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Men’s Rights Redditors to Rebecca Watson: How dare you say we hate women, you [obscene gender-related slur]

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So the other day, the atheist blogger Rebecca Watson, aka Skepchick, had this little conversation on Twitter:

Watson, you may recall, got herself onto the Men’s Rights radar a few months back, after a brief comment she made in a podcast — suggesting that perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for a guy to hit on woman he’s never spoken to before while the two of them are alone in an elevator at 4 AM – somehow turned into a Big Fucking Thing on the Internet, because how dare she say such a thing, it’s creep-shaming, she must hate men, bla bla bla.

So, anyhoo, one Men’s Rights Reddit noticed this little Twitter exchange, and posted it to the Men’s Rights subreddit. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. MRAs hating women? How dare she suggest such a thing!

Here are some of the things that assorted Men’s Rights Redditors posted in response, to remind us all that the Men’s Rights movement isn’t all about shitting on women. Let’s start with this lovely rebuttal, boasting nearly 60 net upvotes:

This comment inspired a long and winding discussion of the word “cunt,” and why it’s like totally ok to use it all the time, because in England the UK people call men “cunts” as well.

Some got a little carried away:

This little exchange came with a side order of irony:

Speaking of fantasy, here’s a strange bit of paranoia, which nonetheless drew upvotes from the very same people who are outraged that Watson was a bit creeped out by a dude she didn’t know asking her to come to his hotel room at 4 AM:

And here’s still more evidence that MRAs, despite their many egregious flaws, do at least have vivid imaginations:

Some other comments, all of which got at least a few upvotes from the MR regulars:

Funny how most of feminism is shitting on men and generally being a cunt under the guise of empowerment and “equality.”

She should do something about that uni-brow.

She’s only in the atheist community to give her a broader audience for her hateful attention whoring.

Let’s end with this eloquent plea for people to not give a shit if MRAs hate women:

The folks in the Men’s Rights subreddit are currently debating whether or not to change the subreddit’s slogan, which is currently: “Mens’ Rights: Earning Scorn from Bigoted Feminists and White Knights Since 2008.”

So let me humbly suggest:

Mens’ Rights: Like it’s even relevant if mens rights is anti women in regard to if mens rights is a movement about addressing mens issues.

Or the even punchier:

Men’s Rights: i’m tired of not using the term “cunt”.

MRAs, you’re welcome.

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8 years ago

thanks 🙂

i wish i had a good gif to respond with, like the one serrana linkd to, but sadly i am lacking

8 years ago

I don’t have a poster but I did put a small something up at AVFP. It’s only a deleted scene but I hope to draw some new comics soon.

8 years ago

Oh lol. I hadn’t been back since the thread petered out on comments page 6, and I see it has been necro’d twice since. And here I am, necromancing it again.

(I was visiting it because well-known troll ‘Steersman’, the human equivalent of a Klein bottle he’s disappeared so far up his own asshole, is being an arse elsewhere on the Internet – and I wanted to reminisce over his banning from here. Happy days)

I must say I’m amused by the pathetic poster linked by Blah and Fade’s hilarious response. As for J U… attempting to out-bore the master of boredom Steersman. Poor effort, 4/10. Needs to try harder at boring.

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