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Roosh fan: Black and White Unite to Fight … the evil feminist white-male bashers! (Also: a terrible chart.)

I think we can all agree that the REAL problem is all those damn women's libbers
I think we men can all agree that the REAL problem is those damn women’s libbers

So when I was poking around on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog the other day I ran across a guest post from someone calling himself Samseau accusing feminists of using racism to exploit men – that is, of expertly manipulating men of different races to fight one another instead of standing firm against the evil feminists and their evil agenda.

The post, while purporting to be somehow “above” the issue of race, is a muddled mess full of “white men have it worst” nonsense like this:

[R]acial infighting between American men wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the political consequences.

Women, if you haven’t noticed, do not fight with each other over racial conflicts. They might get angry over the past, but they are able to resolve all issues by agreeing on a scapegoat: the white man. Colored women will gladly forgive their white sisters, since, after all, it was the white man who oppressed women and minorities.

White men are the big, bad, evil masters, and as such, all females of different colors can agree to put aside their differences in order to bring the white man down.

Yes, he did indeed use the term “colored women.” Oh, but there’s more.

The election results show that decades of brainwashing young American boys has been an unqualified success. Rather than have boys be loyal to their gender, boys have instead been trained to be loyal to their race.

Little non-white boys at the tender age of 9 years are fed lies about how white male oppressors created their poor living conditions, while white boys are taught that they need to correct the injustices of their forefathers lest they be guilty with the indelible sin of white privilege. Female teachers use the appropriate shaming tactics on these young minds to imprint the intended desire for conflict.

All according to plan.

And more:

Men are pawns in the race game. Thus while American women feed themselves government largesse, jobs, university degrees, their husband’s money, and child support money, American men fight each other over table scraps.

But my favorite thing about this article is the little graph that Mr. Samseau made up to illustrate the REAL issues men face today.


Yep. Race is the least important issue, while “getting laid” is number one.

It’s a pretty revealing little chart, huh?

The comment section for the article – wade into this swamp at your own peril – is (predictably enough) filled with angry racists trying to explain why race really does matter. Others, meanwhile, seem upset that all this racism is getting in the way of the regular woman-bashing. Still others suggest that men of all races needed to understand the “root cause” of all our “multicultural problems.” That being … teh Jews.

My favorite comment of the bunch, though, has to be this, from Caliente, combining an astounding ignorance of history with some half-digested evo psych:

Btw the reason why there are practically no racist women is simple.

Males of mammals are territorial.

They naturally base they identity from bottom up: family,tribe,nation,race.And naturally react negative to males of different “tribe”.

Females at the same time are receptive to have sex with any males as long as they are alpha enough.

In 19 century whites fucked all the black women because they were alpha and they had recourses,just look at Brasil.Nowadays a feminist will be cheating on her white beta herbling with some black fitness coach because that is how her brain assumes alphaness.


Glad we got that all settled!

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