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Vaginamoney is the root of all evil

Women receive regular vaginamoney checks from the government.

Is it wrong that I love the perpetually incoherent Christian J. – the self-proclaimed Male Renaissance Agitator behind What Men Are Saying About Women – as much as I do? If it’s wrong, I don’t want him to be right! Fortunately, he’s never right about anything.

Here, to celebrate today not being tax day, are some tasty quotes from some of his most recent posts. (He really churns those suckers out.)

Vaginamoney is the root of all evil:

You have to wonder how the opposite sex can easily make the claim about how “Strong” and “Independent” they are when in actual fact the majority of those making that claim are either receiving child support, vaginamoney as well as copious handouts from the state, their very own standby sugar daddy is on call 24/7. One who has been trained to behave like a defacto ATM, specifically trained to drip feed cash when required, without asking too many inappropriate questions and to hide when anyone or anything approaches..

Come on and take a free orifice ride:

[W]hat do women actually bring to the table besides their genitals and reproductive ability. Why do they now increase and expand their value as human being rather than relying on the state for enforcement of their will and they free ride their orifice affords them..

(That one was so incoherent, even by Christian J. standards, that I’m thinking there must be a typo in there somewhere. Maybe “now” should be “not?” Obviously the “they” near the end should be a “the.”)

Inglorious Slut Basterds:

[W]hile the slut feminist hoards continue with their manufactured bastardry, the response will be tailored to nullify it..

Too many slut feminists spoil the broth:

How many times have you heard those slut feminists and their cowtowing (sic) white knights and manginas claim that all the MM and men in general want to do is put women back into the kitchen. …

 They make that claim whenever any mention is made regarding all those anti male laws and sexist actions that governments have introduced to nobble men, take away our fundamental human rights and turn us into third class citizens, whose sole activity is to be forced to act subserviently, like a slave, to the opposite sex. …

Now just think for a moment about the fact that women can’t even cook anymore, they are totally useless in the kitchen … They have problems even making a sandwich, even that task is beyond their capability, a proven inability. So why would any man want to “Put women back into the kitchen”, it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s just stupid..


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10 years ago

professional athletes (esp. in stereotypically “black” sports)
-social-science academics
-drug dealers
-sex workers

I’m directly descended from a professional athlete (maternal grandfather) and lawyer (father), and my brother almost certainly qualifies as a social-science academic. I haven’t hung around drug dealers in years but I knew plenty during my dissolute twenties, and when I helped my parents move into their new house I met the daughter of the previous owner, a late teenage model described by Vogue as a “nascent style diva”. (She had a fascinatingly distinctive face, I recall: very angular, and I imagine extremely photogenic, but actually quite weird-looking in the flesh).

So that’s five out of six. I can’t think of any sex workers offhand, but I’m married to someone who’s seriously thinking of retraining as a psychosexual therapist – so does that count?

Holly Pervocracy
10 years ago

I’ve known several professional athletes, although all of them were white. :/
I’m taking a class from a social-science academic right now.
I’ve known many, many small-time pot dealers, and a few who sold harder drugs.
I’m pretty good friends with a sex worker, and through my blogging have met many more.
I once slept with a model! He actually wasn’t staggeringly attractive–I mean, cute enough, but he didn’t stop hearts from across the room. Mostly he was just very, very tall and thin.
My grandpa was a lawyer and my uncle is a lawyer, and I know many others.

But this is kind of a moot point, really. I’ve met people, I have some understanding that people are diverse and mostly rational and mostly well-intentioned, and I think that right there separates me from these guys much more than meeting some drug dealers ever would.

10 years ago

Molly: I don’t know. Most of it was just happenstance. People I knew, knew people.
Some of it was work related (I did journalism, and various things in Hollywood). Some it was that I was in places (theater) where some of those sorts hang out.

It really does seem like a quiet, normal, life, from the inside. Looking at it as bullet points, I have a different appreciation of some of the people (like Ted Sturgeon) who had really busy lives.

I suspect it was a lot like mine. Stuff happened, and what looked to be, “the thing” changed, or fell out from under them and so the résumé just kept getting longer.

10 years ago

I played D&D with a sex worker. She was a great GM!

I know academics, have a mother of a friend who’s a lawyer (she deals with child abuse and custody… SHUDDER). Don’t know any pro athletes or dealers, though. I know a couple folks who did a little life-modeling; does that count as models? (Also considered doing it ourself–probably not that many life models with a double mastectomy and androgenized features from testosterone. So might be interesting for people to draw!)

10 years ago

Gosh, reading all of this makes me realize how much of a hermit I am. I have got to find something on or something, ’cause I can’t just do message boards/Steam games and movies forever.

…I mean, I love message boards, games and movies, but it’s always cool to nerd out with someone in person.

10 years ago

Can’t say I’ve ever known any models, lawyers, sex workers or academics of any stripe, personally. My high school social studies teacher was an ex-footballer from Scotland, though I’m not clear on whether he played at the pro level or not. He was a good guy.

I’ve been friends with quite a few pot dealers. they were pretty decent folks, for the most part.

10 years ago

I thought about it – I have met a lawyer once. but I was 37, so it still counts as reaching adulthood 🙂

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