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Reddit's Post-Pedogeddon Backlash, Part One: r/beatingwomen weighs in on the pedo ban

While Reddit’s reluctant, long-overdue banning of subreddits devoted to sexualized pictures of children drew applause from many Redditors, there has, of course, been a considerable backlash from pedophiles, ephibophiles, and other assorted apologists. ShitRedditSays has already started covering this, and I’ll be doing some posts of my own.

So far the most appalling thing I’ve run across (thanks to ScrappyB for pointing it out in the comments here) comes from the BeatingWomen subreddit — which is, unfortunately, a real thing. Some people, you see, are suggesting that maybe Reddit shouldn’t be hosting a forum devoted to sharing images and videos of women being brutalized, so that Redditors can cackle over their victimization, make rape jokes, and whatever else they do there.

The idea that r/beatingwomen “might be next “ roused one racist, misogynist jailbait enthusiast to post this little manifesto.

He’s not trolling. If you look at his comment history you’ll see he’s completely sincere. (Actually, don’t look at his comment history. It’s horrifying. I’m not going to link to it.)

In case any one is wondering, r/beatingwomen is the subreddit that r/mensrights mod AnnArchist (a guy, despite the name) posted to on several occasions, because he considers r/beatingwomen-style “humor” to be hilarious.

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10 years ago

Wow, you’re an idiot. Trolls are a thing that exist. People mock positions that they disagree with. You should know. It’s what this blog is for.

Those people hate misogyny, so they mock it. Their style of mockery is different from yours, but they should be your ally.

I hate misogyny, too, but humor shouldn’t be censored by oversensitive idiots on the internet. Laugh at whatever you want, just don’t actually believe it. Misogyny is bad, but making woman-hating jokes is harmless and even beneficial because it’s so obviously mocking the actual viewpoint.

What’s depressing is that you laugh at the things you say AND believe them. Alas, that’s a story for another day.

10 years ago

‘As long as you are a woman, you will be smaller than us, weaker than us, and used by us to fulfill our desires.’

The strong should never harm the weak. The purpose of strength , no matter who wields it, is to serve and protect those that are unable to protect themselves.

8 years ago

“there has, of course, been a considerable backlash from pedophiles, ephibophiles, and other assorted apologists. ”

Really? who the FUCK cares what these people think, They barely even fit into the category of human.

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