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A Voice for Men continues to spread its message of peace, love, and f*cking people’s sh*t up

Poor Paul Elam. Here he is, the self-annointed leader of the world’s greatest 21st century human rights movement, and for some strange reason people keep mistaking him for some sort of two-bit hatemonger.

No, really!

In his latest post on A Voice for Men, Mr. Elam laments the evil way one Australian news site took AVFM’s rallying cry  – “Fuck Their Shit Up” — and made it seem kind of mean. Also, they added an “ing” to “fuck.” Elam writes:

[Journalist Tory] Shepherd (or her editors) gave a subheading to her piece which read:

Hate site’s motto is ‘F***king their s**t up

Misuse of the transitive verb aside, and ignoring the fact that even when properly quoted it is not the sites motto (which is “Take the Red Pill”), the use of that phrase in the sub-header was calculated to make AVfM appear to be a hate site.

How unfair to tag a website with the slogan it uses constantly! And, really, how could anyone see “fuck their shit up” as anything but a spirited call for peacefulness, understanding, and love?

Elam continues:

It is intended to make us look as though we have violent leanings; that we are a threat to the personal security of feminists, and indeed to women in general.

Because of this potential for misunderstanding, Elam has decided to retire the catchphrase in favor of one that will more accurately convey AVFM’s message of love.

Oops, sorry. That would be a logical thing to do, and Elam is clearly a man beyond mere logic.

Instead, he decided to see how many times he could use the phrase “fuck their shit up” and variants thereof in the course of a single blog post. To make counting easier in the quotes that follow, I will put each use of the phrase in bold.

I have a personal, deeply personal message for [Tory Shepherd] and for two others of her ilk associated with this “story.”

Tory Shepherd, I am here to fuck your shit up.

Betty McLellan, I am here to fuck your shit up

Michael Flood, I am here to fuck your shit up.

And in case any of the three of you are as stupid as you sound, I mean it literally. I want your shit fucked up in a permanent and irreversible way. I want the harsh, unforgiving light of truth to shine on you and other hateful swine that spread bigotry and violence under the guise of advancing the cause of women.

Nothing hateful to see here, move right along!

Oh, wait, there’s more:

Do I want to fuck these peoples shit up? Oh yes, I certainly do. And it has already begun to happen. …

This, and by that I mean the truth, is fucking their shit up. It is happening in the best possible way and all their powerless wailing and lies about FTSU meaning violence won’t stop it.

The growth of this movement depends, wholly and completely, on our ideas being exposed to rational people who value fairness and justice. We are now getting that exposure, and it is scaring the living shit out of the likes of McLellan, Shepherd and Flood.

That fear looks damned good on them. …

We are dealing with liars and bigots. They have no sense of honor or decency.  When I call Michael Flood a sociopathic pig, it is not an adolescent ad hominem used in the absence of substance, but an unavoidable conclusion rooted in the reality of his conduct as a human being. …

We are not compelled to play nice with these hateful ideologues any more than we would feel compelled to politely discuss race relations with the Ku Klux Klan, or debate reproductive rights with people who bomb abortion clinics.

Our one and only job is to fuck their shit up; to make them suffer the pain of truth, and to keep doing it till they have no place to hide. …

All we have to do is fuck their shit up, then wake up tomorrow and do it again. They are powerless to stop it.

And … scene!

So that’s eight uses of Elam’s favorite catchphrase in one post. Paul and hate make eight! Oh, wait, the title of the post is also “Fuck Their Shit Up.” So that’s nine. Oh, and he used the acronym FTSU twice, too, once in the post and once in his bio. That’s eleven.

Keep digging, Paul! And take the rest of the MRAs down to the center of the earth with you, while you’re at it.

Oh, and apparently AVFM’s JohnTheOther has written an entire post of his own, also attacking Shepherd, also complaining about the evil of people quoting AVFM’s favorite catchphrase (and sometimes even adding “ing” to it), and quite possibly accusing her of supporting mass murder. I’m not sure of the details. I just glanced at it. I refuse to read the whole thing on general principle. Life is short, and JtO’s posts are really, really long.

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Rutee Katreya
10 years ago

Yeah, before you go hoping the MRM gets serious media exposure, imagine what Fox News would do with them. Or Rush Limbaugh.

Tear into them for thinking like liberals. Remember, those idiots don’t believe in structural disadvantages; as in, they don’t exist. Not only would they be treated as stupid and wrong, like we do, but they’d be treated as traitors for superficially aping us.

They’re all misogynists, sure, but they’re not the same people and they’re not on the same side. The MRM is too extreme for even right wing assholes. XD

10 years ago

Good point.

10 years ago

@Rutee – I wouldn’t count on that, John Stossel works for Fox News now and back when he was on ABC he’d do bits on 20/20 about Title IX being bad and guys suing to stop Ladies Night as discriminating against men (my parents watched it so I was subjected to it until I moved out, his segment was always my least favorite). I’m sure he’d love an excuse to trumpet how wonderful the MRM is.

Hershele Ostropoler
10 years ago

I think, actually, Varpole and AntZ would be a better match. AntZ can talk about how everything adverse in his life was arranged by Futrelle and his Evil Feminist Minions, and Varpole can tell him about how Futrelle edits screenshots and alters comments to make people look bad, and tried to dox him by asking permission to post his IP address.

Of course, then Varpole would “learn” that his teacher Mandrake the Magician was part of a time-travelling David Futrelle’s campaign to silence him.

Hershele Ostropoler
10 years ago

Shit, wrong thread

10 years ago

2-D Man: Ah… brewing. I need to figure out what I’m aiming for with my next mead. Wet yeast is nice. The last one was an SG of 1.087, and I got a final acohol of about 12% using a WyLabs Champagne yeast. The ferment stalled and I let it go.

But Champagne doesn’t flocc well. I have a slight tingle to the finished mead, and a very yeasty flavor on a sweet, winey, mead, with a fair number of floral esters. It’s pretty good, but really complex, and a bit overwhelming to people who are used to Chaucer’s.

The next one I do, with that yeast will be an SG around 1.06, and I’ll pop in a dosage to pressure. If I can find a honey with a light enough flavor (maybe acacia), I’ll try adding some roses to the ferment.

But this one is going to be a lot lighter. Aiming for a 4-6% alcohol at the finish. I need to find the right yeast, and really check the starting gravity. I want it to be dry at the front, with a late sweet; and bring out the earthy notes of the mesquite honey I’m planning to use. I’ll probably fine it, since I don’t want any lees… just a clean honey flavor.

10 years ago

@2-D Man: Assuming that this is an extract recipe, I’d wager the recipe was accounting for a fair amount of boil off, and since you had to mess around with a second kettle, you didn’t have the space in the kettle to get the wort to a real rolling boil.

If it’s all grain, your first suspect is always mash temperature, I had a couple of batches end up with about 50% mash efficiency (usually get 80-85%) because I was having trouble holding my mash temperature high enough.

10 years ago

Oh, and I think that homebrewing is relevant to all discussions, but that may just be me.

10 years ago

2-D: To risk being Polonical… did you add nutrient to the batch? Even a yeast like Champagne doesn’t like that high an SG. It’s not as crucial an issue for ales/beers as it is for meads, because of the other things in the extract, but, esp. if you didn’t make a starter before you pitched it might not be a bad idea.

What are you doing to control temperature, since it’s summer. I have an area of the house which is downstairs, and interior to the entire building, so it keeps a pretty stable 70°F, and I don’t worry much. Winter meads stay upstairs, or they run the risk of slowing too much from being too cool; though I might try a lager yeast, come Feb..

10 years ago

chibigodzilla: I think craft discussions are always relevant. Which reminds me, I ought to think about trying the Romney on the spindle, perhaps I’ll use the Turkish for that, though it’s a bit slower than the Schact.

10 years ago

Ahh relevant topic… beer. I don’t brew it, I just drink it. A good friend of mine brews beer here so I don’t have to. If you beerlovers come to A’dam visit ‘t IJ. Despite being popular as hell nowadays the beer is just as good as it was back when they were open a few days a week and didn’t have proper toilets. I recommend Zatte, my own choice, or IJwit for a bit less percentage.

I said it in the other topic but these guys will be their own undoing. They don’t need feminists for that. But they are so dumb and blind they keep making up excuses for failures. I’ve taken to showing Manboobzarticles to people I know, and asking their opinion without giving mine. You see jaws drop, no matter what the ideological background of the person (mostly men), and usually they have to click to the original text to believe it’s not a joke. So I’m pretty confident who’s the clown with no self-awareness here. But I’m prepared to be wrong, I mean it is a hypothetical possibility that people think they are sensible and right, so I want to test other people’s reactions to see what they think. But no, they aren’t sensible and right, oh no.

10 years ago

You are so right, Eline. The first time most people learn about the MRM, the reaction is shock, quickly followed by revulsion.

10 years ago


The guys on Fox news are a bunch of “white knights” anyway.

10 years ago

Feminism has been fucking mens shit up for a pretty long time and in very misandrist ways. All Paul is saying is that it’s time to fight back against female privelege and attain a true sense of equality. I feel like this site has issues regarding the interpretation of context.

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