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MGTOWer: most women are “shined, shaven social-succubi … desirous of everything and deserving of nothing.”

Shined, shaved and delivered

Oh, joy! A Voice for Men has now published what is possibly the most ridiculous thing ever written by a human being. Here, from an article titled MGTOW re-understood, is what some dude named Russ Lindquist calls his “ode of MGTOW.”

When in the course of widespread misandrist tyranny, it becomes necessary for men to dissolve the social solder, and reverse the spiritual mutilation which has stuck and imperiled them, so inequitably, to the whines and whims of women. These men must, perhaps, reinvent the wheel of free-association.

Oh MRA dudes, don’t even try to write fancy. Clearly, you can’t handle fancy.

Let it be clear that a man has a right to go his on way. Therefore, let modern men acknowledge and accept – as tearfully as they might – that far too many women, for far too long, have far too well assumed the role of nothing but shined, shaven social-succubi who reflect all of mens vices yet none of mens virtue. Further, these succubi (desirous of everything and deserving of nothing) can offer men nothing but the role of a masochistic self-indentured-servant: he is to work a job he hates; he is to earn money that she spends; he is to live far less comfortably; he is to die far sooner.

A big shout-out to all the “shined, shaven social-succubi” reading this now!

Let each man reject this poisonously pink proposition; let each man end, in whatever way he sees fit, the misandrist fem-anesthetization that is, now, generations old; let each man choose, instead, to live a life of self-direction, self-control, self-reliance and personal responsibility–even if such self-respect means that he must wholly abandon such soul-striping social roles as, for example, womyn’s unpaid bodyguard, womyn’s unpaid moving-company, womyn’s unpaid therapist, womyn’s unpaid accountant, womyn’s financial-lust-object.

I’m sorry, I only made it about a third of the way  through this paragraph. I’m sort of stuck on “misandrist fem-anesthetization.”

Men deserve better than these “womyn” are offering. Men have a right to go their own way.

Please, please, please just GO already. Don’t tantalize us like this, you Men Going Their Own Way! JUST GO.

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10 years ago


You ARE selfish. ‘My friend had the audacity to look after his child instead of going out with me! Therefore all women are horrid!’. Seriously, I don’t give a fuck if you GYOW, just fucking do it already.

10 years ago

I will go my own way. For people like Dracula and the TheNatFantastic calling me selfish.

If you had just gone to begin with, no one would have called you anything.

10 years ago

MGTOWMRA It seems some people get flabbergasted that men can exist without needing a woman to take care of them or make them happy. MGTOW is a radical concept in this way. I am happy being unmarried and unattached and will go my own way.

I’m sure some people do. Then again, I’m sure some people believe in zombie, mermaids and talking mice.

Most people don’t care. You want to GYOW, then Go. You want to cruise the Folsom Street Fair and be shocked at people having fun, do that. You want to be Poly, do that. Most people don’t care; so long as you don’t tell them how to live their lives.

You are all upset about something else. You are upset, it seems, that you can’t live your life, and make everyone else live their life so it suits your life.

If you were alone in this, that would be one thing. Sort of sad, but not noteworthy. But your entire, “movement” is like this. Not the men who are actually going their own way (btw, I am doing that. My way just happens to have partners in it), but the MOVEMENT.

You, and yours, come in here and tell us how, because of nagging wives, harpy girlfriends, spermstealing skanks, and all manner of evil women, Men are GETTING TIRED OF IT, and that (so long as it doesn’t change; and women start acting the way you want, like letting your friend do whatever he wants, while she stays at home with the kid), WOMEN WILL SUFFER.

How? By not getting the attention you say you don’t want to give them.

So fine, go already. No one is stopping you.

10 years ago

Oh my god I recognize that opening two sentences…Remember when Elisabeth Cady Stanton wrote “A Declaration of Sentiments” at Seneca Falls? They’re trying to write a version of that…..which is weird, but a cute idea.

9 years ago

Im having so much fun reading all the responses to Mr GHOW lol!

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