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Hurricane Sandy Open Thread

Let me second Cloudia in the comments, and say that I hope all East Coast Manboobzers (and their loved ones, and everyone else in the area) is safe and sound and braced for Sandy.

East coasters, use the comments below to check in and let us know how you are! The rest of you, discuss!

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9 years ago

Glad to hear that everyone is pretty much OK! Sorry to hear about your friend’s apartment, Cloudiah. I know how sad I would be if I lost a bunch of my artwork.

9 years ago

I heard about the buyout of Lucasfilm, and I don’t know if Emperor Palpatine just decided to reveal that he’s Disney’s CEO.
emilygoddess did bring up some good reasons why this isn’t as bad as I might think. There’s also the fact that Gary Kurtz, not George Lucas, produced “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” and also coached the actors. It’s one of the reasons, I suppose, why the prequels weren’t stellar material (pardon my pun).

Minsc (and Boo!)
9 years ago

@Biot: Apparently there’s footage of people working on Phantom Menace who are just too scared of losing their jobs to say no to Lucas. I’ve only heard about this secondhand, but I’m not surprised. When someone is that successful, there’s a lot of pressure not to ride them too hard for fear they’ll take their success and make a lot of money for someone else. It happens to authors so much there’s a trope for it.

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