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Scented Candles Oppress Men: The Spearhead at its self-proclaimed best.

Woman oppressing men and destroying civilization with a SCENTED MOTHERFUCKING CANDLE!!

Men’s Rights Activists and manosphere misogynists love to complain that I “cherry pick” quotes in an attempt to make them look bad. Which makes it especially ironic that all too often when I call them out on some particular bit of bullshit, they more or less double down on that bullshit, reiterating and in many cases amplifying the terrible things they originally said.

Several days ago, I wrote about a Spearhead post from W.F. Price with the priceless title “After 25, Women Are Just Wasting Time.” It was appalling even by Spearhead standards. Price used the untimely death of a talented young writer named Marina Keegan as an opportunity to rehash the belief, widely held in the manosphere, that women over the age of 25 who haven’t managed to snag themselves a “good husband” are “just wasting time,” growing older and uglier and less appealing to men. (Evidently, women’s appeal to men is the only thing that really matters about them.)

Price’s article inspired numerous comments from Spearheaders that were even more grotesquely misogynistic and cruel than his own post; Price at least pretended to care about the dead girl, even though his post was a crass and opportunistic insult to her memory.

And it inspired one regular Man Boobz commenter, a 26-year-old woman, to wade into the muck that is the Spearhead’s comments section to point out that Price’s grand narrative of female decline after age 25 has no relation whatsoever to her own life story:

I’m 26 years old. 27 terrifyingly soon. I am nothing like the person I was when I graduated college.

After originally getting a film degree, I’ve just started nursing school.
I’m living on the other side of the country and loving the different culture here.
I’m dating a wonderful guy who mysteriously didn’t dump me on my 25th birthday.
I’m doing difficult, not always fun, but ultimately socially useful work, work I couldn’t imagine myself doing when I graduated college.

Since I graduated college, I’ve read more books, worked on more movies, learned more skills, lifted more weight, traveled more places, marched in more protests, gotten published more times, saved more lives than I thought I ever would.

And I’m still only 26.

You think I’m going to stop protesting and writing and working the wild Saturday midnight shift in the ER before I’m 30? Before I’m 60?

Or do you think it doesn’t matter because I might not be as fuckable then?

Well then fuck you. I’m 26 and I got miles to go.

(Oh, and I’m way better at sex now. Guys who thought I hit my “expiration date” just around the time I was first learning what a Kegel was, you are missing out.)

The Spearheaders responded, predictably enough, with downvotes and insults and a lot of mainsplainy comments suggesting that she’s regret it forever if she doesn’t get married ASAP and start popping out children.

The strangest comment of the bunch came from a Spearhead “Shieldmaiden” (that’s what they call female commenters on The Spearhead, for reals) by the name of Andie, who launched into a barely coherent tirade that somehow revolved around, er, SCENTED CANDLES!

Price, after seeing Andie’s rant mocked by the commenters here, decided to feature it today as the Spearhead “Comment of the Week.” So without further ado, here is what Price considers to be the Spearhead community at its best:

@26 year old woman

Let’s see how you feel when you’re 29 and the end of everything possible is right at your doorstep. Hell, lots of women are infertile at 26. Done. You won’t do everything. You won’t be a mother.

And if that doesn’t bother you, darlin’, you ain’t a woman.

And if your plans are to actually BE a mother (as in do the damn work), you are already in very deep water.

Your resume will never put his chubby little arms around you and tell you he loves you, like a child will. Your resume will never give you grandchildren, like your children might. Your resume will never share in all your joys, all your sorrows, all your triumphs, all your tragedies, like your husband will.

But you WILL be able to rape that resume of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over your lifetime. Yay!

The fastest growing consumer product category: scented candles. SCENTED FUCKING CANDLES.

Yes, 26 year old woman, all your education and opportunity and rights have resulted in millions of children raised without fathers, the total destruction of the family, the rise of GIANT ASS government to give all those wymyns a place to work (doing utterly useless shit) and what was it for? What did we gain?


Nicely done, ladies. Really good job.

Fuck you, bitch. My daughters are coming for you. And millions of daughters just like mine. We see you, you superficial piece of trash. You have cost us our lives. For patchouli candles.

You will pay.

Go back and read @26 year old woman’s comment, then read Andie’s again. Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say?

I should note that when Price first posted the quote, he evidently left out the last few paragraphs; perhaps even he realized they were a tad over the line as a response to a woman whose only real “crime” was telling the Spearheaders that her life was interesting and fulfilling to her, and that she wasn’t planning on having any babies in the foreseeable future. (And if they didn’t approve of her life, too fucking bad for them.)

In the comments to Price’s “Comment of the Week” post, HL offers this thought:

Every time something like this comes up, it becomes ever more apparent that the ignorance, hate mongering, bigotry and fallacies rests so much more heavily on the side of the feminists.

To paraphrase Rick James, lack of self-awareness is a hell of a drug.

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He is, to put it mildly, a terrible person, hence my desire for the schadenfreude. And yeah, I get a kick out of the anti-abortion // pro-death-penalty // “we’re pro-life!” crowd, the cognitive dissonance is amazing. (My mother is one of those people, her justification is that babies are innocent and death row inmates aren’t — let’s just ignore that some are and there’s no way to fix killing someone who was wrongly convicted >.< )

I once asked a friend who is anti-choice how he can justify being pro war since it means that a he is claiming it is an innocent life that is being murdered-I pointed out that he was against a woman who does not want to have a child but is okay with blowing up a woman who does want a child. Which is inconsistent. He mumbled something about war having causalities and refused to talk to me for a month.

10 years ago

Clearly you were oppressing him by even questioning his beliefs. Who did you think you were, pointing out the consequences of his ideology?

10 years ago

By the way, has anyone read WTF prices latest piece on the injustices done to Black men?

10 years ago

Tulgey, June 4:
” ‘People should treat each other the way they want to be treated. Half the MRA complaints are just examples of people being assholes to other people. This isn’t worth a goddamn movement.’

“Quoted for truth.”

Has it occurred to anyone that manospherians might believe people SHOULD treat each other like assholes? In their discourse, just showing respect for another’s humanity is pretty much always an act of duplicity and/or weakness.

These guys spew on and on about strength and honor, but they’re brothers only in hate.

Argenti Aertheri
10 years ago

“Has it occurred to anyone that manospherians might believe people men SHOULD treat each other like assholes?” — yes, it has; you’re missing where women basically aren’t allowed to exist in their world. If you’re attracted to women, seen any attractive women lately? Per the MRM they were assaulting you by being attractive and not giving you sex. They can be assholes to each other all they like, we just wish they’d actually go their own way already.

“In their discourse, just showing respect for another’s humanity is pretty much always an act of duplicity and/or weakness. ” — if we’re going to devolve back into non-homo sapiens primates, can it be the bonobo and not the chimp please? You’re basically saying that in their view sociopathy is a good thing >.<

PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth — there's a slightly better argument why war isn't unethical, that being if it's self-defense then it'd be ethical because self-defense is. I realize that's rarely the case, but death row inmates are in prison, there's no self-defense justification at all. Abortion's still the least unethical of the three (and may be actually ethical, besides pedantic philosophy I don't see any reason it wouldn't be) — there's no harm being done to existing persons, and usually it's a prevention of harm (if not medically, then psychologically or financially or whatever).

10 years ago

AA, I really do think they’re the most primitive of social darwinists. Their world view always keeps civilization a blurry assumption in the far distance.

Argenti Aertheri
10 years ago

Raoul — Argenti, please, I am not alcoholics anonymous. But yes, they seem to be social darwinists across the board, some assuming they know best who should be “allowed” to breed, some assuming no one but them should (which would likely kill the species in no time flat considering those ones don’t consider any women “acceptable” XD )

9 years ago

Sintid muvaphucin kandelz!

Black Metal Valkyrie
Black Metal Valkyrie
7 years ago

Reblogged this on Black Metal Valkyrie-question male-identified bullshit and commented:
scented candles are destroying men!

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