t had the patience to go through the discussions that developed in the wake of the Men’s Rights Subreddit’s historic winning of the prestigious King Dick of Fart Mountain Subreddit of the Day award yesterday. But I did read enough to come across this little exchange, in which a heroic Men’s Rightser confessed how touched he was that someone outside the Men’s Rights subreddit had noticed the bold, brave activism of Reddit MRAs.

And then someone pointed out some other things he’s said a couple of days ago.


NWOslave, is that you?

Actually, I doubt it; NWOslave has an account under his own name there. But great minds do think alike.

Here’s the link to StarFscker’s original comment in context.


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I’d wager that he only thinks what men wear should be constrained by what men think and women in the vicinity don’t come into it at all.

He actually doesn’t think women come in to play much at all (aftr they’ve made the decision on what to wear) except as hangers for clothes that do things. After all, it is the outfit that communicates a message, not the woman. Even the rejection seems to come from the clothes as the woman is only a “cock-tease” because of what she wears not because she herself has actually rejected an advance made in response to the outfit.

I also think it is interesting that what a woman does in public (wearing things) is compared to what a man does in private (flirt with someone he wouldn’t be seen in public with).

She stopped me when I was about to go out clubbing, looked me up and down, and said “Legs or cleavage – pick one. Both is overkill”.

I think CassandraSays’s mom is awesome.

I think I might need to start using this as the textbook example of “false equivalence”. It’s downright impressive.

However, to be fair (odd, I know, but I’m overly Canadian sometimes), he did argue that 99% of men can handle all the tantalizing hotclotheswearingness, so all of you bragging how you aren’t jumping men in shorts are just part of the 99%.

I am sure that if you were poking these men, however, that he would insist you should be understood and sympathized with while those whorish men should be scolded, because this man is clearly a believer in a balanced view.

Yes, because he gathered a sample from which he could generalise to estimate that the correct proportion is 99%. I’m sure I did a comment the other day about how MRA percentage estimates are all in the 90-100% range.

This isn’t a big deal or anything but I’m also kinda pissed that he included “lesbian females” (and by extension, I assume, all queer women) in the group of people who are totes oppressed by women choosing what clothes they want to wear. Don’t spread this bullshit all over us too, please.

Of course, he went on to say that it’s only 1% of men who can’t control themselves so I guess that’s flattering?

So many comments already! Sorry if anything I’m about to say got said already!

First, wtf is with “dresses in a manner I find sexy” being equal to “flirts but won’t be seen with you”? Second, as someone who doesn’t care wtf your dangly bits are, you’re either attractive (to me) or you aren’t — ball scratching? Don’t think I’ve ever noticed besides when telling relatives to stop making a show of it (as you may’ve noted, I have a weird family). Third, wtf difference does the nature of the dangly tots make when they’re being scratched? Itchy crotch is itchy, deal with it and move on, is this really so hard?

Fourth, more skirts and boots please, I do enjoy the eye candy and can totally refrain from staring, forget “poking”! Assholes ruining it for those of us who just find attractive people attractive! Of course, brain > looks

Also, why should people base their behavior on what 1% of the population might do? What’s the chance of encountering someone who’s in that 1% on any given day, and them happening to notice you?

It would be a ridiculous demand even if he wasn’t asking women to feel sympathy for men who “can’t” control themselves, which he is.

whataboutthemoonz — “This shit is starting to depress me.” Go to EA’s twitter, enjoy what they’ve been up to (and try Veronica’s blog, the good captain was playing in a fountain and got caught on camera 🙂 )

Does anyone actually find the sight of a man scratching his balls to be sexy? I don’t find that sexy even if it’s a man who I’m attracted to. It’s like getting hot and bothered because someone is picking their nose.

Viscaria — “In other news, run-on-sentences are the best sentences.” Yep!

And fuck yeah on not including women-liking non-cis-men, but then again, only cis man I know that might not be offended at being included here is my father and we all know he’s an asshole.

@Cassandra, also men who adjust themselves in front of me. I Do Not Need To See That. There was this one guy who did it routinely, not just in front of me. The awfulest time was when I was sitting down at my desk and he was standing next to me.

Kiwi & Cassandra: or the dudes who decide to spread out on public transport as if their balls are in danger of suffocating.

I had one boss who could not keep his hand out of his pocket and adjusting. I always wanted to say, “Yes, it’s still there, and you are gross.”

I wouldn’t say it bothers me all that much, the scratching and the adjusting. It’s definitely impolite, but it doesn’t send me into OH GOD NO STOP THAT territory, it’s just sort of…something that should really be done in private, so it’s awkward to be watching it.

Why angry dudebro in the OP thinks that people would find it arousing just because a hand is making contact with a sexualized body part I’m not sure. Does he find it sexy when women scratch their asses?

Now if a guy is clearly doing it because he finds it sexy to do it in front of women, because he likes the idea of imposing what he thinks of as a sexual act on them, then yeah, that’s gross.

Following that train of logic, all of those people who parade about with their expensive cars, designer clothing and the like are oppressing lower-income people. They’re causing others to want to rob them, which is a natural by-product of seeing pricey, desirable objects. Everybody should be forced to wear sackcloth and drive beaters to avoid this problem.

If my jeans are both very tight and very expensive am I enticing people to grope AND rob me?

Kiwi & Cassandra: or the dudes who decide to spread out on public transport as if their balls are in danger of suffocating.

OMG I SEE THIS EVERY DAY (except the days when I walk). Taking up two seats because you want to air out your dangly bits is not acceptable. I only once had the nerve to say something about it, and that was because there was an elderly man with a heavy shopping bag who clearly needed to sit.

This problem with men taking up too much space doesn’t happen on Wellington trains or buses. But the bloody people who put their bag/stuff on the seat next to them – hey you paid for one person, not to use an entire seat! Also, for the seats that come horizontally out from the wall, sitting on the aisle side of the seat to “put people off” sitting next to you – not cool. /frowny face.

FORCING all heterosexual men (and homosexual women) to think about them in a sexual way.

This guy has obviously never heard of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Thoughts != actions. Thoughts != uncontrollable.



I was never pro-leggings in some general sense, just sticking up for them as a workable item of clothing. Pretty sure lots of people do dig ’em though.

Given Kittehhelp’s other tastes, she probably doesn’t mind them with breeches or something.

How up your own ass to you have to be to think that you’re forced to think about someone in a sexual way?

He must not think that hetero women have sexual thoughts.

Also, how do I put this in a tactful, non-shaming way? There are some people who I’m not going to think sexual thoughts about no matter how they’re dressed, because I just don’t find them attractive (and I’m bi, so this could be a person of any gender). So either dudebro gets hot for literally any woman whose bra he can see, which seems unlikely, or he simply doesn’t acknowledge the existence of women who he isn’t attracted to.

“…or he simply doesn’t acknowledge the existence of women who he isn’t attracted to.”

Well, they’ve always been famous for that. “Nice Guys” especially, and every dudebro who says things like, “But it’s easy for a woman to have sex!”

I mean, I’m certainly on the more looks-focused end of things (this is part of why our most persistent troll hates me so much), but even I acknowledge that men who I don’t want to fuck exist. What kind of weird mental gymnastics do you have to go through to just sort of not notice the existence of anyone you don’t want to fuck who’s of the right gender, but at the same time notice all the people who you don’t want to fuck because they’re not your preferred gender just fine?

Kiwi & Cassandra: or the dudes who decide to spread out on public transport as if their balls are in danger of suffocating.

While that also pisses me off, I do think it’s understandable. I’m not a man, although I do have testicles, and sometimes sitting with my legs close together is very uncomfortable for reasons that I don’t think anyone here cares to hear. The best thing to do, though, is to just stand up if I really feel so uncomfortable that I can’t stand it (which rarely happens, but you know).

Why do you think they do that, Cassandra? I mean, seriously, I want to know what you think. Why pretend you’re living in a movie and all the female roles are played by models, ex-models and actresses who can pass as models?

I don’t know how they manage to not notice women who they don’t want to fuck, but I suspect that it has to have something to do with not thinking women are people. Even so, though, how do you literally not see all the not-your-type-but-still-right-in-front-of-you women who’re walking around all over the place?

I dunno, it seems to be indicative of a level of contempt for people based on sex that I can’t really wrap my head around. Like, I notice bugs, you know? Don’t like them but I can see that they exist.

Alternatively, maybe you notice them but immediately decide that they don’t matter and therefore they don’t count?


Presumably, it comes with the objectification of women. If you see women as only valuable for sex, you ignore the ones you don’t see as sexy and “women” becomes “women I think of while wanking” or w/e.


That’s interesting. A lot of testicle-bearers feel the same way (never happened to me), presumably because of some minor detail (thigh size? ball size? ball arrangement in underwear? relative ball height?), but there also seems to be a cultural element – the legs-crossed-tightly pose in men is associated with Romance-speaking countries mostly. I remember a pissed-off Roissy post about some statue of dude sitting like that on a bench in Argentina (? I think it Julio Cortazar or some writer-type) that apparently showed how South Americans were all beta feminised pussy-pedestaling herbs or something.

There are indeed some cultures in which men just don’t do that need to stretch my knees two feet wide to give my balls space thing, so either the men in those cultures have been socialized to just tolerate the discomfort or there’s some other factor that I can’t explain going on.

Which, btw, my feeling about that? Public transportation is often uncomfortable, and nobody has a right to make it extra uncomfortable for the person next to them just so they can snag a little bit of extra comfort for themselves. So we’re back to the idea of entitlement.

Hmmm. Yeah, OK. So they’re being shallow, but are hypocritical for calling women shallow for not wanting to have sex with them (because they are not Alphas, or other bullshit).

mxe354 seems to be referring more to more reasonable leg-spreading or other reactions to discomfort rather than the alpha-male “my balls are 3′ in diameter” pose, though.

Ok, I can understand being confused how testicle-havers can sit crossed legged, I can even understand being annoyed, what I can’t understand is taking your mild annoyance (or more likely, jealousy) and turning it into a slur filled screed.

It goes beyond shallow, I think. I know lots of men who’re pretty shallow but still aware that non-hot women exist. I only ever see the ranting about stuff that assumes the non-existence of non-hot women from guys who’re incredibly misogynistic in general.

Also, the guys who do the widely spread knees thing often do other trying to dominate via body language things like hog armrests, etc.

I was friends with a misogynist once, and he’d forget I was female.

Y’all can’t see me, but it’s seriously not difficult to miss.

Another thought – maybe choice of underwear factors into comfort level when one is in a situation where space is an issue?

Straight up sexism? Yeah. Also, I think they think that the greatest gift you can give to a female is telling her she’s pretty or beautiful, so when they don’t reward you with sex, they get pissed, bitter and downright angry.


I did mention that. It seems like it’d be in some counterintuitive way, though – surely tight briefs and closer-fitting pants are most used in the same places where testicle-bearers crossing legs is most common? Possibly something to do with the interplay of the way one is naturally inclined to cross one’s legs and the way one dresses in the tailoring sense. Or whether you’re more a cock-up or cock-down person when arranging yourself.

What we need is a lot of people with testicles, some scientists, and a group with really odd ideas about what worthwhile research to fund looks like. . .

I was friends with a misogynist once, and he’d forget I was female.

Presumably because he has a strict idea about how women are and you didn’t fit. I know some guys like that; they have these ideas about women looking and acting a certain way and doing Women Stuff that’s automatically boring, and when I’m not like that they just stop associating me with women altogether.

The boyfriend has an occasionally really painful, but otherwise safe, healthy, whatever cyst in one if his testicles and I know that underwear choice can make a big difference in how much it bothers him so I assume that it would matter for testicles without cysts, BUT as he just ducks into a bathroom to adjust if necessary or deals with the pain and has never managed to take up more than a single seat, I’m not willing to cut a lot of slack for the majority of guys who do it who, just statistically, probably are not dealing with an abnormal testicle issue.

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