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Man Boobz Pledge Drive

Operators are standing by.

Welcome, my friends, to the first Man Boobz Pledge Drive!

I would like to take a moment from the usual goings on here at the Man Boobz blog to humbly ask any and all of you who enjoy this blog, and who can afford it, to consider clicking on the “donation” button below and sending a small (or a large) amount of money to help support this blog’s continued existence.

As most of you know, I support myself as a freelance writer. But at the moment I am working on a project that will not be paying off for a long time. As a result, things are a little lean here at Man Boobz manor, and I’ve been dealing with a number of unexpected expenses. So anything you can throw my way, from $5 to $500,000, would be enormously appreciated.

Click below to donate through PayPal, using any major credit card. (And I am adding a permanent Donate button to the sidebar.)

If you cannot afford to donate, and I know some of you can’t, that’s fine too. Seriously. The fact is that many of you already contribute immeasurably to this blog with your (hilarious, insightful, biting) comments, here and on the forum. In case anyone is wondering, the comment count on this blog recently passed 125,000. One hundred and twenty-five fucking thousand! And most of them (trolls excluded) are pretty fucking awesome comments, as well. I know, because I read them all.

When I started this blog I had no idea that it would turn into a community, but now that it has it’s the community here that keeps me going, even when I get utterly sick of the awful, awful people I write about regularly. I appreciate you all — you of the Man Boobz community, that is, not the awful misogynists — more than you realize.

Aww, I’m getting all sentimental.

In keeping with the Pledge Drive theme, I would like to present you with the trailer to a TV special I happened to run across (for reals) during a recent Pledge Drive on a local PBS station. It was so awesomely entertaining, I rented the DVD from Netflix shortly afterwards. Without further ado, here’s Mitzi Gaynor, in all her kitschy 70s glory:

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Twenty bucks. It’s not much, but I’ll give more once I have my paycheck. 🙂

Keep up the good work, Futrelle. You are doing a valuable public service.

As are other members here who host similar blogs:

Ami Angelwings

I donated 20 dollars… or however much that is in Swiss francs

Thank you for the website!

There are tote bags! Well, on the Man boobz store there are (follow the t-shirts etc link at the top of the page). You have to buy them through there.

Thanks, everyone, for your donations!

Amanda, one of the Mitzi Gaynor specials from the 70s that they talk about in that special-about-her-specials was called “Mitzi Gaynor and One Hundred Men.” And it starred … Mitzi Gaynor and one hundred famous and semi-famous celebrity dudes (though she may have had only about 20 or 30 legitimate celebrity dudes in the bunch, with the rest filled out with dancers). The only one I can remember off the top of my head was Jamie Farr, though I think she might have had Ed Asner also. In one of the routines the men file past her and she kisses each one on the lips. (well, not literally each one, but a bunch of them). It was the 70s, so naturally a lot of the celebrity dudes are hairy and sort of disgusting. It’s very weird.

David I have a suggestion for a product in your store…a mug that says “take the pink pill” because it’s PINK and pink=women=feminism!!!

also a t-shirt that says “I rode the cock carousel and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

This is the first pledge drive ever I think!

Also people might want to give some votes here to this HILARIOUS Urban dictionary MRA lolfest. The MRAs are spreading the word to go over and start voting. Don’t forget there are three pages and the last pages need down votes, the first few need upvotes. You’ll see what I mean.

Wow! people at Urban dictionary are sure giving these guys a bitch-slap, aren’t they?

they must feel so oppressed by this.

Quackers, there are cock carousel t-shirts too! With the graphic from the banner!

I really wish I could donate to you! I love your work so much, and there are so many causes I’d like to support right now but I’m afraid I just don’t have that much to give; the winter is never a good time for me financially.

But since you’re planning on making a regular donate button, I will donate once my situation improves.




bwahahaha…that’s their big fight eh? I upvoted. And I do it again. 😀

it’s always hilarious when MRAs try to deny their misogyny. It’s like denying that water is wet. I mean, even feminists wont deny the few extremists in the movement, but MRAs can’t even do that.

I’m loling at the comments on Chapin’s video on the subject

2:03, you said yourself once Bernard “If you are always concerned about race, then you are a racist.” You were right then and right now. Look at that and look at the intimidation tactics they use in the definition. That’s right. Intimidation. In that if you argue at all with it, you qualify as that said definition. Tactics that don’t work too well anymore. Know what it tells me? Tells me we are winning. And videos like yours are the reason.

A click of a mouse to downvote/upvote and making a definition on urban dictionary is an INTIMIDATION TACTIC YOU GUYS!!!! LOLOL



Thanks to all the generous people who have donated since I last thanked you!

It means a lot, and will help enormously.

And Morgan, and anyone else who can’t donate, I understand, and appreciate the non-financial support as well.

Quackers, what Chapin video is this? I need to take a look at it. Or at least the comments; I can’t stand the sound of his voice.

Seconding Morgan. Please keep the donate button up and I’ll hit u as soon as I can, things are a little tight right now, so I’m afraid I can only make a little donation at a time.

I am sending a few bucks your way (sorry it isn’t much!) because out of all the great feminist blogs I read, this one is by far my favourite. Keep up the good work!

This site brightens my day. I’ve never commented, but have always skulked around and privately enjoyed all the posts and comments. Keep it up!! Please!!!!!!! I wish I had more to give, this site certainly deserves it.

the struggling student who donated a tiny sum.

Vcky —

Thanks! Even small donations help!

And thanks to everyone else!

So far the response has been great, and some have really gone above and beyond the call of duty. I appreciate it, a lot!

I wish I could help, but I have literally zero money right now. I’m getting by with help from my family. If not I’d totally help, cause I love this site.

David, thanks for running such an entertaining blog. I don’t comment too often, but this blog, and it’s very awesome regular, non-troll commenters are a blast.

Oh, and I actually made it through that video. His voice is so whiny and grating. So, in addition to a money donation, I will also donate this relevant partial transcript:


So these radicals, our enemies, have taken it upon themselves to lie to the general public to redefine the term. I just want you to know that. So while you’re worried about free speech for them, this is what they’re doing to you. I would never do that tactic. I’d let them say what they wanted to. But I wouldn’t lie about their positions.

Feminists are just lying about the MRAs and redefining the term! Yeah, you’d never lie to the general public to redefine feminism! You would never do that tactic! (Transcriber’s note: That is a really weird phrase. “I would never do that tactic!” Haha.)

Less than a minute later…

Well, feminism isn’t about women’s rights; it’s about privilege for socialist feminists who are incapable of working. That’s my definition.

Wait, remember that tactic you said you would never, uh, do? You. . . just did do that tactic.

Bonus quote!

… Now they loop it in with the KKK, that’s great. White Pride, that’s great.

Why do I get the feeling the “III” on his flag represents the 3rd Reich? Oh, maybe because he’s a white guy with a shaved head who thinks being “looped in” with the KKK is “great”.

YAY we got Chapin’s Inferno spicing up the donations thread, it’s a real manboobz telethon, keep those donations coming, and don’t forget to click the link to urbandictionary mra entries and upvote now!


If I manage to secure a summer job, a donation to this site will come right after! I really enjoy coming here and talking to y’all, and that’s worth a little money to me!

I have long had a theory that there is a strong correlation between being a giant tool and using the American flag (current or past) as a background while you rant. One more data point in favor.

Just donated 10 USD. I wish I could spare more, since this place brightens my day for a number of reasons.

Just donated too, not as much as I would have liked to. This place has been good for my mental health. 🙂

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