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Choosy Women Are a Threat to Civilization, Part 2: Electric Boo-hoo-aroo

Damn these evil women and their diabolical preference for hunky dudes!

Everyone knows that choosy mothers choose Jif. But when it comes to men rather than peanut butter, apparently choosy women are choosing THE END OF CIVILIZATION by not choosing to date the sorts of nice fellows who later become bitter misogynistic Men Going Their Own Way. In a post over on, Todd1968 spells out the dire “societal cost of women’s pickiness.” (And, yes, we’ve heard this complaint before.)

“[N]one of us came out of the womb as MGTOWs,” he writes.

Most of us arrived here after a long process, during which we struggled to resist taking the red pill.

While some of us arrived here after a nasty divorce, many, I believe, came here as a result of the “nice guy” syndrome: After discovering the extreme superficiality of women’s preferences in the dating market, we decided that the game wasn’t worth the candle. (This often included an encounter with a cynical gold-digger single mom who wanted us to foot the bill for a “bad boy’s” offspring. For me, this was the final straw.)

I’ll have “shit that never happened” for $500, Alex.

And so we become “loners.” The media likes to portray us as “dangerous”, and the .00001% of loners who do turn violent animate the news and the fem-centric blogosphere. The fact is, though, that 99.999% of us simply drop out of social interaction and courtship, or “ghost.”

While this is a solution that works for us, it is not socially optimal. Society would have been better served if we had become husbands and fathers.

Having read a good number of these bitter MGTOW rants, I’m pretty sure most of you dudes would make terrible husbands and/or fathers. I’m thinking that “society” dodged a bullet here.

And I believe that this is what most of us wanted at one time. For example, I talk a lot about escorts and sugar babies; but this wasn’t what I envisioned for myself at 20 or 25.

Women choosing not to date Todd1968? Superficial. Dudes paying money to have sex with “hot” women half their age? Super smart!

Here is the point: By choosing to exclude so many men from consideration, alpha-hunting feminists have taken a large number of good fathers (and their children) out of the population.

Uh, dude, you hate feminists. Why would you even care who they’re dating? Or have you conflated “feminist” with “all women,” as is so often the case with you dudes?

How many intelligent men will never be fathers because they were “boring nice guys” in their teens and 20s?

On the other hand, many women are going out of their way to breed with “bad boys,” who will shirk fatherhood completely.

In the world of MGTOW, when a father abandons a mother and child it’s always 100% the fault of the mother.

When looked at in the aggregate, modern feminist behavior in the dating pool has some quite deleterious effects for the future of society, wouldn’t you say?

Again, I’m having trouble seeing “women not dating so-called ‘nice guys’ who are actually misogynistic dickheads” as a major social problem.

Just in case you thought Todd here might actually be casting aspersions on Alpha Males, he clarifies his intentions with a second comment:

My point is certainly not to imply that all alpha males are dicks, or irresponsible. (The “bad boys” are another story, of course.) The problem isn’t the existence of a male hierarchy; the problem is the unrealistic expectations of the average woman.

Never blame men for anything; the blame can always be traced back to some evil woman.

The problem arose when feminism and entitlement ideology caused women to lose their grasp of what psychologists call “reciprocity.” It used to be that the 10% of alpha males took the top 10% of women; and everyone else paired up with their opposite gender equivalents. This meant that almost everyone got paired up.

[citation needed]

But … today’s woman regards the majority of men as “below average” or unattractive. That is a recipe for 90% of the female attention directed at 10% of the men–with the rest being all but ignored.

[citation needed again]

This doesn’t serve either men or women. Many of us know first-hand how it doesn’t serve men. But it also results in a lot of women becoming “Sex-in-the-City” spinsters.

Sex AND the city. Sex AAANNNNDDDD the City.

Seriously, dudes of the manosphere, if you’re going to cite a TV show that ceased production 8 years ago as your go-to cultural reference, at least get the name right.

For example, my cousin is 40 years old and single. In her prime, she was just attractive enough to become the second-tier choice of some alpha male; but she never made the final cut. Throughout her twenties and into her thirties, she slept with guys who were a notch above her league.

Uh, if they were happily sleeping with her, wouldn’t that suggest that they were actually in the same league? How do these leagues work, anyway?

Meanwhile, I remember a responsible “nice guy” who patiently hung around in her “friend zone” for years. (She used him as a social spare tire.)

If a woman hooks up with a “bad boy” and gets abandoned with a kid, this is completely the woman’s fault. If a “nice guy” hangs around with a woman who’s not interested in him for years on end, this is completely the woman’s fault also?

Finally, Mr. Nice Guy went away–along with the alpha males.

My cousin is no longer hot at all. Now she laments at Thanksgiving dinners about how her biological clock is ticking. I have tried to set her up with a few of my male friends. But of course, none of them match her expectations–which are still calibrated to the days when she was a mid-tier hottie.

Women rejecting a “nice guy” in favor of guys they think are hot = social calamity, and the fault of evil women.

Men rejecting women because they’re no longer “mid-tier hotties” = sweet, sweet justice!

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9 years ago

@ teiresias: I think you are totally correct. And this: “[they] probably think that something’s gone wrong when you don’t have to trick or transact your way into a woman’s pants” fits my experience, too, but I never thought to word it that way. Too true. And so pathetic.

I love this quote from Amanda Marcotte: “After all, insecure guys who are actually nice and/or intelligent don’t see women primarily as unfortunate obstacles between them and vaginas. The Axe customer views women in the same way they view that really unpleasant level in a video game that you have to finish to get to the fun level, and so they’re constantly looking for cheat codes.”

@ CassandraSays: Exactly. And even ignoring that sickening lack of compassion, I had to bite my tongue to keep from commenting on how illogical it was. I just wanted to ask, “So how does that work? Does your magic cock cure cancer, or what?”

(And then after dinner, I got to watch him awkwardly hit on my friend, who was a good 20 years younger than him. While his daughter was still in the room. Classy.)

9 years ago

So, bad boys cause cancer now? Or does that guy have the power to cure cancer, because if so he’s wasting his time complaining.

9 years ago


9 years ago

My brother may not be perfect (he is bipolar), but at least I can take comfort in the fact the he genuinely cared about every girl he dated.

Personally, I’ve always been confused by guys who stick around after they have been rejected and feel resentment.

I had a guy I REALLY liked (most intense emotion for a guy I have ever felt). We tried dating, but he met someone else and we broke up. He wanted to be friends, but I told him no. The reason was because the idea of seeing him with another girl made me feel ill. I couldn’t stay there and watch and be his best friend. I moved on. I don’t ill wish him either. I hope he gets to make his film. I just can’t stay fixated on the same person forever. It isn’t healthy. Why can’t “nice guys” move on anyway?

9 years ago



They can’t get over the fact that someone would reject them. They also can’t believe that anyone could ever be truly happy (or, at least as happy as the could be) with someone else. Extreme arrogance covering extreme insecurity.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

With the Nice Guys (TM) and the MRM in general, I get the feeling more and more that they’re incapable of any positive feelings – simple happiness, contentment or affection, let alone love, just don’t seem to exist in their world. They trot the words out but nothing in their rantings suggests they actually feel any of it; they seem to see love as something they’re owed by women, and even then it translates to slavery. I’m not talking mental illness here, btw – I don’t know what the hell to call it.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

No, wait! I’ve seen it all! It’s all in that pic at the top. I’ve just remembered what it reminds me of. The real reason these poor Nice Guys can’t get laid is all because they don’t use Lifebuoy Soap!

9 years ago

Nice Guys can’t move on because, in their minds, they need to save the silly girl that they’re obsessed with from all of the thugs and lesser men that she’s actually interested in. Because, due to the fact that they were endowed with a penis, they know what that silly little girl needs and she’s just following her hormones or doing what her equally silly little friends are doing. Women can’t make rational choices, because of their vaginas, so these Nice Guys would do it for them, but we have pesky things like restraining orders that foil their altruistic plans.

People who are genuinely kind and good hearted don’t turn into raging douchenozzles the minute they don’t get their way or are rejected.

9 years ago

I was a “nice guy” once, But I’m feeling much better now.

9 years ago

@Nova exactly so. I hate the fact that society feeds into this stuff too. If a woman acted the way these men did they would be deemed crazy. And as a result undatable.

When these men act that way they receive pity because what a cruel stroke of fate they received.

9 years ago

The definition of “bad boy” is much simpler than any of you understand. It means someone who is actually gauche enough to make his intentions known to a woman, as opposed to expecting her to read your mind.

Well-said – that’s basically what I had in mind when I put “confidence” on the list, but you summed it up much better. (And I’m pretty sure that that’s really the essence of why my partner is supposedly a “bad boy” – I got the impression that Mr. Whiny was deeply pissed off that all my partner had to do to get me to go out with him was ask me out when he, Mr. Whiny, had apparently been trying to impress me for some time by basically just being whiny in my general vicinity, to no avail.)

9 years ago

I think it’s important to underscore that there’s nothing morally wrong with merely hanging around the person you have a crush on and hoping zie will eventually read your mind. Ineffective, yes, probably very much so, but it’s not morally wrong, and plenty of unconfident people of all genders have done it.

It only becomes WRONG when you start hating on the object of your affections for not being a mind reader or simply not being in love with you.

8 years ago

thank you so much for existing.

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