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Man Boobz readers would like to offer support for A Voice For Men’s doxxing victims in Toronto


A Voice for Men has doxxed another student who was at the Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto. Her “crimes,” aside from going to the protest? She posted jokey comments on Twitter and a picture suggesting that it’s a good idea for people to get consent before having sex with other people. The Men’s Rights hate site has pledged to reveal the information of as many (female) protesters as they can find, and place them on, its phony “offenders registry” which features feminists targeted by AVFM alongside convicted murderers and child molesters.

Readers of Man Boobz, in Toronto and around the world, would like to offer whatever support they can — moral or practical — to the targets of AVFM’s hate campaign. If you are one of the victims, or know how to get in touch with one of them, please contact me at futrelle [[at]] well [[dot]] com and I will pass their messages along to you.

EDITED TO ADD: If anyone has any messages for Sophia, the latest victim, I have a way I can pass them along to her.  Just email them to me, and let me know if you want me to pass your email address along to her as well. Anything you want confidential will be kept confidential.

158 replies on “Man Boobz readers would like to offer support for A Voice For Men’s doxxing victims in Toronto”

*spreads some ketchup on the thread* What do you know, trolls do taste good with ketchup! 🙂

Okay, bev, do you go onto MRM sites and tell them to stop making death and rape threats against women, or to stop wishing women dead? What do you think would happen there if you did? I can tell you: you wouldn’t get jokes about condiments, you’d be abused and threatened yourself, for being female.

“Is yelling fire in a crowded theatre jokey?”

That depends on whether you’re yelling a scripted line or not…you learn not to take things for granted when you work backstage 🙂

In relevant things, bev, you do get that the standards of allowable speech vary from country to country right? (And that Toronto isn’t in Australia?)

pecunium — I totally missed bev’s comment and thought you were replying to the mayo discussion. *returns to the corner of shame*

The theatre example demonstrates that you understand context.

Have you considered the context that this woman is very unlikely to be in a position to kill all men, whereas if we were the kind of people who’d do that, pretty much any able-bodied man could if they decided to go and rape one woman.

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