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The cold hard truth about loose vaginas

Over on Reddit, an MRA named AryoBarzan sets the feminist slut ladies straight on the BIOTRUTH about their ever-growing and FAR less pleasurable vaginas. (Ignore the rude person replying to his message; clearly Aryo is the real penis and vagina expert here.)



Wait, you say to yourself, how is it that this bold truth-teller is being downvoted, on Reddit? He posted in the antimensrights subreddit, that’s why. In the Men’s Rights subreddit he normally gets the upvotes he so richly deserves.

Note: Post contains, like, a lot of

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Ally S
9 years ago

and maybe the women defend the cock hopping sluts so they all don’t get a bad name should look at some pictures. yes, vagina stretches, and when it’s being stretched out constantly by all sizes of dick believe me it gapes open…

Not all men are shallow enough to think that the number of a woman’s sexual partners is important or that vaginal tightness is literally the only thing that matters.

9 years ago

This guy might be in the running for troll of the year, which is really a sad commentary on our trolly pickings thus far.

7 years ago

Well kegals can help and there even are devices made to help strengthen and tighten the vagina if needed by any woman. Women have many options and constantly talking down on the average men’s penis size is something I have observed from women more than from men talking about women’s sizes in disparaging ways, Men are more visually stimulated than women and it’s quite a good thing for many women that they are, because if they went by pure feeling physically, many men would loose their attraction to women in the degree they currently are. Many women are becoming looser before menopause and age sets in due to use, and lack of care for their vaginal health besides popping pills for every Bactierial vaginitis and yeast infection outbreak from the medical profession. If this were’nt the case then why the need for vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor prolapse surgeries among women and unfortunately many young women, though yes some of the vaginal rejuvenation surgeries are so unnecessary, when number one, a lot of men will not care too much about your size even if he has felt something more better suited for his size, and many women assume they are looser then average when they are not partly based on irrational fears some of the time and yes biologically men’s nerves want to be pressed more so just like a woman’s nerves and felt, than not by something usually on the tighter side, it’s not like men masterbate with an open hand, and surgeries should be last line of defense, no need in most cases when a woman can change it herself.

In my mind Women weren’t designed for soley one man for the most part but the degree of partners a woman biologically can have may be less then what was intended for males biologically. A woman having sex with many male partners in close proximity to the last also may alter her PH and have a significant impact towards increased bouts of yeast infections, & BV, were not even talking about STD’s here. Taking on many men inside you exposes your internal pelvic organs to many different bacteria from many men’s bodies filled with whole populations of varying microorganisms teeming for a place to reside and grow in a nice warm place. Vaginas by design are just such a place even with the females body’s defense mechanisms. If your immunity isn’t on the Good side of things then these issues of BV, and yeast overgrowth will most certainly be more prevelant. But perhaps diet, lifestyle, and again kegals and other techniques and equipment used to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor will definitely help.

Now while women are elastic and expand, this is not to say from overuse, that women always have their elasticity to the same degree as they started out with. There are differences in vaginal size between women but not to the degree as they are with differences in penises as often in my opinion. Women are more based in being tought, strong yet elastic, this naturally degrades with time and age even just from hormone decline among other factors such as usage, genetics, and diet, possibly environmental factors as well at times. And I’m sure there are many women who can have tons of male sex partners, quite often, with varying penis sizes, and yet have a vagina that snaps back easier then the rest near perfectly, however this is likely to be exceptions to the rule, which does not remove the fact that not all women have the genetics to do so without some noticeable level of blow back.

Many women love to say males are just making it up, or they just all have a small penis, but the reality is just like women, men can feel things or notice when there is a lack of feeling without actually being the problem himself sometimes. If women aren’t willing to listen to the sexual needs of their male companions as men are to do the same, then the communication is broken. Even if the man is on the slightly small side, it isn’t he who can easily change his size, it is the woman’s responsibility, and her strength and in her power to decide the amount of pleasure her and the man experience. A woman can intensify sexual gratification for the man and herself simultaneously. If you are loose, or you know your partner is average size, yet you are not feeling him inside you as intimately as you would like, then there are things you can do about it that will allow him to feel you in most cases regardless of your personal history. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help from a medical professional, there are noninvasive ways. Please do your best to avoid any surgeries like the Trans vaginal mesh unless your health is at risk from a significant pelvic organ prolapse. I say that do to the unsavory effects some have had post surgery due to the vaginal mesh. But in many cases vaginal prolapses can also be dealt with through physical exercise much of the time avoiding as well so there is hope. Women please before you disregard very thing men say and express whether you think it’s good or bad, please remember to consider ther may be some truth to somethings and investigate things further, confidence is something found in realizing no one is perfect at times, gynocentrism in society is a social construct which has in great part fed women’s egos and has led to to believe all women’s bodies work at such an efficient level that any kind of concern men have sexually is usually dismissed and shoved under the rug, while touting that all men are somehow a rapist, the common disregard for men sexually in western civilization comes even at times at the expense of women’s vaginal health by promoting false idealological claims due to institutionalized misandry.

7 years ago

And again, while I feel women like men weren’t necessarily made to be with only one man for the rest of her life (though which is understandable why men and women often want monogamy because it has some benefits in terms of child rearing, is very personal and one on one in terms of the romance, and is usually despite men and women cheating, can be the safest way to engage in sex while lessening the chances of STD transmission) However men are made to impregnate more then one woman, whereas women were more so designed to be pregnant by soley one man, now if a woman has more than one sexual male partner at or around the same time, then rarely sometimes some women can get impregnated by perhaps two different men at the same time, but again these kinds of twins are rare.

Men in my opinion are designed to value a woman whom has less exposure to multiple men sexually because biologically it ensures the survival of his genes. A pregnant woman’s child will always be hers regardless of who is the father, but a man’s child soley depends if it is his sperm or not and his trust must rely on the woman as he is despite being male in a more vulnerable and feminine position, during pregnancy the woman is in her masculine position and expected to endure, survive, and deliver, just as men were designed to endure, survive, and deliver resources to help the woman during her time of need. Many men who judge women based off of their past sexual history and current sexual display and activity may not realize that this seemingly hypicritical behavior to the unaware, may not realize men are vulnerable to women in terms of she does not emit life first, but she is the gatekeeper, and the direct host which protects and nourishes the species young directly after the man releases his essence into her hands. And yes while Sperm move, swim, they are alive but they aren’t an individual of their own life a zygote or fetus, with its own unique DNA from a mother and father, as embryology shows to be an individual lifeform. Sperm is simply the life force, and essence of the man himself, as it is men’s biology who even decide the gender of the child before women are even pregnant. The man enters himself as sperm with his genetic footprint and even nutrients like vitamins and minerals from his body into his sperm into the woman before encountering the egg, sperm is simply an extension of him like cells from his skin, not a true individual. Men harsh on women for having many partners may not realize their own unconscious and/or subconscious biological imperatives toward reproduction even if they do not desire to have a child consciously.

This may be the reason also men are sometimes harsh in regards to the amount of men women have had, some of this may be societal influence, but that is not to say that society isn’t sometimes influenced by inherent biological factors either though. So social construct may be what you can chalk that up too, but biologically men are placed in vulnerable position with women should he want children, even men’s ability to have kids seemingly for life whereas women cannot participate in producing children after menopause isn’t actually a strength for men as much as people think, as men have no choice but to seek partners young enough to bare them children, which may also define on some biological level why men may not realize consciously why they tend to go for younger women more often then not, I believe it to be more so an unconscious biological perspective.

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