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Ladies are the Borg

Ladies are complicated! Happily, we fellas have Gobhoblin on the Men’s Rights subreddit to explain them to us. Turns out they are all one giant HIVE BORG MIND. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS FUTRELLE!


EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to Ami Angelwings for pointing this quote out to me.  I mean, thanks to all women.

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10 years ago

I should tell you that all women drank a bit too much yesterday and therefore woke up a headache on the morning. But rest assured, gentlemen, that no women danced on a pole (our commun reputation is safe! ^_^’)

10 years ago

Kyrie, all women have a bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge for after all women’s babies are born, as all women have been teetotall through their pregnancies and are starting to LOSE IT.

And all women will ask their midwives about the hot air balloon idea XD


If someone takes you up on this advice can you convince them to broadcast the birth?

The idea is that you go up for a bit and then come back down. After that, apparently the baby goes “okay okay, I will go and be born damn it.”

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