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If Rush Limbaugh could draw cartoons …

Oy, Sorry for more Rush Limbaugh-related crap, but this cartoon, by Gary McCoy, was just too appalling not to post.

I’m not even going to get into the slut-shaming, or that the cartoonist is bizarrely trying to fat-shame someone who is not actually fat, but I would like to point out once again that WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT PROVIDING FREE BIRTH CONTROL (even though that sounds like a nifty idea to me). We’re talking about INSURANCE COMPANIES COVERING BIRTH CONTROL LIKE THEY COVER OTHER MEDICAL EXPENSES. You know about insurance, right? That thing that people PAY FOR THEMSELVES, with THEIR OWN MONEY?

Are Rush and his fans really so ignorant and obtuse that they’ve somehow convinced themselves that this is about the government paying for birth control? Or are they deliberately misrepresenting the issue, knowing that most of their readers/listeners/whatever won’t bother to check the facts?

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As a long-time lurker of this awesome blog, I’ve always had the nagging urge to join in. I’ve come across so much casual acceptance of misogyny that it’s sickening, and seeing a site by a man who regularly ridicules that viewpoint warms my heart.

I’m not sure why it’s taken that abominable little doodle to make me write something. Who the fuck does this Gary think he is? Is he trying to be funny? Is he trying to make people consider the idea of letting women decide their abortions to be ridiculous? Because all he’s done is make me even more sympathetic to the cause by revealing just how single-minded, ignorant and dismissive the anti-abortionists are.


Then why was Fluke speaking to Congress, and not State Farm? And why are you yelling?

Daddy issues. I guess this site is one way to deal with them. Thank god I’m already married. Not sure that I could handle all the anger out there today.

Haha! “Anger”, Brian? Guess you’ve still working off that erection from the MRA site?

Why Congress and not State Farm? Because Congress is making legislation that will affect insurance companies (but not give them tax money).

They wouldn’t NEED tax money for this anyway because contraception saves money–it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than pregnancy and birth, which insurance
already pretty much always covers. The debate is about “moral” objections to contraception, not about its cost.

Seriously, are you unable to read because of your MOMMY ISSUES?

Why is she talking to Congress? Because they asked her to. Why isn’t she talking to insurance companies? Because they refuse to listen to her.

But when the subject is the laws which regulate an industry, then talking to Congress about the effect of those laws, the need for them (or the reasons they might be a bad idea) is what involved citizens do.

Why are you pretending this is some sort of mystery? Why are you implying she ought not have done it?

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