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Propaganda of the Shirt

Over on A Voice for Men, the regulars are trying to figure out the best way to defeat the feminist menace. One commenter, Raven01, has a ingenious suggestion: t-shirts with weird, crude sexual messages!

I’m sure that’ll do it, fellas. Good work!

Fellas who want to get the attention of the very women that Mr. Raven01 wants to repel might consider picking up a t-shirt on the Man Boobz Zazzle store. 1Also suitable for women and genderqueer folks of the feminist persuasion.

Just one quick question: What’s an “innie plumb?” I can only assume this is some sort of reference to a

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I thought the stickers were bad enough, but now they’ve got t-shirts too?? That’s it, guys. I give up. Feminism had a good run but come on, we can’t compete with stickers AND t-shirts.

Whenever I see a feminist blog complaining about misogynist t-shirts, either the OP or one of the comments mentions a slogan I’ve seen on T Shirt Hell.

So if you’ve ever wondered where all these awful shirts come from.

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