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Friday Night (Cat) Videos

I think we’re sort of overdue for some cat videos. And any other kinds of cute animal videos you want to post below.

My cats have also started playing fetch. Pantz is sort of obsessed with it.

Ok, that was a dog.


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Thank you for this. Do not touch the cat. Do not slaughter innocents. These are easy rules. Bless you David.

Whenever I see a Maru video, all I can think (beside how cute Maru is) is that Maru’s owner has the cleanest apartment EVER.

These videos are great. It’s been a rough week. Not only is bad news everywhere, but on Tuesday we had to put Miss Kitty down–she had renal failure, and at 14 there wasn’t a whole lot to do. That’s the second cat we lost this year.

@ katz – I *think* the music’s from Alien, but tweaked to fit the kitten’s movements…it’s pretty cleverly done. They’ve got quite a few other funny cat videos on their channel.

@ Maru videos – LOL! What is it about cats and boxes? My cat is always trying to squeeze into any boxes that happen to be lying around the place, even when it’s patently obvious he’d never fit.

hellkell, so sorry. I lost my last two grouchy little purr machines in the same year, and boy was it wrenching. Internet hugs. Just wave them off if they’re unwelcome…

Oh hellkell, I am so sorry! Internet hugs if you want them. It’s bad enough losing one kitty, losing two in a short time is awful. 🙁

Hugs are always welcome from you guys.

The situation sucked, but I can’t say enough good things about how fantastic our vet has been.

hellkell: 🙁 🙁

Since cats may be a sore subject, I present: Beardeddra Gon in her interpretive dance premier, “The Ineffable Angst of Being”.

Argenti, you read my mind. I spent like 30 minutes trying to find a cute enough piggeh video before I passed out.

Hellkell, so sorry about your cat. It’s hard losing a friend. Had to put one of my old gals down last month, same reason – heartbreaking.

Thanks to every Boobzer here for the adorable videos, we need them. Hellkell, so sorry for your loss. If it helps at all, remember that you gave your purry friend a long, happy life.

Nepenthe — I keep Hamlet on hand for just such occasions 🙂

And I forgot to say this in my drunken half asleep state last night, but I’m sorry for your loss hellkell.

So sorry to hear about your kitty, hellkell. I lost mine to renal failure too and it was horrible.

Also, here is a fox (?) making adorable noises.

Pretty sure that’s a fox, entirely sure that the person I just emailed it to will correct me/us if that’s not a fox. (Ze is a big fan of foxes)

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