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Spearheader: Women get jobs out of spite

Evil women oppressing men and destroying the economy.

JeremiahMRA’s call for lady murder wasn’t the only highlight (by which I mean lowlight) of that Fathers’ Day thread on The Spearhead. Towgunner also posted a rambling wall-of-text in which he offered some most intriguing thoughts on Fathers’ Day, economics, feminism, and ladies in general. Here’s are some excerpts, which I have taken the liberty of breaking into separate paragraphs:

Happy Oppressor’s day. I really like passive aggressive ruse by feminists who claim that housework is beneath them and thus oppressive. And yet, in honor of men and fathers, we have posts and articles discussing how fatherhood has “evolved”? …  

Like everything from feminism it contradicts itself. If equality is to “liberate” women (from staying at home, oh the humanity!) and that staying at home is something pathetic, then why doesn’t that apply to all people? Under this new understanding, no one should be subjected to the indignity of staying at home. So why are women throwing temper tantrums yet nothing is said of men?

Uh, maybe the issue is that men and women should be able to decide if they want to stay at home, rather than being compelled to either work or stay home based on their gender. Not that this choice is really a choice for most people, as most mothers, like most fathers, have to work.

Worse, if there is a trend of men staying at home, then it is a disturbing trend indicative of the major structural perversions created by government intervention.

Watch out, you’re spilling conspiracy theory all over your misogyny.

Today, thanks to our “smarter” and “faster” women, we’re to believe that fulfillment is an internship at goldman sachs…and, oh by the way, all these longer hours “they” are paying you less…and less and less.

Because … feminists are responsible for long hours and stagnating wages?

And then women write books on how their disadvantaged from “asking for more money”, because they were brought up with dolls? Never once do they acknowledge that everyone is being paid less because since the government gave them “their chance” it created incredible amounts of malinvestment, which effectively bankrupted the US and the West.

Ah yes, “allowing” women to enter into the workforce – never mind that they’ve always been in the workforce in large numbers – somehow caused the financial crisis that led to our current malaise? Towgunner, please show your work here.

This is all to show that women can be a part of human progress. It pains them to no end when they flip through a history book and its one man after the next. I say that they did have their chance and look at the results – we will go through another crisis, likely a huge global reset and the US is, right now, a vastly different country (not for the better)…look at our culture we celebrate death and killing people…we hold the most decadent and immoral on high.

You do realize that men still basically run the economy, right? That as of 2011 there were only 12 female CEOs in the Fortune 500? That the overwhelming majority of economic movers and shakers, in governments and in the private sector, are men?

The women’s world is here, they do things not out of practical necessity but out of spite, Mother’s Day comes and they bemoan house wives, Father’s day comes and they point out that some men are staying home. There is nothing practical here, there is spite, there is insult, and there is hubris.

Women get jobs out of spite?

I don’t admire women, I don’t ever want to be one either, there is nothing noble about them. In fact I find it an insult to be called “equal” to them at all.

And a happy belated Fathers’ Day to you too, Towgunner!

This comment got me thinking about the old Martha and the Muffins song “Women Around the World at Work.” So here it is:

60 replies on “Spearheader: Women get jobs out of spite”

I hate when they say: women never contributed anything to history, therefore INFERIOR

It’s like- Uh, don’t you know women weren’t ALLOWED to contribute to history?! Wpmen were banned from schools/earning money/owning property yadda yadda

Le sigh

There’s also the more subtle point that women did contribute to history, but it didn’t get recorded so much.

@rjjspeshImmir Yes, of course, but you must bear in mind that most of these people refer to women as “children” and seriously believe we shouldn’t have the right to vote NOW (or earn money, or get higher education degrees…)

It’s also worth pointing that a lot of ‘History’ is the tale of people plotting and killing and torturing and manipulating each other for power, nations declaring war to each others and a lot of colonization. None of those are things, I believe, makes the people involve better than the rest of people.

Hippodameia: So if my grandmother got into accounting because she could make a decent salary at it (and support her male children and sick husband) and then my father decided to go into the same field because he figured he could make a decent salary too, does his manly virtue cancel out her feminine spite?

His not making her go home, so some other man could have her job compounds her spite.

Lady Zombie: How about an everyday sort of Scottish Kilt? I’m partial to a Black Watch Plaid myself, though I expect to add either The Highland Regt, or the Sunderlands to my wardrobe.

Pecunium – Of course authentic kilts are preferable but since authentic kilts with all the accoutrements are rather expensive, I’ll take what I can get!

The Scottish side of my family is Stewart, and since anymore this is like being a Smith, it’s been impossible to track down the proper family tartan.

“It’s also worth pointing that a lot of ‘History’ is the tale of people plotting and killing and torturing and manipulating each other for power, nations declaring war to each others and a lot of colonization.”

The other chunk of it is discovery, finding out about the world, and making new things and new ideas- people like Isaac Newton (by all accounts a total cock, actually) and Albert Einstein and Marie Curie and Sophie Germain.

Shameless optimist, at times…

Since I mentioned her, may as well throw in a quote from Gauss (one of the big names in maths) about Sophie Germain (who wrote to him under the name Monsieur leBlanc, because sexism, then told him her real name later):

“How can I describe my astonishment and admiration on seeing my esteemed correspondent M leBlanc metamorphosed into this celebrated person. . . when a woman, because of her sex, our customs and prejudices, encounters infinitely more obstacles than men in familiarising herself with [number theory’s] knotty problems, yet overcomes these fetters and penetrates that which is most hidden, she doubtless has the most noble courage, extraordinary talent, and superior genius.”

That just makes me happy…

There are some quite decent non-wool kilts for the 150 CDN range. Shipped a decent kilt is in the 200-250 USD range, and a Utilikilt is, for me, a custom order only, they aren’t all that much cheaper.

As to “proper” plaids, there ain’t no such beast. All those, “family” versions are creations of the Victorians. In the heyday of the Clans they were varied beyond measure. The only one’s I have reservations about using are those which are active regts (with the exception of the genericisation of the Black Watch). So I feel moderately comfortable with any of the plaids in the Highland regt’s, because I’ve served with them (tangientally).

“In fact I find it an insult to be called “equal” to them at all.” and they seriously think people take them seriously when they claim they aren’t misogynists.

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