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It’s a Tsunami! It’s a Coiled Spring! It’s a Mixed Metaphor MGTOW MANPOCALYPSE!

The Apocalypse: Zombies Going Their Own Way

It’s time for another mixed-metaphor MANPOCALYPSE over on! This time the Nostradamus Going His Own Way is a fellow calling himself Swetnam. Here are his dire predictions:

I like to talk of men’s rights as a tsunami crashing against the shore..but men’s rights are just the cresting wave. Just behind that are a vast array of other things generated by the cultural earthquake that hit the western world in the late half of the twentieth century.

Huh. So everything since the 1950s sucks? No television, no internet, no video games, no microwaved Hot Pockets? Do you really want to go back to listening to Glenn Miller and Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters? (Actually, the Andrews Sisters sort of kick ass, but never mind.)

If I may coin another metaphor…the anglosphere is like a coiled spring. That spring is coiling ever more tightly, and someday it’s going to break. When it does, all hell will break loose. It wont be pretty. In fact, I think there is going to be terrible violence ahead, as decades of suppressed anger and frustration finally break free. Blood and Iron. And some of us now will be around to see it. What will emerge from the other side? I honestly cannot say I know.

Ah, he’s dancing that old dance, the dance called “you ladies better shut up or angry dudes will beat the shit out of you. Oh, but not me. I’m not threatening anything. I’m just predicting.  I don’t not-so-secretly relish these violent fantasies.”

Speaking of dancing:

I have a good somali friend. He used to say to me that his worst nightmare would be the day that white men learn to dance. I asked him why? He said that if white men are learning to dance, that means they cannot find other ways to attract women or show status. if that happens, then white males will become the new gangsters, but vastly more numerous, organised and with an institutional memory of happier times. They will look at the people who now stand above them, and see them in alliance with the people who once stood below them but are now equal to them, and hate them both with a rage that can scarcely be imagined. And they will act on that rage.

I can’t say i disagree.

Of course you can’t.

Elsewhere in the same thread, Womanhater offered some equally dire “predictions,” with a side order of blatant racism.

In my opinion, the veneer of mystery and respect that once adorned womanhood is gone forever. Some men will engage with them long enough to fuck them. Some men may find a tolerable one or two of them to procreate with – on his terms when the laws are changes (and they will eventually be changed). Many men will simply not see any point to it.

But I am speaking of the generations of men who have yet to date or perhaps to even have been born.

Those of us in the 15-45 age bracket who’ve had to grow up and endure the bullshit of the past 2 or 3 generations of twats will either ghost or pump n’ dump. Only those men born after the gender war is concluded will even consider something more.

The women aged 35 and up are irrelevant since they’re past the biological point of no return anyway.

Well, hey, at least Womanhater grants women ten more years of non-irrelevance than does W.F. Price on The Spearhead.

Those 35 and under will likely be the ones who will bear the brunt of what I’ll call the Male Awakening. They’re most likely to end up single and childless in mind numbing drone jobs.

Those women under the age of 20 who actually pay attention and see how this lifestyle will leave them a few decades down the line however, they’re the ones who have a chance at some form of successful relationship and children, but a LOT will have to change between now and then.

Translation: You ladies better date me OR ELSE!

Most likely, truth be told, the West and its founding race will simply die off due to the advanced stage of the feminist cancer. Who and what replaces it I guess will be unveiled as the decades pass.

“Its founding RACE!?” Did we just take a detour into Klanland?

Oh, but there’s more. Legacy – possibly a Brony? — offers this awkward metaphor:

Like air, society doesn’t notice male slavery until the workhorses start missing from the stables.

TheManWithThePlan offers this sort-of plan:

If by swing the pendulum violently back you mean men having their own gender roles revolution (which could very likely fuck women over big time without taking away any of their rights), then yes that’s probably going to happen. I don’t see anyone “forgiving” people for the BS that’s been happening. Hell half of men out there have been fucked over by their wives, I doubt they’ll just say “it’s okay women 100+ years ago had it bad as well, so I deserved it” and move on.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and these guys can’t wait.

EDITED TO ADD: The fellows at MGTOWforums have offered a rebuttal, of sorts, to this post.

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9 years ago

“I love … Roberto’s lack of self-awareness.”

Roberto is a malodorous dog, true. Yet I suspect that where interpersonal interaction is concerned, too little self-awareness is probably better than too much.

9 years ago

I both like and respect the men who comment regularly on this website

A set that includes NWOslave. Might wanna think about your wording there. 😉

9 years ago

MorkaiChosen: I give NWO more respect than he deserves.

It still fails to make him happy.

9 years ago

MorkaisChosen said:

“A set that includes NWOslave. Might wanna think about your wording there. ”

NWO is just an abusive troll. If he actually bothered to read and respond to what people were saying instead of telling ridiculous lies and refusing to stay on topic he’d be a commenter rather than a troll.

Personally, I wish he’d go back under his damned bridge and eave the rest of us alone.

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