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Three Whoops and a Holler for Jean Shepard and this awesome old song

I usually listen to my music collection on shuffle, and this old song was one of the first that popped up this morning as I caught up on comments here. Recorded by Jean Shepard in 1954, it’s a charmingly blunt criticism of sexist double standards. The notions she challenges  are still, sadly, issues to this day, especially amongst the you-know-who’s-rights-activists and the rest of their pals in the you-know-who-o-sphere. Some of the lyrics:

How come a man can fight and cuss and smoke and drink and chew

Step out on their wives and do the things they shouldn’t do?

But it’s all right in the publics’ eye, they say he’s just a man

But if a woman does one little thing, she’s not worth a …

Two whoops and a holler,

she’s lower than a hound

If she drinks or smokes or tells a joke,

she’s a lowest thing in town

Of course, like a lot of old songs by women in country music that challenge male sexism, Two Whoops and Holler is a product of its time, and doesn’t transcend traditionalist thinking entirely. The song ends  up endorsing some double standards of its own: Shepard sings that “the women ought to rule the world ’cause the men ain’t worth a … Two whoops and a holler, they’re lower than a hound.”

In other words, she ends up offering a mirror image of the original sexism — which is exactly the sort of dualistic thinking that double standards lead to in the first place. Don’t tell the MRAs!  They’ll start going on about female supremacism or some other nonsense.

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Ruby, how am I a hypocrite when I’ve never liked you? If you really think that because you call yourself a feminist that means a free pass for your hateful fuckery, you are sorely mistaken.

You’re a sad, pathetic fool, Ruby. And no amount of repetition (I’m sorry, “explanation”.) will make your gloating over rape or your contempt for the poor any less heinous.

Feel free to whinge and bleat about what a mean old meanie I am now.

I’m really not seeing any hypocrisy here.

I despise rape apologists unreservedly, Ruby is a rape apologist (no real argument here: she’s done it repeatedly, including a few posts up), therefore I despise Ruby.

No hypocrisy, no inconsistency, no surprise. And unless she can demonstrate that I’m a rape apologist too (which I hope is completely impossible), that will remain the situation until she recants – but I won’t be holding my breath.

And what kind of feminist not only supports rape but even claims to find it funny?

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