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Melodramatic MGTOWer: “Though they may deny it, [women] are, in essence, overgrown children crying out for leadership.”

Women love manly men!

Here’s a bit of, er, “wisdom” about women, plucked from the “Best Of” forum on NiceGuy’s MGTOW forum, and highlighted by our dear friend MarkyMark on his blog. Forgive the melodramatic phrasing; All MGTOWers Are Like That.

Take it away, TQR:

Your eyes are open now. You have finally put 2 and 2 together and realized the “modern woman” and everything about her is an illusion. Everything you, me, and millions of other men, both young and old have been raised to believe is a lie. Women really are the weaker sex. They aren’t equal and the worst part? They never were. …

For those who have the courage to face the truth about modern society, women, relationships, and marriage there is an upside. You’ll begin to gain a greater sense of self as a man and you will begin to understand your own worth. You’ll no longer find desperate fulfillment in the arms of a woman, but instead you’ll find fulfillment in your beliefs, your faith, your principles, your intelligence, your strength, and your natural authority. You are a man. You are the Father, the Husband, and the Adult. You lead, women follow. …

You are like a parent that has realized how spoiled, selfish, and arrogant the children have become. You begin to see them for what they are and instead of giving in to their selfish demands, whining, and temper tantrums you start setting rules, defining boundaries for behavior, and exacting discipline. You become a rock that cannot be moved or manipulated by them. Naturally the child will kick and scream and yell and fight you. But ultimately, the child will appreciate the fact that you have given their life what they’ve needed all along – order. Modern woman are no different . Though they may deny it, they are, in essence, overgrown children crying out for leadership because order brings comfort, security, and safety – everything women today desperately seek. Ironically, the very thing women rage against the most – submission – is the very thing they need.

Also, as you regain your manhood, don’t be surprised if women actually find you more attractive now. We are men. We have been raised to believe that being a man is bad – that masculinity is offensive. That testosterone is a disease men need to be cured of because it offends and scares women. No. Masculinity only scares women because it reminds them of what they aren’t and what they will never be….MEN. We already are what women want – by birth. Unfortunately, once you see women for what they are, it’s hard to say the same about them.

Yeah, I’m sure women are totally beating down TQR’s door, hungering for his manly mixture of misogyny and desperate self-delusion.

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The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

Yeah, the only two albums of theirs I have (Rumours, Tusk) are gathering dust on their vinyl, so I don’t think it’ll be a sacrifice here, either.

9 years ago

@CassandraSays: Oh god, that’s awful.

9 years ago

I hate the world.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

Ozy – cyberhugs if you want ’em.

I nearly wrote hybercugs then. Who does typed Spoonerisms?

9 years ago

Since I was the one who introduced the topic that depressed the shit out of everyone, maybe this will make people feel a little better? Here are all 3 sisters together on a BBC show, talking about the book. As awful as things were, they seem to be doing OK now, and 2 of the 3 live together with the middle sister’s daughter.

9 years ago

The “Best” part of the Modesty Survey is that although it was aimed at teens, anyone could fill it out, and they tracked answers by reported age. When you looked at the results along that breakdown, you saw that the actual teenage boys were surprisingly reasonable, but that the survey had been flooded by 30-50 year old yelling about sluts.

9 years ago

Whelp I learn something every day. Who knew today was going to be a terrifying education.

Oh, irrelevant side note: I hope you all on the East Coast are safe.
My cousin just got ahold of me (she lives in new york new york) and she is safe.
I also learned that one of the sites I frequent is based in New York……and their site is down and I felt like a idiot once I figured out why.
Wishing for every-bodies safety. I know realistically it won’t happen, but we can hope.

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8 years ago

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Nikki the Bluth Wannabe
Nikki the Bluth Wannabe
6 years ago

Vision Forum the patriarchy group folded a few years back due to sex abuse allegations against Doug Wilson. Amusingly enough, the domain now leads to a site that reviews various casinos.

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