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Trogdor Goes to the Store [TW: Misogyny, Ageism, Racism, Chicken Taquito Rolls, End of Civilization.]

A drugstore, as yet untainted by whores.

It’s been a long time since we’ve checked in with Trogdoor005, a young Man Going His Own Way with a vivid imagination, a love of bold text, and a deep hatred of all things female. In a recent post on, the Trogger reports on a visit to a local drugstore, where he witnessed a loud argument between two women cunts. The argument is actually the least interesting part of his story; it’s what happens afterwards that really got my attention, suggesting that Trog spends most of his days in a constant state of boiling rage not only towards women but towards pretty much anyone and everyone who crosses his path.

In search of the chips aisle, Trog ended up over by the pharmacy.

As I pass by the pharmacy, I notice that most of the people standing/sitting there are older people … what looks like a handful of 60-75 year olds, baby-boomers getting their last few drop$ of blood drained by big-pharma before they croak. Perhaps a comeuppance of sorts, these are, afterall … the SAME people who embraced and got behind liberalism/feminism back in the day … effectively laying the “foundation” for the Matriarchy that we currently live under, among OTHER things … .

Damn those old people and their MATRIARCHY. Trogdor continues his wandering, and we discover that he hates young girls as well:

As I continued to make my way thru the store, I was particularly disturbed by a lot of the younger girls and their dress/ demeanor. Some of these girls didn’t look a day over 13 and here they were, already wearing those short-shorts that go all the way up to the ass, kind of like the ones described here. They of course, had their little “smartphones” in one hand whilst txting away feverishly … and some of their faces were already showing signs of a developing “thousand cock stare”, which should come as no surprise considering the rotten feminized culture they were raised in, having absorbed countless hours of Jersey shore and MTV poison.

What the fuck is a “thousand cock stare?”

I overheard a couple of brief comments as I walked by some of them, totally superficial bullshit … you can tell right away these girls are (unfortunately) gonna grow up to be more of the same generic, hypergamous, narcissistic American sluts that we are all-too-familiar with, TOTALLY worthless women just like their mothers in all like-li-hood were as well. You can tell just from the tone of their voices and their snobby remarks that these girls have no substance, no redeemable qualities … they emphasize and accentuate their “curves” because … that’s all they are! That’s all they have to “offer” … sex … their slimy hole. The future does not bode well for America with such a bad crop of “native” women having >51% of the vote and being “in charge” of reproduction …

Dude, if all you want is a slimy hole, buy a fucking fleshlight – there’s no shame in it — and shut the fuck up about actual women and girls.

Eventually, after witnessing another skirmish in what has become an ongoing battle between the two women cunts he overheard earlier, Troggy leaves the store. While he’s walking through the parking lot, a car drives by:

[A] busted-up piece of shit full of “gangsta” dressed caucasian younggins passes a couple of feet in front of me. The windows are open and it absolutely REEKS of weed … no doubt another batch of young men raised by single moms who, lacking the stabilizing influence of a father, turn to such things as a way to cope with their lack of direction in life.

I like how quickly he moves past hating on these guys to hate on their hypothetical single mothers.

Of course I also see a few single moms, thug-lets in tow, making their way to the store as I walk back to my car.

Evidently Trogdor has quite a developed single-mom-dar; I myself am unable to tell if a woman with kids is single or married or even the mother of the children in question. I’m also unable to tell by looking at young children whether or not they will end up as “thugs.”

On a last-minute urge, I decided to head over to the nearby 7-Eleven to get some of those chicken taquito rolls. On my way there, I pass a high-school baseball field, which was in the middle of a game. Something that stood out to me was the high percentage of Hispanic youth at this baseball game, virtually all the players on both teams as well as the parents present were Hispanic … a sign of the times and changing demographics.

Dude, I hate to break it to you, but these “changing demographics” are also responsible for the ready availability of chicken taquito rolls  at your local convenience store.

Trogdor ends with some broader reflections on the end of civilization as we (or at least he) knows it:

Gents, when I step back and look at the “society” that we live in, I can’t help but think … “what a fucking mess” … and I’m sure I’m not alone. Anyone else feel the same way?

The whole thing is so warped, so backwards, so corrupted …

It seems that one of the key differences between a declining society such as ours and lesser “advanced”, but longer-lasting civilizations which have actually stood the test of time is that places like China, the Middle East, and India never gave power to/listened to idiots, hence their longevity and stability relative to a place like the United States … which is starting to come un-hinged/fall apart after only a measly 50 years (LOL!1!) of feminist assault.

Dude, the only thing unhinged here is you.

What must it be like to live inside the brain of an MGTOWer like Trogdoor, where everything from old people waiting for their prescriptions to women walking through parking lots with their kids somehow becomes evidence that civilization is in its final days?


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10 years ago

(it’s truly rare for a never married couple to have the father have sole custody and it not be the result of the mother dying, though I have no numbers on that)

I don’t know, I can think of at least a couple of people I know offhand (though one had a lesbian ex, which brings up other issues of bias). My mother’s current boyfriend had primary custody after his divorce of all of his kids. It’s in lower numbers, but it’s not something rare enough that you don’t see it all that much.

10 years ago

Ah, never married couple wouldn’t include my mother’s boyfriend, but it does include a number of people I have known.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
10 years ago

darksidecat — point noted, I should’ve perhaps gone with “less common” — the point was just that of the 44% of single parent households that were never married, the vast majority are going to be female head of household. I was mostly just dropping the citation for the MRAs who call that all single mother are women who left their husbands, when nearly half of single parents were never married (or were widowed).

Truly rare did make it sound like I meant <1% and not probably something like 5-20% though huh? Sorry about that (and yes, I'm still guessing, tracking down the percent of single fathers who were never married doesn't really seem worth the work)

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
10 years ago

“who call that”?? WTF?

who say* that (jesus fucking christ I know English, I swear!)

10 years ago


Aw sweet, I got a hamster!

It is always the right thread to say this. Hamstertime! 🙂

(Who did the Hamstertime! one BTW? So cute.)

10 years ago

@Argenti Aertheri:

There is a big difference between “unemployed” and “stay at home”.

If there are two breadwinners, and one loses his/her job, the stress on the household is going to increase dramatically. If there are two breadwinners, and they decide one should voluntary leave work, or never enter the workforce, that’s another bag all together.

And a little part of me wonders how many breadwinning women are still expected to do an unreasonable amount of household chores and work. If one partner earns over 60% of the income, and is expected to do 60% or more of the household maintenance…the what the fuck do they need a partner for?

Hari Narayan Khalsa
Hari Narayan Khalsa
10 years ago

It’s sad such a putrid douche is using that name. The actual Trogdor is awesome.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
10 years ago

karak — “There is a big difference between “unemployed” and “stay at home”.” — agreed, I was trying to make that point, but it may’ve gotten lost in the math.

I could only find data on the unemployed, and it specifically had no break down of whether that was voluntary or not. On your first paragraph — agreed.

On the second — idk, on either the data or “what the fuck do they need a partner for?” — potentially child-rearing, but that data I was using didn’t differentiate between parents and non-parents, so idk. I would guess that couples with children would be less likely to divorce because of unemployment, at least in the short term. Having a parent at home does reduce childcare costs significantly, but that’s just a guess, and would likely change the longer the partner is unemployed.

10 years ago

RE: CassandraSays

I don’t actually have any issue with gay bars banning straight people in general.

HOW WOULD THEY KNOW???? How dare the Homosexual Cabal not give me my requisite mind-reading equipment when I came out!


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